Wednesday, March 3, 2010

asian style clothing + other wishlisting

This post was inspired by Ashley's copy+paste post ^_~...

I really like Asian style clothing and accessories. I love browsing the clothing sites.. the models pose so cute, and always have beautiful long, curly, dyed hair, lol. Especially (booo on the min order requirement!) and yesstyle.

Wish I could say this is a haul, but it's just copy + paste of items I'm lusting after..

*The top 4 items are from "My Littlez Collections" (, but they don't ship outside Singapore >.<
*Blazer is from, which I ordered from one time.. I think they're in Singapore too?
*And headphones are just google imaged... I think I will actually get that one

If anyone knows where I can find these type of items in the U.S. do share!
♥♥♥ bows!!!

just like it for the bow on the back ^_^ and looks like it fits slim

so kawaii! and nice loose fit

the (acrylic?) angel pendant makes this special..

can probably find a blazer here but this one is cute.. i like the entire, shades, long tee underneath.

seriously what's not to love about these headphones

Also I tried to add a blogcharm from, but it wouldn't show up! Any girls know how to add one in blogger?


  1. hey sophia!

    omgsh! i totally love the girls outfit! love the hair, shades, blazer, etc... absolutely hot :)

  2. BOWS!!!! Hi Sophia... =]

    I love the bow on the back of the girls shirt! I think that could be a pretty simple DIY project. I think I've seen that heart smiley face shirt from somewhere that does ship to the U.S. but I will have to surf around to see if I can find it for you again. =D
    I really like the girls entire look as well! It looks so simple for some reason it's so hard to find all the pieces and make it look as good as the darn models. {*GRR}
    Always seeing models with beautiful long, curly, dyed hair in magazines makes me want to dye my hair. But I don't like the idea of it being damaged.

    The first time I tried Fresh Supernova at Sephora I loved it. I also liked how the formula was without sulfate, dyes, fragrances and phthalates. But after I bought myself a tube, it didn't work as well. I have to agree, I feel like it barely shows up. I doubt I'd buy it again. I was lucky that I only spent $10-15 for the two mini Fresh mascaras. Gotta love Sephora and their minitubes of mascara.
    I like Diorshow too but I notice it starts to clump after awhile and it smudges on me. =( I've had 3 tubes. One waterproof in black, the mini one [was from perk points] and the one in plum [on sale for $5 during christmas]. I'm still in search of my HG mascara. {*BLAH}

    AHH!! sorry for the uber long comment.

  3. The smiley tee is really cute and that girl with the shades is hawt!

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I enjoy reading your blog. =)


  4. im addicted to bows :) i have that bow belt! :) bought it in hk

  5. Hmm what is that first item? It looks very cute, but I can't tell if its a belt or a wrist cuff ... it's probably something completely different than what I'm imagining.

  6. SO CUTE...I like all your finds! I think the outfits are a lot like (they ship to US and also have 60% off a lot of fashion for this week only!) I found the exact headphones here too:

    The bows are super sweet and I like how fitted the shirt is!!!

  7. those headphones are rocking! i've seen them somewhere. they're so cute!

  8. I love everything, especially the bow items! and i've seen those exact same headphones on ebay if you're searching for those :)

  9. I like asian clothing and accessories as well. Whenever I go back to Taiwan I always spend so much money on accessories and cute tops i can't get here!

  10. WICKEDDD headphones :)
    they're sooo on my "want list" haha!

  11. i havee those headphones...and they are so amazing and stylish! : )

  12. Asians always have cute styles :D
    I like the headphones.. although they look to take getting used to.

  13. hey sophia! you're so silly. i wish i had the ability to change faces like the various pictures you saw on flickr. lol. but that would be awesome if i can try your cooking one day!

  14. Hi Sophia!! I love looking at Japanese magazines (PINKY in particular) all the models are so freaking lean and have great hair. Well of course they've got an armada of stylists but still. It's hard to find affordable fashion forward clothing like that in San Francisco. Plus, if I wore half the things I saw in those magazines I think i'd get fired or people would think i'm a hooker in San Francisco but eff them.

    Anyways, fake lashes are so much fun! I need to find some Darkness ones, haven't spotted any in my area. I've been using some Japanese brand, I have no idea what it is but they work and last.
    Thanks for subbing!!!

  15. OMG!! YOU'RE IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!! I was like, I wonder how she knows about the Fillmore.. I haven't ever gone to that little beauty store you're talking about. I only go to that end of the Fillmore for Jubili froyo and Arang for late night Korean. I will DEFINITELY check it out. HAHAHA holy shit!!! So far all the bloggers I read and sub to are East Coasters. WOOHOO! I'm so glad we found each other <3

    I get my lashes at Daiso in Serramonte or Ichiban Kan. Well recently, Ichiban Kan in Jtown doesn't carry as much. Daiso has the half lashes too but they have them behind a case and you have to ask the cashiers to get them for you. I guess too many ghetto folks were ganking them, hahaha. I'll take some pix of my lashes for you ^_^

    I'm going to hit up this janky junk dollarish store on Clement tomorrow after work. I heard through the grapevine that they sell a shitload of NYX products!!!
    And I don't get Bed Bath & Beyond beauty coupons! I only get those 20% off ones in the mail! WTH I want some LOL

  16. damn Sophia you're making me all excited to be going on my NYX binge tomorrow, HAHAHAHAH. I get off work at 5pm and i'm going to haul ass onto MUNI to get there before they close. I'm planning on buying pigments, eyeshadows and trying out other jumbo eye pencils. I might pick up a couple of lipsticks.. Who knows!

    I just subbed Nikki and will catch up reading on her tomorrow. We should all def meetup one day, that'd be fun!!!

    I have no idea how to spruce shit up on blogger. I am so lost. I barely just figured out how to add a formspring box because i'm so bored HAHAHAH

  17. Oooooh, I really like the necklace! I've been wanting a pair of those headphones too! But I saw online that they were like 50$!

  18. blogwalker here :) i love love love the blazer! i've been looking for a nice one for a long time now, but haven't came across any that fits nicely on my body :(

  19. excellent post
    love the headphones and all of the clothes

  20. If they don't ship internationally check ebay
    they might have some of the things :)

  21. Nice post!

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