Monday, February 1, 2010

Nikki's Giveaway!

My blogger friend Nikki ( is having a Valentine's giveaway! Go check it out NOW!! :p Click here for details.
If it wasn't for blogger, I wouldn't have met Nikki, and I am so glad that I did! Hopefully when she comes to SF we'll get to meet and hang out! She's such a genuine and sweet girl (not to mention GORGEOUS!). (p.s. any other bloggers reading this who are in SF bay area?? Join us!! hehe.)

And now I'm just rambling....

If there's something I'm big on in people - it's how genuine and warm-hearted they are. It really reflects their spirit, and how at peace they are with themselves and the world. When you are truly happy in your heart, then it shows by the way you treat other people. There are too many Debbie Downers in the world, or people who always have a negative response when you tell them something positive. Which totally bugs. I have an office mate who does this all the time, and it starts to affect you after awhile when someone is filled with so much negativity. But I also know it's because deep down, there's something going on in their life that's eating away at their spirit and making them be negative toward others. Very sad....

Which brings me to why I'm so happy I discovered the blog world! I feel like many girls in the blog world are super sweet and charming! We're all here to share a bit of our lives with each other, whether it's by sharing tips, or photos of a meal we ate, or even talking about something that happened during our day. Isn't it nice to be acknowledged and, in a way, get validation that something you purchased, made, ate, drew, whatever it is, is seen and liked by others? That came out wrong.. almost like we're here to boast or something... that's totally not what I meant (grr wish I could articulate my thoughts more clearly)... It's like a huge moral support group haha!

And I love it~! I am so glad that I decided to start a blog of my own, and open up to complete strangers about little things... like my rant the other day hehe. I vented on blogger because I didn't have the guts to say anything to the people who pissed me off, and I was touched by all the comments from you guys supporting me, even though you've never met me! It's like we're all girlfriends here :D

Annnnyways.. moving on ;)

Look at this cutting board I got at Daiso, a Japanese dollar store:

Kawaii ne?!? I loooove Japanese dollar stores!! They are a wonderland of all things cute and useless. Here's an example of some other kawaii things they have at Daiso:
bento (lunchbox) dividers

Also for bento - 1 food item goes in each one

Kitchen sponge!

Eeeeeee SO kawaii!!! Gosh I just love cute stuff! I remember when I was in Japan I went crazy over everything, and I wondered why the US didn't make the same stuffs. I spent half a year there, and I enjoyed being surrounded by cuteness every single day....

bleh... chotto natsukashii :(


  1. ahhh! so cute :D and yay you fixed your comment box haha i was trying to write something and it wouldn't work for the past day or so

  2. i agree with you. i've met some pretty awesome girls via blogging. the support is really very nice. ♡

    awwww~~~i wish there was a Daiso here!

  3. AWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH SOPHIA! you're one of the most sweetest bloggers i've ever met :) btw, i got a new pic for my giveaway. cause i added one more stuff hehe

  4. omg. so cute so cute! i wish i had a dollar store like that. =/


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