Sunday, March 21, 2010

Face Shop, Love Mail, lots of "!!!!!" :p

Hello hello ladies ~! I haven't had much to blog about these days, but I've been keeping up with everyone else's interesting posts :)

Friday, I got a notice that there was a package... I had ordered some clip-on bangs on ebay so I thought it might be those... but instead it was a love package from GRACE! I opened it up and squealed!! She wrote me a sweet letter, and used the CUTEST stickers!!! Aaaah I love love love cute stickers!! And the stationary had cupcakes, and cute little Korean phrases (I had my mommy translate). And then I reached inside, and squealed some more!! She sent me a NYX eye pencil in a pretty pink color, an Oh Yes choco (I ate with my morning coffee today!), and the MAC Lady Gaga lipstick!!! I don't own any MAC lipstick, so this was very exciting to receive! And, I've seen this l/s on blogger a lot so I know it's popular and hard to find. Grace ~~ THANK YOU for sending me such a lovely gift! (when you are on the internet again I am going to send this post to you!).

This weekend was very exciting, because I found out very recently that there is a FACE SHOP and PARIS BAGUETTE, as well as a Korean food court in Santa Clara!!!!!!! Haha, while this may not seem so exciting to others, it was super exciting to me and my sister, because we just went to Seoul for the first time last year, and we thought Face Shop ( and Paris Baguette ( were only in Korea! Face Shop sells nice beauty and face products (duh), and carries some BB creams. So we took our mommy there on Saturday, had delicious lunch in the food court (haemul pajeon, sundubu, and assorted mul mandus), then shopped a bit :)

Cute Hello Kitty keyboard stickers in one of the Korean mall shops. I may keep for myself, or use as a blogger giveaway prize!

I love Asian beauty stores... they always have pretty packaging and use a lot of pink!
I purchased this rice cleansing water. It works incredibly well - with one light swipe it removes Bobbi Brown gel liner, and it leaves a moisturizing sensation afterward. Feels just like a serum. Amazing!

Wow no kidding I can be like the women of the Korean Royal Court if I use this? lol. Hmm.. reading the list of ingredient and I see castor oil, which I do own a bottle of. One day I'll try it out as a makeup remover..

Took pics of a couple BB creams (they carry ~5 kinds). I'm not sure the hype over these b/c I tested all of them and they feel heavier than my L'Oreal True Color Match. I don't like heavy feeling foundation >.<
Pretty bottle :)

Lastly, here are some deco phone charms I got at Daiso for me and my sister ^_^ We like kawaii!!!


  1. Ahhh super cute phone bow :D
    Wasaiii so kawaii!

  2. unnie! finally you've blogged again.
    i've missed you!

    since you know how much i suck at keeping surprises.... =/ uhmm.. i have to tell u somehow.

    uhh... expect something this week. HAHAHAHAHA!

    me! you're dongsaeng!

  3. I love my Lady Gaga lipstick! I found a way so it doesn't seep into all the cracks and stuff on my lips. It looked so gross before.
    I want to go to The Face Shop! Everything looks so pretty! I want asian beauty product stores.
    Why doesn't Hawaii have stuff like that?!
    I mean we have so much asians here!! Like everyone here is at least part asian!!

  4. your decoration charms looks so cute!

  5. awww we dont even have the face shop here! Yaye for love packages. :) I'm glad you love the gaga l/s its all looooove. Expect a package soon as well! Take care love

  6. I've never heard of Face Shop before .. an asian beauty store in the US? How neat!

    I love those phone charms you guys very cute!

  7. I want to try all of those products! ;)
    and the phone charms are too kawaii ♥

  8. omg I used to love the face shop then I tried on their moisturizer and I think it gave me a minor face rash -_- booo cuz I love their stuff!! i love the daiso bow hehe, and the lady gaga lippy looks fab! btw I will post your earring pics on my blog tomorrow when I finish editing all the pics :D

  9. oh gosh firt off, soo cool lippy!! i dont own any mac lippies as well, so im still a loser at that i guess lol! but i have been drooling over their nudies but since i live on a student budget..well thats the sad part lol!!! and yaaay love love face shop! specially the purdeeh nail polishies! and i squealed when i saw your hello kitty stickers and awesome deco!

