Wednesday, February 24, 2010

F21 liquid eyeliner + luv package + dinner

Wow for awhile I was addicted to making a post everyday! But this post will have more than enough pics to make up for missing several days hehe ^_^

First want to do a review on Forever 21 eyeliner - this is from the beauty line called "Love & Beauty". I give it 5 stars!!! It cost me $2.99 online.. YAY for bargain! I love the felt tip applicator - it makes application SO easy, and you can apply it VERY lightly. All other ones I've tried took much longer to apply, and I had to apply more pressure (not good for your eyes!). And -- this DOES NOT smudge!!! I did a test too, by putting the liner on my hand, then vigorously rubbing for 10 seconds:


felt tip

applied on hand

liner on my hand AFTER rubbing it vigorously for 10 seconds!! NO SMUDGE YIPPEE!

particles on the finger that rubbed the you can see, some flaked off, BUT it did not smudge! BIG plus for me ^_^

Pic taken at END of the day. No panda eyes for me! Excuse all the sunspots etc.. been trying to let my skin breathe..

Another pic at END of the day.

Here are the other brands I currently have:

ALL except the N.Y.C. one smudge terribly, making me look like a sad and angry panda >.<>

And, what pisses me off, I paid a lot (well, to me it is!) of $$ for the Bobbi, and the Benefit... and the Bobbi one especially pisses me off! $25 and you dry up on me, and are hard to apply. WHAT.THE.EFFFFFFF $@*&^(!?!?! I have lost faith in pricey makeup counters.. they continually disappoint me :(

Brands I've tried in the past that smudged (and not pictured above):
*Shiseido (such a disappointment, cuz I thot they'd make for Asians.. you know how we get panda eyes!!)
*Revlon Colorstay (works for my sister, but not me)

K, enough about that. Clearly I like the liner haha.

Oooh on Saturday, I opened my mailbox to get a lovely surprise from Nikki! My first ever love package ^o^ ! THANK YOU Nikki you are truly a sweetheart, and can't wait for lunch in March :)

Hehe we're chingoos!!

See the 2 BB cream samples?!?? I've never tried BB cream.. I'm torn between holding on to them and actually trying them out. And my oh my look at all the HK!!

And finally, I have to put up food pics from a dinner my good friend Mary hosted. She was my sponsor when I went through RCIA (rite to enter Catholic church.. I was baptized but never received Confirmation or Eucharist). She is a wonderful hostess, something I hope to be one day when I have dinner parties!

Appetizer: apple + onion baked on puff pastry

I love her table setting! Marimekko tablecloth.. Mary is Finnish :)

South American beef + hominy stew, with yogurt, cilantro and lime. We each had our own guacamole bowl + chips too ^_^ It was mm mm gooooood lol.


  1. thanx for the revew! i know i am always trying to find new eyeliners, right now i am using sonia kashuk's gel liner, it works pretty good but it can get kinda dry....that food looks so good! aw, and that was so nice of nikki!

  2. Oooh, I was actually looking at Forever 21's makeup the other day and wondered about it ... that's awesome it's such a good product, and at such a cheap price!!! Amazing that the cheapest liners are working the best for yoU!

  3. nice review!!! good to know that low brand have some good stuff out there!! :)

    i'm hosting my first giveaway. swing by my blog when you have time. thanks!

  4. nice review and wow that food looked yummy
    What fake lashes were in the picture?

  5. Awesome dinner you had (Y)

  6. I was about to ask you about the Bobbi brown when I saw the picture but then read your comment below. My MAC fluid line did the exact same thing. It dried up and all the product shrunk inwards [hope that makes sense]. Thanks for the review but I'm scared of liquid liners and drugstore mascaras. =/
    I used to use maybelline mascara and almay liquid liner but one day the products started burning. My lashes started to fall out and I ended up with bald spots. =( They all eventually grew back though.

    I think you should try the B.B. cream out. If you don't how will you know if you like it or not? You can save the wrapper for memorabilia purposes?

