Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm an old lady

*Le sigh*

Sooo, I haven't gone clubbing in like a year, and I feel like clubbing is a sign of youth and coolness, lol. It used to be like, "Oooh I'm going clubbing!" and "Take pics to let the world know I go clubbing YEA!" Hehe ok, maybe not like that, but do some of you kinda know what I mean?

Anyways, I will tell you with no shame that I am a homebody, and I like the so-called boring things in life, like reading and watching movies at home wearing my bathrobe in bed. But, it's a girlfriend's birthday tonight and so off to a club we go! I guess my beef with it is that I don't feel like skanking myself out? And I feel the "dresscode" calls for being skanked out? And my past experiences, even in higher end places, is that we ladies are basically trying to out-dress the other ladies and impress the dudes (even if only to give them a condescending sneer and call them creeps or pervs to our gfs.. but oh look! they're giving me attention which means I'm pretty and desireable). And because clubs get crowded, I REALLY REALLY can't stand when I feel another person's sweaty skin touch mine, or a girl's hair touch me. ICK ICK ICK get the F#$* away from me!!!!!! I mean, don't get me wrong, the dancing part I do like, and hearing my favorite song blasting out of a good sound system is awesome.. but I feel that the stuff I don't like outweighs that.

But enough of me complaining like a baby.. I should be happy to spend time with my girlfriends and try my best to ignore the ickies ^_^

For you clubheads, tell me how you make the most of your clubbing nights out and how you ignore the sweaty skin and other icky stuff?

And are there any other girls out there who feel the same as me??


  1. Im the exact same way! Never was very big on clubbing, I like to dance, but hate when the dance floor starts to thin out, and I feel like I'm being watched because its not as crowded as it was lol.
    I only go for special events like birthdays and bachelorette parties, lol! I feel like I'm boring since I tend to stay at home, but I like to do outdoorsy stuff for fun, and watch bands play at restaurant/ pub type places on the weekends.
    Oh and btw, I cannot stand getting hit on (I have a bf!), or when girls flip their hair into my face, or dance too close to me when I don't know them. I usually leave bars once they get crowded to that point!

  2. Hi love! I'm exactly/nearly the same as you. I think I'm too busy with my personal life. + I live like a 2 minute walk from a known club...when I get the chance to go, I turn it down. & omg, I understand what you mean when you said when you said when it gets crowded, I can't stand it as well! Probably will go once in a while for a gf, but thats all. I know people that go like EVERY weekend. How do they do that? So, yes, I feel the same way as you.

    Katie Ngo

  3. oohh btw i'll be ordering some earrings tonight when I get back from work, I'll tweet you! <3

  4. LOL! this was a good laugh!!! I think I can relate!!!

  5. i had this experience at a club before where there were dancing cages and my friends and i went in for fun. we were all dressed modestly and we're nice girls. all of a sudden this HUGE fat guy jumps into the cage - a super tiny space - and i jumped out. he said, "oh, COME ONNNN" hahahah it was hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

    i feel like clubs are just a massive entanglement of bodies, sweat, and alcohol. not the place for me, though i always crave going just for the excitement and music :3

  6. i go clubbing a lot these days. i know what u man about all the icky stuff. i just make sure that i shower straight away when i get home!
    btw, just followed u on twitter :)

  7. I feel the exact same thing! like one time there was this girl who grinding and dancing like there's no tomorow and i was just making my towards the sound guy and her hair were all over me, it was soo gross. I dont like big fat old guys suddenly dancing with you, i don't like guys who would dance with you okay and then after 5 seconds grab your waist and woooh, i mean ive danced with some really nice ones, but others are laah. And yeah I've never been to club ever since I got into a relationship lol!! almost a year now too! ;))

  8. omg, believe me you are not alone!!! i feel like such a bum most of the time bc i'd rather stay home and blog or watch cooking shows :P and i do like going out but i hate drama or skanky people and stuff....i know how you feel! but try to have fun anyways, for the sake of your friend's bday! :)

  9. OMG~sophia! I'm totally the same with you and Liana!

    I'm not much of a Clubbing person really. like what Liana said, I'd rather stay at home and relax. Unless its Shopping....other than that, I don't see too much hype on clubbing. hehe!

