Thursday, February 11, 2010

candy hearts

These are cute, and FREE! Just wish that last heart was light blue or something... I mean orange?! ehhh.... hehe.
Create your own at


  1. Awww cute :D
    Sophia is a beautiful name!

    What does Kechiko mean?

  2. I think H&M still should! They have it in grey too I think ^___^

    My mom's a CPA and she also failed one of the sections like 3 times. It IS a hard test to take, esp if your state requires you take all 4 sections together :(

    You can do it! Everything worth working for will work out in the long run. It's something my boyfriend tells me and I have trouble believing him somedays, but it's a good philosophy to have.

  3. hey sophia,
    omg those are so cute! i'll try those out later hehe! btw... I'm having another giveaway ^_^ it's the skin79 mini bb cream set :) so please check it out, hope you enter too hehe! xoxo, Nikki

  4. i <3 u, do you give vday give away?


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