Saturday, March 27, 2010

Slanted Eyes ♥, K.I.S.S.

You know how Asian girls always want bigger eyes? Well, not me. I like the look of slanted eyes. I think it looks exotic. And you know how when a lot of Asian girls smile, their eyes turn into crescent moon shape? I think that's cute as all hell.
So when I do my eye makeup, I don't do anything to try to make them look bigger. I am not white, and I am not a doll. I recently discovered a funny youtube person, jkimisyellow, and in his Michelle Phan parody, he says, "“use white eyeliner on ur waterline to make ur obnoxiously small asian eyes look somewhat closer to the normal size human eyes” I laughed so hard, cuz it's true! But come on now, like putting on the white liner on the bottom of your eyeball will increase your eye size that much?? I dunno about that. Now, if you do that, please don't get offended. I mean, I'm sure your eyeballs look huge or something. Just not on me. So I skip all these lil "eye opening" tricks, and I do really easy stuff to lengthen the shape of my eye.

Without makeup, my eyes are kinda close together and I look young, ugly, and retarded. So, when I apply makeup, I strive to bring the eyeliner and shadow out, past the end of my eye to
elongate my eye and emphasize the slantedness, LOL. I'm sure that's a first, huh?

Another thing I am not a fan of is the natural look. It's just another thing that is terrible on me. I look much better with thick, black liner. In fact, I think natural looks terrible on 99.5% of people. The only person I think looks pretty au naturale is Kate Moss... and there aren't many Kate Moss look alikes. Just sayin, ya know? But, I'm also lazy! Hence, K.I.S.S.~ or "Keep It Simple Stupid".

Here's my fast and simple (and inexpensive) daily makeup routine:

1. Foundation
2. Conceal under eyes, and around nose area
3. Apply highlight all over eye, up to brow bone (and down length of nose hehe)

4. Apply the dark brown shadow on lid only, blend a bit (this quad is only $1)
5. apply thick liner on top AND bottom, bring it out past end of eye. Some people say don't line the bottom b/c it'll make your eyes look smaller... ok yea uhm whatever....
6. Apply bronzer in hollow of cheeks

silly me... i like that my eyes get all squinty when i smile :p

oh geez... sorry to scare y'all with the naked-face pic, but this is for comparison purpose. I REALLY CAN'T STAND the no makeup look. Props to you ladies that can pull it off.
A lot of Korean girls seem to like that look, because it makes them look young and cute and all innocent. You know, I like cute things too. Like puppies, stationary and stickers. But when I go to work, I really don't want anyone to mistake me for a middle schooler. Not cute. And I want my makeup to be sexy. I don't want anyone to look at me and think I'm innocent and naive. That naked face pic up there ~ it looks like a girl you could pull a bag over. Sell her a $10 purse for $500. And I also think it's a better compliment to be described by words like HOT, and SMOKING, instead of cute. lol. Not sure if my makeup accomplishes that, but it makes me feel more that way.


  1. I hear you, girl! Unfortunately, even WITH makeup, I look like I'm five. You may not like your naked face, but you look just fine, given you do look younger.

    (I'm totally diggin' the bow on your phone again :D)

    Yay for cheap drugstore/elf makeup :D Pretty much everything I use is uber-affordable too yayyyy!

    I'm really glad you can embrace your inner (and outer) asianness. That really is different and GOOD! Now that you point it out, that crescent eye shape IS super adorable. Sadly I don't think it happens when I smile wahh.

    PS: Yes I did change my profile pic - wanted to look more mature and dare I? Sexy :D

  2. u look pretty even without makeup dear!hehe
    ohhh im one of them who wants bigger eyes!i love indian eyes!hehe

  3. lol..I love your entry! hahaha the white eyeliner thing.. lol!! Anywhoo you're still pretttyyy with or without make up! <3 Cindyyy

  4. You look pretty!^__~ Usually, I am too tired to look "hot" and "sexy" >__<;; And I'm no good at smokey eyes, sigh~
    I love love love Asian eyes too! Rihanna isn't Asian but, she's got those sultry slanted-almond eyes to die for~ GORGEOUS!
    Great post, btw^__^<3


    Miss. P

  5. You are much, much too harsh on yourself : ) You look pretty w/o makeup and I'm not just saying that. It's interesting seeing all the makeup bloggers' before and after photos (many of them aren't willing to show full "before" pics!) but I know Michelle Phan does. It makes the tutorials much more "real." When I got lasik I had to go a few weeks without makeup...pretty horrifying!

