Thursday, February 11, 2010

just did it for fun ~

Ok so let me preface this post by saying... I did this photo shoot for FUN hehe. The day before I sat for a really really rough exam.. so this was like a silly little thing to do afterward. The photos haven't been photoshopped... yet.. but they most definitely will be haha. I did a crap job on makeup because I was running late and cleaning up doggie poo all morning, so literally spent like 10 min throwing stuff together. Grabbed the red jacket in case it was cold, but ended up wearing it in most of the photos..... Used my $1.99 Kleancolor palette lol. Any of you ladies know how to alter makeup with photoshop? Msg me if you do!!!

Anyways, after doing it and seeing the result, I have learned a couple of things about myself:
~I tend to look unhappy. Funny cuz the day before, and quite often before that, random people would tell me to smile as I was walking down the street. I always thought they were retarded... but uhm... no I realize it's because I just naturally look pissed off all the time. I realized this when the photographer asked me if I could smile, haha. Why yes, haha, yes I think I can :)
~I tend to subconsciously wrinkle my forehead... the photographer pointed this out like 10x.
~I have an oddly shaped face that is difficult to photograph from 99% of angles.

I think he did a great job considering, but I will stick to self-cam in the future. No one knows their most flattering angles better than themselves, right ladies? ^_~

Photographer: Dale Nabeta -> website <-


  1. you're gorgeous! love the pics...they turned out great!

  2. yay, photoshoots are so fun! you look great! yeah i know what you mean about face angles though, i have recently discovered that my right side is my best side to shoot from! and i also used to get comments all the time about looking angry when i'm not smiling! haha, maybe it's bc we're asian? i have no idea why...:P

  3. You look nice! your make-up and outfits looks great too. Very natural. (: I love that red jacket. Also, I definitely know what you mean about the face side/angles thing. Verrrrry irritating. Lol! But who knows. (: Thanks for sharing your photoshoots with us!

    <3 Katie Ngo

  4. i know exactly what mean...ive passed a group of people in the mall and heard one of them say "did u see how pissed that girl was?!" funny thing is, i feel like i smile, a LOT! i guess i just look pissed whenever i happen to not be smiling, plus i walk very fast so i must seem like im on a mission to beat up people lol

    love the pictures! the one where you're sitting on the stairs is my favorite!

  5. omg thats so cool!! you look so high fashion! my favorite ones are the 1st photo, 3rd and last :D

  6. Kechi~ (Can I call you that?)

    These are gorgeous :) Photoshoots are always fun ^__^ Be confident that you look great, it always brings a smile :D

    I have the peacock earrings :) They are super long! I can't get over peacock hehe

    I understand. I don't like it when people in positions of authority snap at us. It's hurtful and annoying even if they don't think it is. You can always, always talk to me about anything :)

    Yesterday I had a really tough chemistry exam ... because it's graded on a curve I have to always care about what scores other people get. It's really annoying and makes everyone tense and super competitive. I just hope I get a good score ... I knew I could have studied better and I know I was more prepared than usual, but it still wasn't enough. That made me very upset for most of last night.

    Life is tough. For everyone. Everyday. We always have to keep that in perspective. But you can always get everything off your chest :) That's what blogs and friends are for!

    - Angie

  7. I love these pics! And I think you are absolutely gorgeous!!!! your face is supper pointy I wish I had it >.<


  8. Love your blog, thanks for following!

  9. so awesome! i never done a photoshoot before. keep it up. do you know what camera the person used?

  10. you look hott! i love the accent of the red jacket.

    strangers have told me to smile too..and sometimes when i first meet other girls, if i'm not super cheery upon first impressions, they often tell me later that i seemed a little intimidating or mean-girl looking until they got to know me..o.0 now i always try to smile whenever i enter a room. but there are still some days when i'm like, ah f*ck it who cares.

    your so pretty pretty~~~ ^3^v

  11. i LOVE your blog, so i nominated you for an award :)

  12. I love the tight leather pants!!! :) I think you look great in all the photos, very city chic! :)


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