    The baked onion and apple puff pastry looks bomb. P=

  7. Ohhh its so true about the expensive makeup. They just don't do what they've claimed to (for the price $$$$ we've paid. I didnt know forever 21 do makeups^^ feel like trying. I used to use bobbi brown eyeliner toooo!! I thought I'm just odd coz everyone told me it won't smudge, but i get smudges. Now, i'm just using a cheap pencil, it doesnt smudge as easily if i don't rub my eye. Expensive doesn't mean its better :)

    those dishes really making me hungry!!hehe

  8. mmm! the food looks delicious! I must try the N.Y.C. liner out (; have you tried HIP? I have the HIP gel liner and it doesn't smudge for me (:

  9. Hey there yeppeun chingu (pretty friend)
    hehe! ;) nice review btw! & AHHH~ you got my love package so fast. I sent em on friday morning & you got it the next day! <33 hehe! I'm glad you like em.

    I intentionally added the bb creams cause i know how much you wanna try em out. Hopefully you win my giveaway, then you can try 4 at once. lmao!

    btw, you can also try Missha's bb cream. all you have to do is register for Missha at & it'll give you a coupon for a free deluxe sampler. all you have to pay for is the shipping which is $5.99 & it gets to you really quickly. (thanks to Serena-- she's the one who let me know)

    Anyways, hope you like HK cause if you can't tell I do & I purposely bought the HK japanese type stickers cause your half japanese hehe i thought it was cute ^_^

    Enjoy & I'm glad I was the 1st one to give you a love package. Thanks so much for helping me & the BF out with our questions.Can't wait for our lunch in March hehe


  10. Yay, you're back! :) That F21 eyeliner looks AWESOME, especially if it doesn't smudge! I think sometimes I need to rotate my eyeliners...I am currently using Revlon Colorstay, but that smudges at the end of the day too :(

    Mmmmm...yum for the food EXCEPT cilantro hehe. The place setting is so sweet too!

  11. Hey sophia!
    omg~ i just saw your comments on my chatbox! haha made me hella smile :)

    Anyways, as for the difference of the BB creams, well...Missha is the brand name. The BB cream that I'm giving away is called Skin79 *its the brand* however. BB creams have different purposes.

    Basically, It's kinda like a multi-purpose skin care item. cause it has SF42, so it can be like a sun block, then it has a light-medium coverage which is like a foundation, it has whitening, anti-aging properties & more. I can't name them all now but I did write a blog explaining what a BB cream does. so you might wanna check that out.

    Right now, I'm personally using the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #23 -->used to be the darkest out of the 2 colors. however its still pretty light on me.

    BB Creams are basically marketed towards lighter skinned people because most brands only has 2 colors. But recently on the Missha U.S. site, I noticed they added another color which is #31 --supposedly its the darkest out of the 3 (21, 23 & 31)

    Let me know if you have any more questions <3


  12. mm forever 21 make up is good eh? Have you tried their nail polish? I'm curious about them. haha yeah I agree NYC is not best quality for make up that's for sure

  13. Hey sophia~
    Thanks for tweeting about my giveaway.
    Since you tweeted 2x (you have to comment 2x, & you only did once, so comment one more it'll be two entries)

    As for my lenses, I actually just get em here in some local stores. they sell em for like $20 but it's just plano (no prescription)& those aren't circle lenses just regular ones

    However, the brown one that you see me wear I actually ordered em from & those have prescription (-3.50 on both eyes) cause yes, I'm pretty blind hehe! and those lenses are circle lenses.

  14. That's really cool! Cheap, effective makeup = <3!!

    I've always personally been too scared to try liquid eyeliner and stuck to pencil. Perhaps I should give it a try one of these days....... XD

    Passed on an award to you--- the 'Happy 101'!

    <3 from

  15. yumm..i love food posts! haha..but thanks for the review on the eyeliner..and it was cheap too! thanks!


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