Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Help choosing (cheap) face primer!

I want to hear from you gals what your fav on-a-budget face primer is? By budget I mean ~$10 hehe. I tried to look on makeupalley.. but it's not very user-friendly to me. I like to be able to sort by dif things, and it doesn't seem to have that feature... The one that did come up when I searched was Monistat?!?? Uhm.. I didn't know it was meant to be put on the face??!

I just finished my Rimmel primer, which I liked but it had a bit of redness to it. And I have MAC Prep+Prime, but I'm kinda weird in that I like to use cheap products and save the more expensive ones that I have? LOL. I mean, I don't know when I'll use the MAC one.. but I don't feel like using it for work days because no one sees my face!


  1. Hi beautiful!!
    Btw got ur lovely package. Thnx so muchhhhh you're too sweet <33333 I blogged abt it hehe! Oh and as for primers I use ELFs mineral infused face primer~$6.00 It works pretty good for me. I also heard Hard Candy's face primer works good. It's abt $8.00 at walmart :) hope that helps love heh


  2. I've seen a lot of youtube tutorials where people will use Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel as their primer. I've thought about giving it a shot?

  3. The ELF primer i got it last October or August? and.... I still have it. Little goes a long way. and I dont use the pump cause it can get stuck at times. I just open it and get the product from the tube thing and apply it on my face. It goes on really smooth and is perfect to apply your foundation on top. I really like it. So its up to you if you wanna try that out :) I mean its only $6 plus its mineral infused which is a big plus for me <3

  4. hmm good question
    When I bought my Sephora blend brush I got a tester for Sephora's face primer.
    I haven't tried it but when I do I'll so review of it :)

  5. hi!!! i also use the elf face primer and i like it too, i'm almost out so i'm looking for another primer too :P i also use the monistat anti chafe relieving powder gel (or whatever it's called) and it's got the same consistency as the elf primer, they both work ok in my opinion, can't go wrong for only $6-8! :)

  6. hey there! cool blog you got here! :) i'm still kinda new to blogging. when you have time, swing by my page. i would like to get more fellow follwers. thanks and keep up the great work. ;D


  7. thank you for your support! even though i may not know you personally, i really appreciate the heartfelt comment you left. your words made me feel less alone. keep your head up! we all need others to keep us on our feet sometimes


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