Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My sister bakes pretty things :) and I made something too! (pic heavy... as usual :p))

Are you guys sick of pink + red yet? Hehe I'm not! Thought I'd share my sisters lovely creations from the weekend! She is UBER uber talented, and her cakes and cupcakes taste better than any boutique bakeshop I've ever tried (I used to work in a high-end bakeshop too!). I seriously can't jump on the $5 cupcake bandwagon! Like seriously, even Sprinkles doesn't even begin to compare to my sister's treats in taste and looks!

I had time this weekend to make a new earring and pendant. Have I mentioned before that I like bows + hearts? ^_~

I loooove ballerinas! In my next life I want to be a prima ballerina! I think they're so elegant and beautiful and graceful and perfect! And so so thin :) To me, they epitomize the female form.


  1. awwww your sister IS talented! and danngggg, if its better than sprinkles, it must be freakin' amazing! wanna send some oveR?? haha! ;P love your creations as well... the bow and hearts combo is great! :)

  2. im inlove with bows, and yours is just too pretty! and ur sisters cupcakes are too pretty to eat!!

  3. omg~ sophia!!! you're sisters cupcakes are hell pro! I LOOOOOVEEEE IT! & my gosh~ can you two be any more talented?? She makes delicious looking pastries & you make the cutest jewelry. sheeesh, girl! hehehe! I LOVE IT tho ;) <3

  4. holy crap, those desserts are awesome! did she make that cake too? that is crazy good!
    omg i love those earrings, especially the first two, they are soo pretty!

  5. WOW! How on earth did she do the basket weaving cake? Those are out of this world !

  6. aww dang~ that's so sweet sophia! i can't possibly pass that offer now would i ;) haha! anyways, i'm excited to meet soon ^-^

  7. wahhh super talented! i really love the necklace :) so elegant!

  8. Wow! That is very talented (especially the bow cupcake). Can you please put them in a box and mail it to Australia? (:

  9. Hi Sophia!
    To answer your question, yes I am Korean :)
    There really are so many good Korean restaurants around here. I always go to Koreatown for that! It's strange because I would think that they would have a ton of great places to eat in San Francisco.

  10. WOW!
    Your sister's cupcakes look soOoOoo good! They look so nice, almost too nice to be eaten. I can't believe how small the ginger bread man is on the bottom left in the photo with all the Christmas cupcakes.

    I love the bows earrings you made! I really want bow earrings or a ring [like the one in your previous, previous post; 2 posts ago right?] So cute!

  11. Seriously, those cupcakes look amazin, I have a freakish fetish for cupcakes and they are the prettiest lil thingz I have ever seen ! ;]

    luv the bow earrings, they're so beautiful!

  12. Your sister has serious talent -- I LOVE all the hearts and bows, does she handcraft everything? They look tasty too!

    Your bow earrings are adorable -- do you make them in necklace form too? ;)

  13. hey Sophia~
    So far I've sent your order inquiry to my supplier to see if they have it in stock.

    Let me know what HK stuff you want (be specific) --- email your orders to me btw, dont comment it hehe

    & as for the studio finish, which one the concealer or press foundation?

    cause i use the studio finish concealer and it works well with me. maybe if youre using the concealer and your having a hard time on blending try putting more moisturizer on your face or...use your finger tips to apply it so the warmth of your fingers will melt the concealer a bit


  14. Gosh! Such talented people. -_- Ahaha, :] Love it a lot. Its so cute, would just want to keep it then eat it! Loving the jewelry. :]

  15. WOW
    I am impressed with those cupcakes
    Amazing tell your sister that she got talent

  16. beautiful pieces! And wow those cupcakes look really good, like right out of a cupcake speciality store... she could sell them!!

  17. OH wow, those cupcakes are amazing! Looking at them is making me hungry...LOL! They look like little works of art...EDIBLE art..Yum...

  18. Hi!... again. =]
    Yes I do live near SF, well close enough [in my opinion]. I live in the east bay, Fremont, in between Oakland and San Jose. I love going to the city. It's like my second home. Most of my relatives are there, Sunset District.

    HAHAHA! I just noticed your "Wheeeeee!" under your 'About Me'. SO CUTE!!

  19. omg. cupcakes are my undoing..i wish i could taste some of your sister's cupcakes! they look delicious!!

  20. Those cupcakes look SOOO delicious!! I want! =P

    Your jewellery pieces are beautiful too! Excellent work, keep it up! <3

  21. Hey i was just reading Jinah's old blogs and i saw her necklace and fell in love with it. Do you sell the jewelry that you make? If so could you please email me at vanessa_tang@hotmail.co.uk please.:) xxx


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