Tuesday, April 27, 2010

notice anything dif? ;) and i still shop at teenager shops...

Why yes, yes my eyes naturally turn blue in the sunlight ;) Hehehehe... that is my pretend response to someone asking me if my eyes are naturally blue :) I know that all you blogger girls know all about lens and stuff, but you'd be surprised about people in the real world! One of my Asian gf wore false lashes to my cousin's wedding (hi Ping! I hope you read my blog hehehe!), and the people at our table said "nice lash!" and were surprised when she said they were fake. Uhm hello! What Asian girl has long spiky lashes and any eye color BUT brown?! Buahahahahahaha!

I'm wearing Geo nudy blue from k-circlelens.net ... full review coming soon. I ordered several pairs of circle lens from Serenie (http://himeeyes.blogspot.com) who is like one of the coolest bloggers evarr, but since it was a batch order and I wanted to be sure to have a pair before my Boston trip I ordered these. I LOOOOOVE blue contacts!! OMG you don't know how sad I was to have to take them off :( My absolute favorite look is blue eyes, pink lips, and blonde hair (uhm.. Barbie?). I don't know why. Wait, yes I do. Years of socialization by media :) I love the fake look. Like really I do. When I was in high school I thought import girls were soooo pretty, and I loved their fake hair and tits. Wearing these lens made me want to run out and bleach in some platinum hi-lites, put on a skimpy white dress and super high heels. The lucite kind. JK! *sigh* What's wrong with me?
I did some shopping recently too. I went a couple of months where I didn't want to buy ANY clothes at all. And then this past month, BAM! I wanted to buy things left and right. And I love shopping online, and scouring for sales. I happened to browse Hollister Co., and spotted a dress and cardigan on sale for like $15 each. They arrived today! Woohoo! I only own like, 1 or 2 summer dresses, so been wanting to stock up. Looks a bit funny with pumps... but I stopped wearing flip flops with dresses after college.. I need to shop for some casual sandals...

Front of dress.
Size XS
Hollister Co.
(Yes my legs are pasty. I bought some St. Tropez this weekend ($40/bottle ouch >.<)! Haven't tried it yet, but when I do I will take many before + after pics and do a review!)

The back.
Size XS
So soft and warm!

I got this trench from Forever21 on sale for like $17, plus shipping for like $6? Anyways, I have 2 Bebe trenches, which I've come to HATE. All their trenches are too LONG, and hit at my knee, which I find super unflattering. But I keep wearing them b/c they're supposed to be good quality brand, and I paid $100-$150 each, I forget. My mom is going to hem them... I think a shop would charge like $50 each coat... Anyways, I really like this Forever 21 trench! It even has lining ~ I was pleasantly surprised! On the model it hits like right below her crotch hahaha.

Size XS
Did some major damage at the Napa outlets this past weekend too... there's a BCBG, BCBG Final Cut (GREAT bargains ~ dresses retailing for $200+ are only $19!!), Banana Republic, makeup shop (sells MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc), Barney's, Gap

The Nine West there had tons of size 5! I headed to the sales rack and picked up these shoes which were $29.99 each, and Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 off:

They're a taupe color... sorry my phone cam didn't quite pick up the color. Size 5, and still so big :( I need to go buy some insoles!

Nine West

And this is why I love slingbacks! You can tighten them down to fit you :) I've been really wanting camel color shoes, and so glad I got these!
Nine West
Ahhh I just love the way camel color looks on skin!! Hah it's a good thing my phone is low megapixel, I haven't shaved in a bit hahahahaha (I have hairy legs for an Asian T_T )
Do any of you own the nubra? Does it really stick? And how many times can you use it? The hollister dress, and 2 others that I ordered from Wet Seal have the type of back that will show bra straps. I just worry about the nubra falling down and making it look like I have boobs coming out my stomach O.O Or worse, falling down to the ground and I'd have to pick it up in front of everyone. OMG how embarrassing would that be!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

EDIT*** Bay Area Meetup!?! Let's make it happen!

***Scroll down to dates to see the edit

Hello Hello! Happy Friday ladies!!

So there are several bloggers who are in the bay area, and at some point or another have expressed interest in having a meetup! I want to start planning a date now, because I know schedules will become hectic with school, graduation, moving, summer plans, etc. I'm thinking a weekend in May/June/July will work best?
(Hey how do you like that graphic I made eh? I impress myself sometimes, really I do ^_~)

So first, here is the list of the girls I know of who are in the bay area and can possibly meet up (listed by blog name):

Here are some possible dates (all Saturdays):


Ladies ~ please comment on this post to tell me which date works best!

