Friday, February 12, 2010


These arrived yesterday :D I ate 3 bowlfuls of fruit, and barely made a dent in this "bouquet" hehe. You can't tell from this picture, but the strawberries are GINORMOUS! I think they were injected with megavitamins or something haha! I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!! My prince charming ♥♥♥
Took some pics wearing NYX"Harmonica" lipstick last night, and layered a blue shadow from my $1.99 Kleancolor palette over a silver NYX eyeshadow pencil to make the blue show up better (I don't have white):
Either I don't have a good base, or I don't use enough shadow, because I feel like the color is not that visible?


  1. wow well that is some bouquet!! its sweet and healthy at the same time :D
    ur eye shadow me thinks is pretty as it is :3

  2. umm..apparently, valentine's here can be pretty big, i expect every resto to be full. but the mom asked the boyfie and i to just stay at home so we could also celebrate chinese new year, how bout you? I bet you have lovely plans for valentine's :P

  3. aaaa i'm so jealous! i love strawberries and chocolateeeee

  4. im sorry to hear about that :( but im sure when you two get together its gonna be the best cause he hafta make it up for valentines and the days he couldnt be with you <3

  5. aww those look delishhhh~ hehe!!!
    & awww you look beautiful sophia <333 hehe! you totally got the smokey look already hehe great job love!

    and man valentines day is coming up already! you have any plans with your bf? or namja chingu? (i dont know bf in japanese) heh...

  6. omg that bouquet looks sooo yum!!! cute blog :D

  7. omg i want one of those strawberries!!! :)
    yeah, sometimes i have trouble getting some of my eyeshadows to show up too, if that happens i use a flat brush to pat the color on, as opposed to like a fluffy eyeshadow brush...also do you use a primer? bc that helps a lot too! :)

  8. Wow at the bouquet! It's so pretty and delicious looking!!

    I use a primer for my eyeshadows...then the colours turn up pretty well and even!

  9. yummy! so delicious! aww. i wish i get a package like that at work or something. ^_^ i love strawberries >,<

    happy v-day dear!

  10. hi sophia thanks so much for visiting my blog! you have a lovely blog :) and those chocolate covered strawberries look deliciousss!! thats so sweet of him!

  11. Hey Sophia! Awww, I bet the white color jacket is also as gorgeous as your red one! & oh nooo, its not easy for me either! :[ So I know exactly how you feel. The strawberries looks delicious. Yum, how sweet of the boyfriend to do that just for you. :] & girl your eye shadow looks fine! Loving it! Have a sweet Valentine Day with the boyfriend.

    <3 Katie Ngo

  12. OMG that is such an awesome gift
    lucky you
    your eyeshadow looks fine
    it does seem "lighter"
    but it could and probably is due to
    the flash from the camera or just in general lighting

  13. omg sophia! i am drooling over your vday gift! it looks soooo delicious and gorgeous! and its so sweet (literally) ^^ hehe! you must show us some pictures with you and your prince charming! <3 :D


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