  6. FINALLY! Someone who doesn't want to make their eyes look "bigger" and I remember seeing that and laughing like crazy as well! I've tried the whole white liner thing, it only makes me look wacko. I LOVE LOVE to put on loads of eyeliner. Eyeliner is my best friend in make up. I think the more eyeliner I use, the more my eye pops. && I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when my eyes get all squinty and moon like, many people think that its "smiling with your eyes" when I do that haha and I'm just like...umm nope just how my eye gets when I smile lol.

  7. I'm so proud you embrace being the original Asian that Asians should be (does it make sense? I feel like it doesn't hahaha)

    It took me a good 10 years to finally love who I am..especially my eyes. They're so tiny, but they make me...ME! Hehehe

    and your skin is so clear!! No blemishes! I'm so jealous! hehe :]

  8. The almost forgot about my diet slippers haha ooops..I tried them a few times, but I haven't seen any results (obviously hehe)
    I'm not home as often because of school and work. If I am at home, I'm either sitting down or lying on my bed..but when I did try them on, I could really feel the stretch and I think it'll lean my muscles a bit if I wear them consistently.

    Thanks for reminding me!!! I'm going to look for them..I know there in my closet somewhere hahaa..and I really need to stop being lazy -___-

    Your reason about the giveaway is right..why didn't I think of that?!?! oh my gosh hahaha lesson learned! Thanks!! :]

  9. sophia! yes. without makeup i look like a young sick panda. my eyes are not there also. lol
    but you look cute with your smile and makeup

  10. Such perfect skin, I would DIE for such a flawless face!!! And I know you might not like the way you look w/o makeup, but GIRL, even though you look young, you also look so very very pretty! (with the makeup on, you do look SMOKIN' too!)

    I see you've added the pretty big bow to your cellphone!!! LOVE!

    I think I would describe my favorite look as Koda Kumi describes it, "Ero Kawaii" - hot and cute LOL...if there even is such a thing, that is my ideal! Ah, in fact now you have me wanting to blog about it hehe...

    Ah, I never got the trend as far as white liner goes...sometimes I put some shimmery stuff in the corners of my eyes to brighten, but that's about it :) I like makeup, but everyday look is super simple. (KISS!)

    PS - check your mail this week!!! :D I told you I was bad with surprises T_T

  11. ^^ Hi guys! Thank you for the comments! Just want to say, my cell phone doesn't really focus and capture much detail, so you can't see my pores or fine lines haha. Which is actually good for me.. I guess it means it kinda photoshops out imperfections for me HAHAHA ^_~

  12. I have pretty big eyes for a Chinese girl (i've been told a million or so times whenever someone does makeup on me) and FOR SOME FUCKING REASON makeup people always tell me to tone down the eyeliner because i put so much on, it's too harsh. Whenever people do makeup on me, they do a very thin line so it looks more "natural"
    GIRL! I am in the same damn boat as you. I look HORRIBLE without eyeliner on. I HATE IT. Although I have big eyes, they're not as noticeable without eyeliner. I feel like an alien. I love having thick eyeliner, it's my thing. I love the way it draws immediate attention to my eyes. People always trying to make their eyes look bigger.. oh man just give it up. I agree with you on the white liner, it doesn't make my eye look any bigger people. It also doesn't make me look "bright and awake" It actually doesn't do SHIT for me. It looks like I have white shit on my lower eyelid.

    Right on for this post girl, I am loving this one.

  13. You're pweeeeeety!
    Hahaha! His videos are funny!
    I used to wear silver but it doesn't make much of a difference. I notice you can make your eyes look bigger how you apply your shadows though!

    Is that the Milani concealer?? I'm looking for it everywhere. Is it good??

