Monday, March 8, 2010

let your imagination roam free

I was rummaging through my parent's storage room, trying to find some old (very old stationary sets... like from middle school haha!), when I came across this book of poems from 1993. I wrote the poems back then, and my mom's friend illustrated them and put them together in a book. It was my Christmas present from Mommy that year ^_^

Looking back, I remember how imaginative I used to be. I had the craziest and most overactive imagination! I used to make up all kinds of stories and scenarios in my head, and make my best friend Jennifer act them out with me and our stuffed animals, LOL. So silly huh? Silly, but fun! There were no limits to what I could imagine, and I would get lost in all kinds of thoughts and fantasies.

I read over the poems, and they make absolutely no sense. I laughed at my childish writing, and wondered what kindof thoughts must've been running through my mind at the time. However, these poems represent an old me, a me that had no boundaries and wasn't yet jaded by life's realities. Fast forward some years down the road, and all those creative thoughts got squashed. I used to write so much... poems, short stories... but if you asked me to write a poem right now I would find it very difficult. I'm so much more logical now, unimaginative, and uninspired. And I think that's why I enjoy writing on a blog so much. It doesn't require me to draw anything, or make any rhymes... but I can be just a little bit creative and jot down my thoughts. It can be so liberating to just write down whatever comes to mind ....

Lately, I've also been plagued by thoughts of my being such a consumer whore... and then I read Angie's post. Angie is so good at articulating things that I'm thinking, but cannot say. She is one smart cookie :p The sad truth is that I am a vain, materialistic blogger. Haha, well, acceptance is the first step yah? Rather than beat myself up, I think I'd rather be proactive in changing that about myself.

Tomorrow is a new day. embrace it.


  1. Similar experience - Last week, I was reading through the Nursery Rhymes at the local library. Oh, how we use to sing them at school - Brought back my childhood memories. :P

    I must say, your English was quite sophisticated back then. :P

  2. Awww Sophia!
    That's soo cute! I actually used to write poems too. I had this notebook full of all sorts of poems. from emotional ones to ones which I've turned into songs.

    Too bad I don't know where it is anymore hehe!

    Anyways, OMG~ I'm the same... I just wanna buy makeup everywhere I go =/ Its so bad... haha good thing I'm broke so I have no money to spend. lmao

  3. Thank you Sophia! :) Someone reads my serious posts! My heart is singing with joyyyy.

    I realized that as girls, we all like pretty shiny things and it's okay to cave in once in a while, but I would like to be less materialistic. Since I have a lot of stuff already, I'm going to donate some that I don't use and then try to utilize the rest.

    Your comment made me so happy, girl, you can't imagine. Sometimes I feel like I'm just talking to myself but you read my posts and you always comment. Your posts are nice too because you write a lot to go with them.

    I'm very impressed with your poetry skills as a child :) It's good to kick back every once in a while and write things just to confuse people or yourself. That is the art of poetry.

    Keep writing and smiling!
    <3 Angie

  4. thanks for stopping byy at my blogg! : ) and yeah the blazer is from UB the store...urban behaviour! haha! the stuff has gotten a lot better than before so i'm pretty happy with my purchases! : ) that boyfriend blazer was less than $30 : )

  5. So sweet<3 I like your opossum poem^____^
    Brings back so many good childhood memories~ sigh~<3

    And I think all woman are vain~ It's a natural thing^____^

    Miss. P

  6. memories like that are soo precious :)
    i like this post. makes me reevaluate some things as well.

  7. thats such a good idea for a child's gift, to publish their own poems and stories?! genius.

  8. Oh i used to write poems too, short stories and fanfictions lol, that was a long time ago though, before I got my job =/ things changed the moment i got hired lol

  9. aw what a great poem! haha, i think all of us are probably vain materialistic bloggers, but like you said, acceptance is the first key. sometimes i look at my blog and wonder why i am bother when it does seem selfish or materialistic at times, but then when i get comments from people who say they enjoyed reading it or i helped them in some way, it makes up for that feeling :)
    great post girl, keep it up!! have a great day too! :)

  10. I loved reading your poem -- childhood has such a beautiful innocence to it! I would also totally make up stories and act out things with stuffed animals with all of my sisters! We would also draw and draw for hours...

