Wednesday, December 22, 2010

boston in december

Cold weather means beanies are not only acceptable, they're necessary

They go balls out on the lights out here. Crazy. Never seen anything like it.

$12 ginger lobster, Chinatown. I ate it allll

I always have to get my cannoli from Modern Pastry. yum.

Was fun to stomp my feet to shake it off.

Sooo cool when it first starts falling.

It's snowing.

And snowing some more..

So beautiful. Like powdered sugar.

hehe goofy pic.. so i was really excited that snow was falling on me. the camera was supposed to capture the snow on the gloves + coat. whoops. i end up just looking kinda excited to be wearing oversized gloves....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

black & blue




ebay. jk ;)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

simple hair bun

I bought the Japanese hair bun thing ( but before it arrived I started doing my bun using the materials I already have. VERY easy, and takes 1-2 minutes once you're proficient at it. It's great for me on those occasions where I haven't washed my hair the night before and my hair starts getting oily....

you will need:
*hair elastic
*claw (size depends on thickness of your hair...). I use the Goody 3 prong one that's one size up from mini (
*bobby pins (I use 1)

Let's begin.

1. Tie ponytail. The higher it is, the higher the bun. duh.

2. Flip hair over

3. Secure hair with claw.

4. Pull hair down on both sides to create bun, and use bobby pin at bottom to secure.
Finis ~ sideview
Finis ~ backview
*match the color of hair tie to your hair (duh)
*pull out strands for messy look. you can make this look as messy or as neat as you like.
*ctrl size of bun by folding over more/less hair
*curled hair looks nice too.

wearing the bun out.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

more from the wknd..

the little beggars

Washington St.
it's always nice to stroll down, and it's even prettier w/the holiday lights

gloomy skies

Golden Gate Bakery in SF Chinatown
OMG. If you like dantat - you MUST go here and brave the 15-30 min wait!