Thursday, February 11, 2010


Omg omg omg!! Hehe so I came across this when browsing Ribbonlicious's blog ( -- it's decorated Pocky!!!!
I ♥♥♥ Tsubasa!!!!!! The ultimate kawaii girl ^_^

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Gosh it's SO so super kawaii and I love it!!! Anything with pink and pastels and hearts and stars just makes me so happy, ya know? Ahh I wish stuff was more like that in the U.S.... but people here think it's so silly and childish :( Hehe wonder what my coworkers would think if I wore a big pink bow in my hair?

Also I recently found out about all the deco den stuffs, and I either want to buy something or make something? I have the Anna Sui-ish mirror that I got in Korea, and it would be perfect to deco-den it up hehe. *sigh* I want to live in a world of kawaii-ness, don't you? ^.~

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  1. i really want to deco my phone now ._.

  2. OMG! The decorated Pocky is insaaaaane.

    I dont think ill be able to eat that. Its too pretty !!

    & I cant wait to get my phone decorated. Im currently on the hunt for jewls :)

    Jess Mai

  3. i saw the deco pocky recently!! ahhhh deco den sooooooo cute~~♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

    i haven't gotten around to doing any decoden myself, but i want to! i'm excited to see yours if you do end up making something..

  4. can you eat those pockys? Hmmmmm I wonder if it tastes good, most times I find super decorative things doesn't taste all that great. but I would like to try!

  5. Ooh Deco den looks sooo absolutely awesome! And mmmm...that pocky looks too dang pretty to eat. :(

  6. Ahhh! Cute cute :D

    Yeah .. I just collected my exam and it wasn't pretty at all .. I just have to hope for a low curve of some sort now :( I was really disappointed in myself and cried for hours.

    I want to be a doctor so badly, but chem always gets in the way. I'm perfectly fine with my other classes ... maybe I was meant to be a writer or something, or a polyglot. I loveeee languages, cultures, writing, art, social sciences, stuff pertaining to people.

    Oh well. I'll hang in there.

  7. wow those cells phone covers are awesome I'm getting one soon
    I should get it this week


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