Sunday, February 14, 2010

From Hong Kong with love (a haul)

My mom and sister got back from a 10 day trip to Hong Kong yesterday, and they brought back so many gifts!!! For MEEE!!!! (^o^) You will not believe how happy and excited I was when I saw the Anna Sui bag with goodies inside! I wish so badly that we had an Anna Sui here in the states! She makes such beautiful, girly, princess-like accessories and jewelry. I remember when I saw her stuff for the first time in a department store when I was in Japan... I had never seen anything like it and it was love at first sight! Who could not love her exquisite packaging and attention to detail? She completely understands a woman's need for aesthetically pleasing accessories and cosmetics.

My mom is so adorable--she asked the sales lady for an extra bag, just 'cause she knew I'd like it :)

Lipgloss. Who else would make such beautiful casing for lipgloss?

Compact, with the signature Anna Sui flower!!! It's just so beautiful!!

Goodies they threw in... these are whitening serum.

Did you guys know pa makes lashes?!? I didn't! SO happy to get these!! My sister knows me so well, and she knows exactly what I like :D

My new favorite ring. I LOOOOOVE bows (I'm sure I've said that at some point before hehe)! I now own a grand total of 3 bow rings :) Hopefully the collection will grow...

Can you see the bow on the purse? I love this purse so much! It's so hime-like, and girly. I'm sure I'll never run into anyone here carrying the same one ^_^

I asked that they bring me back milk tea. This brand is top quality, and served in some restaurants there. They actually have a stand alone store where you can buy these. I tried one today, and the ceylon tea is so delicious and flavorful!


  1. You are so lucky girl! I would love to see that brand in the US too. Never heard of it, & the packaging is definitely pretty!

  2. Aww Sophia~
    Lovely haulage right there <3 I most especially love the cute bow ring & the cute animal printed purse. nomu gwiyeoweo [very cute] hahaha!


    ps. no one seems to be joining my bb cream giveaway haha so i guess your chances of winning is 50-50 since theres only you and one other girl. hehe! but i do hope more will enter hehe

  3. omg, lucky! i love anna sui...the compact is so cute!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwww....Anna Sui!! Love their packaging and casing or their cosmetics.. U r a lucky lucky girl :) I nv see Anna Sui in white casing though...must be something new maybe?? Its a sweet colour though...white with purple puff...Gonna have a look when I've got a chance

  5. Sooooo lucky! You got to visit my mothercountry lol...did you like it?

    The Anna Sui cosmetics are absolutely gorgeous and would look great not only on you, but on your vanity counter! Also, love the purse and the bow!!!

    Glad you had fun, hope you can share more about your trip later hehe :D

  6. so much anna sui products!! and i love love rings too. happy vday! oh and i love milk tea too! didn't know we like the same things >.<
    <3 yumiko

  7. aaaaa! super cute and exciting ^__^

  8. U love Late Night Alumni tooo?!!! :D I keep playing them over and over again...I thought I'm over obsessed hehe..

    I've bought Anna Sui lipstick and their blusher long long time ago when I was living in the UK..I love theirrr roseeeyy smell, make me feel so 'classic and vintage' hahaha..

    Happy Valentines Day too u!!

  9. awww i miss shopping in HK (i used to live there 11 years ago) love all the goodies you got! I love your ring too! I saw one just like that yesterday! :)

  10. How cute! love the lipgloss and the ring! i absolutely adore cute things like that!

  11. So lucky!

    Anna Sui is fabulous, and nothing beats milk tea! (Except maybe bubble tea. =P)

    <3 from

  12. I fell inlove with everything on this post!!

  13. lovelovelove Anna Sui!! i think the only place that sells it here is the DFS Galleria..and they don't carry much :(


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