If you are in the bay area and you are interested in the meetup, please comment on this post to let us know! Or, you can email me (kechiko@kechiko.com).

I'm very excited about this!! I'm envisioning a fun day of shopping for makeup, lashes (Susy and I go to a little shop that sells ALL the NYX products for less than the NYX site, and I know a beauty shop that sells TONS of lahses!), eating a yummy meal, and of course most importantly getting to see you guys!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

random post, cupcakes again to make y'all jealous

I feel like I haven't posted in awhile..mostly b/c I have nothing to post about? I'm not really a beauty person so I don't have makeup products to talk about hahaha. Oh, and I'm getting an actual camera in a week so I want to take some nice pictures instead of my crappy bberry pics :( I will be doing a picture post soon on my bday (4/7) and a few things I got, like DOLLY WINK and Betsey Johnson!

Soooo, this post is just a couple collages that I did recently, and some more incredible cupcakes my sister made. Walgreens had promos for a week ~ one day 8x10s were free, and on another day collages were 80% off! So, I used handy dandy photobucket to put them together. Do you guys use photobucket? It's soooo awesome, has the coolest features, and is free! Not to mention free online storage. I'm so slow to the internet game.. I didn't know about these types of sites until like 3 months ago hahaha. I just learned about touch screen cameras like last week!

The 1st collage is me and honey-poo, and 2nd collage is family. My sister is my bestest friend in the world! We like all the same things. She will have a baking blog up soon featuring her decorative cakes, cupcakes, and other yummy stuff (she makes her own chicken pot pie and bread!) The cute lil poodle is hers (my niece), and she is spoiled rotten like you wouldn't believe. One day I'm going to make a real hot dog out of her ^_~

If you are interested in economic and finance commentary, do check out my bf's website ~ www.chrisgrande.com Very informative, and easy to read

And now for the cupcakes:

Easter cupcakes (move over Sprinkles. You ain't got NOTHING on this!!!!!). The chick even has a lil tuft of hair! ~

Tip~ If you wanna know how to get your coworkers (or basically anyone) to love you, get a sister like mine to bake the best cupcakes in the world to share with everyone ^_^ Tiffany blue decos. The cream cheesiest cream cheese frosting EVER, just the way I like it. Oh, and moist, practically melts in your mouth chocolate cake. Jealous yet?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bang bang

I hate cutting my hair. I've gone to numerous salons ~ low end to high end, and I've never been thrilled with the results. But, sometimes I do want a change. Like, lately I always wonder how I would look with the Asian girl straight across bangs. So I bought some clip on-bangs on ebay (http://myworld.ebay.com/cosplaylvhui268/)!

The pros:
*holds the shape (requires no styling)
*temporary, don't have to cut own hair (duh)
*has the right "thickness" so the wind won't blow them all the the side
*cheap, like $6

The cons:
*takes time to place them in correctly
*color match. I bought black bangs, but since my black dye is fading my hair is a bit brown, so doesn't match quite right.

I literally took about 45 seconds to place these in my hair. Hence, you can see the harsh line where the bangs end. I've satisfied my curiosity. These style bangs make me look really young, so I had to thicken my eyeliner so as not to look like a high schooler. And, I felt like a character in Battle Royale (check it out), which is an AMAZING movie that you must watch if you haven't yet!

For comparison, the exact same makeup etc just no bangs:

Take the hair that would normally be your bangs, and bobby pin to the side. The clip on bangs will clip right over these.
The bangs also made me feel like an evil child killer person creature thingy (think Ringu), so I threw in this "I'm going to murder you with my evil glare" pic. I frighten myself sometimes:
I have an extra set of bangs if anyone wants. It's black colored. Hmm I guess I'll make into a little contest? If you would like these bangs, please comment and put a link to a picture of someone who makes you want to get bangs. Don't post on your blog either please.. I don't want random strangers haha. Just my blog readers :) Ends midnight, 4/8/10, California time. I'll put an obvious example:

Katie Holmes. Ugh she's gorgeous! And I want colored eyes like her!!!!!! And her nose!! But I don't want her husband hahaha..

I hope this post was helpful to anyone considering buying these!

Hehe so 2 people entered for the bangs ~Serena and Erynn :) Used random.org and assigned the number 1 (Serena) and 2 (Erynn):

Serena ~ I'll be sending out the bangs some time next week! ^_^