  14. Oh no, you do not look ugly! ;O; You look very beautiful even wothput make up:3
    But I agree with you: grils should accept themselves as they are, asian eyes are beautiful. Here in Europe, many girls wanna have asian eyes, that's funny or XDD

  15. I luved readin this! Props to you for keepin it real, you are so pretty and it's so good to see that you embrace your eyes and don't try to do all kinds of odd things to change them ! There's nuthin better then being the natural way that God made you <3

  16. Excellent post.
    I agree that there is a current craze amongst Asians about this round eye thing.
    I have to admit I think it really does make you look younger, but again I love the exotice eyes no one else has them.
    It's kinda really cool, at least I think it's cool :)
    You have beautiful skin :)
    your natural pic is beautiful.
    I love your phone did you attach the ribbon to it or was it a cover that you bought like that :)

  17. you ARE beautiful, darling.
    :) believe it.

    hm i usually don't wear much makeup, just eyeliner on my top lids and mascara haha.

    but i do think the crescent eyes are really cute too! eye smile :)

  18. you look adorable! i loveee the little bow on your cell phone! so CUTE!

  19. You are gorgeous girl!!! :) Love your blog and tips!

  20. you look amazing without make up but i totally get where your going at with the whole "i really can't stand the no makeup look" thing!!! i hate it too. it doesn't work for me. lol

  21. Hey Unnie!
    I know what you mean! My BF's eye's are like that AND i loveeeee them!

    Actually, I like my small eyes too. I mean they're not super small unlike other asian eyes but... I love them the way they are. I think insanely huge eyes aren't that flattering. hehe

    Anyways, you look absolutely beautiful unnie <333


  22. lol you're so adorable. i think you look beautiful both ways!!!

  23. geesh girl u honestly dont need any makeup ur naturally gorgeouss!

    w/o makeup my eyes are basically slits LOL && everyone mistakens me for 16 geesh im 23! but thanks to asian genes, when were old we'll still look young so i dont mind being old, but looking young, with no eyeballs lol

    <33 Sharlene

  24. you're absolutely right. i wish i had that more slanted eye, but i probably got it from my dads side that my eyes are a lot wider. asian women look exotic with smaller eyes.. that's what makes us who we are. oh you're right the white liner on the waterline can only do so much not really all intense lmao

  25. I seriously love ur looks! Keep on going sweetie!

  26. omg babe! u r sooooo pretty! thanks for sharing the awesome items!

  27. love the bow on your phone. :)

  28. I'm not too crazy about the cute innocent makeup either. I'm all for cute stuff like bows, headbands, or pink shoes, but not makeup that makes eyes look like this-> 00. Sexy definitely trumps cute to me. Maybe I'm just bitter because most times I've attempted the white on my waterline look I looked like crap.

    You definitely still look nice without the makeup, but I feel the same way about the natural look. My "natural" looks still involve lots of products, just in non-bold colors. Your eyes look fierce in the next to last photo =).

  29. ^
    Alee ~ thanks :) haha i guess someone might consider putting on ANY makeup at all is doing odd stuff to yourself hahaha!

    CopyCat ~ I attached the ribbon :)

    Sharlene Kay ~ HAHA you made me LOL at "looking young, with no eyeballs"! It's true - when we're 60 we'll look 45!!

    tiff ~ haha looks like we're on the same page. And girl you always look sexy in your posts!!

  30. hey beautiful =] i'll be posting something new tomorrow! im on break now from school so i get a week to be free! i'm feeling a lot better, thanks to everyones wonderful comments (;

  31. awww you're so cute! hehe Yeah the make up I use isn't the expensive stuff either, I used to use all MAC stuff but then relized that some drugstore items are definitely comparable! and I totally use white liner on my waterlines to make my eyes bigger!

  32. I could go without any makeup on at all, but I HAVE to have my eyeliner and mascara! I just look sick and sleepy without it, so I know how you feel!

    I line the top lashline, bottom lashline, and waterline of the top and bottom, lol! But I have big eyes, even though Mom is filipino (my dad has big eyes) and I like for them to look deeper and smokey. Great post Sophia!

  33. ^
    Pop ~ what's even worse about buying the expensive stuff is finding out it doesn't do what it claims to do so you wasted your money!! Grrr!

    Ashley ~ YES eyeliner is ESSENTIAL!! If I had to choose between concealing a HUGE zit, or putting on eyeliner, I would def choose eyeliner!

  34. You look pretty without makeup too!

    I actually feel the same regarding the slanted eyes thing, I think my eyes are too big! Ok now I sound crazy =.= haha.

  35. LMAOOOOO your posts make me laugh because I agree with tons of them : D!


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