    High5 to bums like us ;)


    But yeah~have fun tho hehe

  10. (*Borat voice*) Hiiii fiiiive to the OLD LADIES CLUB!! I appreciate ALL the comments, and glad to hear I'm not alone!

  11. LOL I AM an old lady practically now...but I have never really been the clubbing type. I went out quite a few times in school, but to be honest, I never really enjoyed it.

    I'm totally all about the bumming and watching cooking shoes in my PJs or sewing or reading a good book -- plus I am not very tolerant to alcohol, another big draw of the bar/club. I guess it just isn't in my blood!

    Still -- hope you still have a good time with your girls~! Just stay tight with them the whole time and you'll be fine! :) I just make sure we find a nice empty patch on the dance floor and kind of make our own circle and have a 'code' where we let each other know if a creepy guy is making a move on one of us lol.

  12. Oooh btw, I also LOLed so hard when I saw your comment about girls busting out curling irons in the middle of cafe in Nagoya - man, I would look so dumpy in comparison!

    So lucky you could live there! ^_^

  13. I feel the exact same way about people [other than my friends] invading my personal space at clubs. I HATE HATE HATE feeling another person's sweaty sticky nasty skin pressed up against me. {*YUCK}

    I've been a homebody recently myself. I think it's because all my girl friends and I went crazy near the end of last year by going out 3 days a night every week. We didn't go clubbing every night but we were out probably sipping on a drink or two. I've been clubbing probably around 20 times in 5 years. I'm not complaining about not clubbing; clubbing gets boring fast. It feels like you always end up seeing the same people at the same places. {*ugh..}

    One reason I enjoy clubbing is that I get to dress up but the most important reason is being able to spend time with my girl friends. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but I can't dance with a stranger [of the male species]. It weirds me out.

    - those guys who keep trying to dance with you or your girl friends, even after you've made it obvious you're running from him.
    - how some people just STAND on the dance floor sipping on drinks while the dance floor is packed enough as is. You're already having difficulty finding space to dance but you also have to worry about people spilling on me.
    - people spilling their drinks on you and don't even apologize.

    I can keep going but I think I'll stop with this. =P

  14. Ditto!

    Before I was legal, I would always borrow friend'd IDs to sneek into clubs & clubbing used to be the most fun activity to do on weekends.
    However, now that I can legally go to clubs with my own ID I never go.
    Im just too lazy to get get dressed up ("skanked up") & dance amongst sweaty, stinky
    Also, Id much rather cuddle with my boo, in my jammies with a good movie.

    Jess Mai

  15. SOPHIA! E-mail me at Got some questions. :)

  16. Like your blog, just stubled on it :)

    I think clubbing is fun, but I´ve got a serious problem with getting there! Always like "I wanna be home" or "I´ve got nothing to wear" or then I just have to work both days a weekend so partying is made impossible. Usually it´s fun when I get there though...

  17. LOL..I enjoyed this entry. I am the same! My clubbing days are over but I will go every now and then..

    I prefer spending quiet nights at home with my husband, or dinner & a movie with him or with my girlfriends instead.

  18. great post :)
    I fully understand this post that is why I stopped going out for some while.
    But since my boyfriend is a DJ it's kinda hard not to go to a club.
    Basically I always see 3 types of girls out there:
    1. Dancers
    2. I never go clubbing
    3. Look at me

    I personally love the dancers because they usually have their own personal style when they go out and party :)
    The never go clubbing people usually dress normal as if they were going to a bar, what is also cool, usually they come to a club because of a bday party, a special event...
    and last but not least: Look at ME hahhahaha
    usually these people put WAY to much effort into their looks and it just turns out to be HORRIFIC!!!
    I love clubbing but only when my Man is DJing

    I dress to impress to be honest, but I dress with class... dancing oh well I just dance and don't care who's watching

    I'm very used to the hair flicking people running into me ...etc experience

  19. Wow I seriously thought I was one of the only girls that DIDN'T like clubbing! Crazy how many other gals feel the same way!

    Hehe we still have our fun, just in other ways! Thank you all for the comments ^_^


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