Monday, March 1, 2010

Swarovski Pearls + Korean cooking

I hope everybody had a nice weekend! If you read my last post, then you know I had to go clubbing for a bday.. but it actually turned out different (better?) than I thought. The venue ended up being a bar (kind of a club... but only few people were dancing) in the Mission district of San Francisco... and Mission district means HIPSTER CENTRAL! LOL. I love poking fun at them, hehe, so it was really great people watching! I kept track of how many fedoras and plaid shirts I saw :p All in all good times... no ghettoness (heh if anything hipsters are probably scared when they see a little Asian girl like me?) and we got to eat bacon wrapped hot dogs at 1 in the morning ^o^

My sister mentioned that she wanted my mom and I to make some pearl earrings that she could wear to work, and I have 12mm Swarovski pearls, so I came up with these:
Swarovski pearls have a crystal center, and then they're finished with layers of luminous pearlescence. Very very pretty in person :)
I paired these with matching 3mm crystals on the bottom to add a bit of sparle, and I always find that gold findings add elegance and would be appropriate for work. I'll be selling them in my shop soon if anyone is interested... or you can msg me ^_^

Also, this weekend I made some Korean pancakes ("jun"). You may have seen a seafood version at the restaurant, called "haemul pajun" - or seafood green onion pancake ("pa" means green onion). I made kimchee kkaenyip jun - or spicy cabbage, sesame leaf pancake. We don't measure anything.. just put enough to your liking and consistency.. Here are the steps and pics of ingredients:

1. get a mixing bowl to combine all ingredients. Start with kimchee, and cut (we use scissors.. lol Korean always cut food with scissors!) into little pieces
2. add sesame leaf (kkaenyip) if you like... you can just make with kimchee too. Also cut these into small pieces
Here is a picture of packaged kkaenyip... the Korean market always sells fresh ones though, and those taste better!
3. Slice up zucchini into small pieces
4. Mix all ingredients in the mixing bowl. You can add kimchee "juice" too.. the pancakes will need liquid so kimchee juice is good. Also optional to make spicier - core and dice some jalapenos, and add to mixture.
5. add flour, and then
6. add water, and begin mixing. You will want a slightly watery consistency that looks like the picture below. If it nots watery, the pancake will come out thick and dense.. I don't really like that way.
7. Coat your cast iron pan with oil. First heat it up on high heat. Once it's hot, lower to medium heat to cook the pancakes.
8. The edges should look like the bottom 2 pancakes before you flip over. You can make the pancakes any size you like! Small, big, they're all good and tasty!
9. Finished pancake. Eat right away for best enjoyment!
And there you have it.. very easy, healthy, and delicious savory pancakes! These are very customizable.. so you can add green onion, bell pepper, seafood... anything you like!


  1. omigosh that looks so good =] speaking of korean, i looooove kim hyun joong ;D


  3. yuuuum! that looks so good! i want korean food now :P thanks for sharing this!

  4. your new creations are so cute & i've had a different jun before. hehe!

    btw, me and my bf are going to sf on 23 of this month.. will you be free?

  5. Yum! That looks great ... I love trying new Asian recipes.

  6. 1. Those pearl earrings are gorgeous!!! I always wished I had my ears pierced! Mmmm...those bacon wrapped hot dogs sound FANTASTIC!!! And I'm glad 'clubbing' wasn't so bad after all ;)

    2. THANKS for sharing the yummy Korean recipe! I'm lucky enough to have a Korean market close by so I will HAVE to try this out! It looks soooo tasty! Do you add any salt?

  7. the earrings are gorgeous and elegant <3
    but wow the pancakes look so yummy!!!!

  8. i know about him mostly from the kdrama Boys Over Flowers which I HIGHLY recommend ;D it's soooo good and trust me you'll fall for him too b/c he's soooo adorable ;d you could watch for free at again, definately go watch it it's so good!!!

    oh and he's part of the group ss501 and their songs are pretty good plus he's hot haha ;]

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  10. the food looks sOOOOOOO yUMMMYYY! ~

    jeggings = the crossover of jeans and leggings

  11. hey there 예쁜 여자
    hehe! :) anyways, feel free to send the shirts & i'll make you bows. haha! btw, i'm excited! do you know any good korean restaurants there in SF? lets have korean bbq for lunch?

  12. omg those pancakes are one of my favorite Korean foods.. <3333333

  13. Mmmm, that looks so yummy! Will probably attempt to make it as soon as I get the chance to go to the local Asian grocers =P! (....Which will probably be soon, as I'm running low on 木耳/Tremella.)

    Oh, and in reply to GirlAboutTown's comment about Kim Hyun Joong: Oh yes, I DEFINITELY second that. =P

    <3 from

  14. yumm looks amazing! will diff be trying that out with the bf next week hehe

  15. lol! i would love to go clubbing with you lol!! those are lovely earrings, i think I'm gonna need those for work as well :3 and those food photos got mee sooo hungry!! o.o

  16. wow. those are pretty cute earrings! where do you order the pearls/beads?

    omg. you and your pictures are making me so hungry right now =P

  17. Wow that looks so good, are you korean?
    I tried to make it once but it just stayed gooey in the centre :(


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