  10. i wish there was a faceshop here in canada! looks really cool!

  11. Oh so many cute things^^
    I want to buy things too, but I have to save money ;_;

  12. hi sophia!!! i was wondering what happened to you! great haul, and i would be excited too if i found the face shop! you know walgreens carries some products? mine doesn't have a lot, but online they have more...oh i am really sorry i haven't gotten your package out yet, been super swamped, but i am getting it out today or else!!! oh and yay about the gaga lipstick! i have it too :) you should do a fotd with it!

  13. Suuuuuper Kawaii everything! :D Looks like you had a wonderful time out and about!

    I am so incredibly jealous that you have a "TheFaceshop" where you live! I would spend billions of hours in there if I could...

    I have been wanting to try out BBcream, but like you, I also HATE having 'heavy stuff' on my face throughout the day - whether it's full of beneficial stuff or not. PLUS I'm worried they will break me out ;_;

    Also, I don't wear hard contacts (it sounds so scary to me!) but I have heard that your vision will not deteriorate further with them. I am a bit intimidated... O_O Do you know where they would sell grey circle lens contacts? Everytime I ask my optometrist he just kind of shakes his head and said it would be too expensive of an option to even consider. ;_;

  14. asian beauty products are the best!! i don't think we have any of that here :(

  15. kechiko you're so adorable :) what a nice present! those hello kitty keyboard stickers are so cute!

  16. Ah - thanks for the tip on the liquid liner. That must be it. I use a water based remover because it's the only one I've found that doesn't irritate my eyes. I've never heard of using straight olive you just dab it onto something and rub? The liner is STILL on my eyes this morning and it's driving me crazy, lol!

    Saw your earrings featured on pop champagne today - it's so kind of you to donate 100% profits to charity. I will be sure to take a look at your store when I get home.

    PS - I think Blogger hates me! Someone else mentioned too that my posts don't show up. Was it just that one post or all of them? Thanks for letting me know!

  17. ahhh Asian beauty stores are freaking addicting! I spent an hour inside Mitsuwa ahhahaha

  18. puheehee omg your style is so cute! you should definitely keep the keyboard stickers yourself!!! (but if you do decide to give them away let me know keke) you're the first korean blogger i came across since i opened my blog~ too cute i'm following :)

  19. nope i don't know that blogger :P
    i wear my contacts for EVER ... T__T probably around 16 hours a day? xD so basically as long as i'm awake. they're fine! they dry out at night if i stare at screens too often, but that is after 12+ hours wear

  20. ahahaha .. you don't need a stylist!! your style is sooo cute! and omg i scrolled down to the bottom of your page and saw all the bin dae dduk and sooo hungry now o_O lol

  21. Looks like you had a great weekend!! I didn't even know about those stores in Santa Clara until you tweeted about them. I have to go check out that plaza soon. And there are other korean store around!? I'm excited.

    I want the Hello Kitty keyboard stickers. I've seen some of them around on blogs but I was never able to find them. {*ARGH}

    The Gaga lipstick looks so nice. I've been trying to get my hands on one but I've only found and bought the Cyndi. I don't know if I'd like the Gaga though. Do a review please! =]

    To answer your question about HK dessert cafe in Fremont, there aren't any on my side of Fremont but I believe there are a few at Pacific Commons. It's a plaza closer to Milpitas. If there are any by me, I haven't found them. I haven't done much exploring recently, I probably should.

    I don't know exactly where my dentist is located. I just know it's by Clay and it is across the street from a shopping plaza. {*LOL}

  22. Ahh Sophia, I'm glad you finally get to try a MAC lipstick :) I hope you love the Gaga shade cuz I do! It's a fun and unique color. Hmm Korean food court in Santa Clara.. I wonder if I've been there before! I've been at a few Korean supermarkets in SJ. Thanks for the wishes btw!

  23. Hey! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message! Love your blog, and can't wait to read more! I like seeing all the clothing pictures!! ^_^ Thank you!!

