Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kleancolor palette + smokey eye attempt #1

My attempt at a smokey eye, with black in the outer "V". I've seen so many girls with that black outer v, and I really like that look but never did it on myself. It's too dramatic for work, and I don't really go out on the weekends anywhere that it would look acceptable, haha.

What I used:

*Kleancolor palette, the 3rd from R. This palette cost me $1.99, and is really pigmented. I like! ^_^

*E.L.F. "Drama" palette - just the black color for outer v

*Bobbi Brown gel l iner

I'm not too happy with the final look... I think first of all I don't put the shadow high enough on my eyelid? I dunno somehow it doesn't look proportionate.

To all the girls that have mastered this look, please share your tips and advice!!! MUCHO GRACIAS.

More about the Kleancolor palette - I bought it at this little Asian discount shop, that sells socks, slippers, notebooks, and the ENTIRE friggin NYX line!!!! And some Kleancolor stuff. Love this place. Cheaper than cherryculture (or is it cherrycouture?).


  1. good job, the shadow looks great! where did you buy your stuff at? i know you said an asian store, but where? btw, you live in san fran? i live like 45 mins away! :)

  2. ^___^ no i live in san diego now and i go to college in st. louis but my boyfriend lives in san jose so i was visiting.
    ^___^ san fran is soooo cool. i want to visit the asian art museum and drink coffee in one of the coffeeshops hehe.

    it was definitely an experience getting to ride a cable car :D

  3. You look great!!! I love smokey eyes!!!! I do it when I go out!!!

  4. it looks great sophia ^__^ you totally got the smokey eye look already. if you want a more dramatic look, add more of the darkest black you got on your stash and put it on the outer v then just make sure you blend well so theres no harsh edges :) but you already got it girl hehe!

  5. oh wow! that's a good idea! i wanna try doing that look to. maybe i'll go to school with a "glam" makeup and i'll post pics on blogger ^_^ let's do it sophia! i think the theme is really cool. i can't wait to see your interpretation of the look. i'll do it on friday hehe

  6. The color looks great on you!!!
    I add a third lighter color sometimes when I do smokey eyes..for a day time look i use two, but it mostly depends on my mood haha
    I think that's a good day time smokey eye for you :]

    and I can't believe the palette was

  7. well I followed xteeeners instruction but I used different products
    here is the video

    I post more pics now

  8. My profile look is
    this look

  9. Hey girl~ Thanks for stopping by my blog =) Love your look! Yes definitely go grab a pair of those earrings from Claires, they would look amazing on you!

  10. wow..this is really cute on you. post more looks! i can't wait to see the different colors

  11. Your eyes look great! I was actually just looking for a blog post on darker smokey eyes so was lucky to see this! I also have a pallet just like that one! I got it at the dollar store in my city, and I agree, colors and pigment are fab!


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