  24. O_O Haha, I'm from Santa Clara! Yeah there's tons of Korean shops here, I love it! I haven't gone into The Face Shop, but I know where that is lol. I love that plaza ^^
    Have you been to Morning Glory? Adorable little store, right down the street! ^^

  25. Oh, I also have those sweet potato cakes at home! Soo yummy ^___^

  26. aww that is so sweet. i have that lady gaga lipstick and i love itttt =) very pretty shade. i want to visit the face shop =( I agree Asian beauty brands have the cutest packaging, and im a sucker for girlie, pretty packaging!

    I like BB creams (own one from Dodo Club) because you only need a little (i think they are meant for light/med coverage) and it contains SPF and supposed to make your skin better!

    love those pink bows!!

  27. Impeccable taste, darling <3 I wish we had more Korean stores in NY, what a fantastic discovery.

  28. Aw, I am super jealous --- there are no Asian stores where I am, save for grocers and the odd stationery shop, of course! >_<

    With luck, I'll be going on a semester exchange to one of the UC campuses (hopefully Berkeley or UCLA) next year ---- so really can't wait to hit the shops in Cali!!!!!

    Oh, and I love the phone charms, btw.... a girl can never have too much kawaii or pink! ^_~

    <3 from

  29. i've never heard of the face shop before! where i live there's the body shop.. i wonder if they are similar!

    anywho! i just wanted to let you know i tagged you!

  30. I'm gonna sound stupid but the faceshop is located in the US?
    Since I'm located currently in EU.
    I am going home in a few months and I want to know if that shop is in the US

  31. Yeah! I live right like 5 minutes walking distance from Trendy Bean! I don't go there that much anymore, but me and my friends used to go there all the time in high school. It's funny though, because me and my boyfriend constantly run into the man who owns the shop (we call him "Boba Guy") like everywhere haha!
    Maybe I'll run into you there someday :))

  32. Ahh, such cute stuff!!! :p I love Asian stores... =P Love the lipstick! So pretty!!!! :D Following your blog! =)

  33. Omg those stickers & the cell phone bow are so cutee <33 I'm a new follower! Plx visit/follow mine too ^_^

  34. I LOVE Asian stores for the exact same reason - everything is so cute! Usually the packaging for their products is just as lovely as what's inside. That make-up store looks cool, too bad there's not one in my neckkathewoods!

  35. Thank you for the wonderful support sweetie! <3
    PS: And of course <3 Hehe though I'd rather you not need the surgery in the first place. Take good care of your ears!

  36. Hi, Sophia.
    I know the face shop!
    I bought a lot of face mask sheet when I went to Korea.
    The face shop is popular in Japan!

  37. love packages from grace is so adorable! i like how the bows for your phone is so cute. but i don't know about a faceshop here.. =( wish i can have one here, i would go crazy for the products!

  38. Hey Sophia!

    Yeahh I intern for CBS, so broadcast journalism. I've been so sick over the weekend, and my cold worsened today--it's really kicking my butt. :'( I missed class and my part time job today because I started to feel nauseous and dizzy, like I was going to pass out. SIGH. I hate being sick because it makes me feel like such a failure...and SO UGLY! :( hehe you're so lucky you go to Japantown all the time...I wish it was closer to me. I'm in Berkeley, so I'd have to take the bus (free yay) or the Bart and pay up, but the big hassle is walking back to my apt. after with all the bags of stuff I buy! haha @_@ I haven't seen the new Kinokuniya store yet! I will have to go in and have a look! lol oh gosh...I fear for my wallet! :X I'm craving the dessert crepes right now...yumm! :3

    OMG~!! It gets SOO packed there during festival time! That'd be awesome if we ran into each other, but I don't think that's likely since I really suck at spotting people in a crowd =/ When are you planning on going? I'm thinking of going the 17th!

    THE FACE SHOP!! I really want to go there! One of my roommates and I talked about going before, so I think I'll bring that up again! ESPECIALLY now that you said there's a FOOD COURT and Paris Baguette...I am SO THERE! hehe :3 fatty incoming! lol :P Random--so is your mommy Korean and your dad Japanese?

    <3 caroline

  39. when i went to the phillipines for vacation they had a face shop and i swear my heart melted with all the cuteness.


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