    It's so true that we all have this inner desire to buy more and have more and want want want...I feel that all the time. :( It's really good to get a reality check once in awhile though, and I really like the approach you are taking! ♥

  11. OMG this poem book is so cute :3

  12. Gosh, lady! We have more in common than you think. I used to write poems, short stories, you name it back when I was in my early teenage years. And I feel the EXACT same way as you do: how imaginative I was, how I was able to find the most creative way to express myself. These days I can't find much time to sit down and allow myself to be that way and when I do, I get super frustrated when I can't make anything out of it. The joys of growing!

    I wanted to also thank you for you sweet comment on one of my last entries. It's funny, I thought of doing the exact same thing you are - majoring in business because it's safe. I took an intro class last quarter at De Anza and although I got an A in the class, I hated it. Good luck with achieving this goal, it is a good one no matter how safe and far from your dreams it is, it's better than nothing! My sister is an accountant and she is doing well for herself, so it's definitely a good choice =)

  13. i think it was near the piers xD i remember there were seal lions or seals at pier 39. i really like sf. it's such a cute town with lots of interesting places and houses.

  14. Thank you for your comment about my hair color!^^
    You don't like your hair? Bur you've got beautiful asian hair, I always dream about such hair :3 I like your hair very much x3

  15. just stumbled across ur blog and its lovely!!! and ure very pretty as well!!!

    xoxo jenna

  16. Hey girl, I used to write tons of poems when I was younger too! I hope I can find all my childhood things somewhere in my house :( I would like to travel back in time and reminisce too.. and yes you're right, the trial period that shelters have is really sad- lots of animals lose the chance to live sniff.. Oh no I think I'm consumer whore! I will take your approach and be proactive.. more conscious!

  17. Poems that make no sense are the best! Just like the best artists are all crazy in their own way. Hahaha!
    LOL. I'm vain and very materialistic. I just accept it. I say it adds character. =]

  18. I love finding old things that bring back childhood memories. It does feel like a completely different world. I remember being so carefree but then as you get older you do get jaded by reality. I feel like the older I get the more I realize life is nothing like those fairy tales you used to read about in books or see in Disney movies. {*sigh} But that's life.
    You have to make the best of everything and be thankful for what you've got. Although the real world is nothing like fairy tales there are a lot of things to experience and enjoy.

    I agree that acceptance is the first step. Atleast you're aware of things and you're willing to do something about it. =]

    Also, how do you like the green tea latte packets from Costco? I'm almost done with the box I bought from Mitsuwa. {*LOL} I can't get enough tea. I bet you can find good deals in Japan Town. Gotta <3 SF.

  19. Hey Sophia!! I saw this on YesStyle and it reminded me of you.

    It's not exactly the same as the smiley off shoulder shirt but it does have a cute smiley face.

  20. How cute are the MJ boots. I definitely need to get my hands on them some how.

    I love poems! I remember i use to write heaps back in the day, i don't know where the poet in me has gone these days though. Hahaha :)

  21. i love reading stuff that i wrote when i was little, its always so amusing :P i miss being a kid :(

    please follow my blog <3!

  22. Awwww, that is so cute! I always laugh when I read over the things I wrote as a child. ^_^

    Also: SOOO surprised when I found out you know Ann (of Monsieur Mode)! She and I have been really good friends since primary school and missing her heaps now that she's gone to another city to study fashion design..... How did you happen to know her?

    <3 from

  23. awww the poem is cute! and lol you're so funny about the spider man kiss, it was suppose to be the kiss of the year or something that year spider man came out! I do find it kind of gross that they slober all over each other's chin though

  24. Hi Sophia,

    It's so fun coming across old treasures like the book of poems your mom put together for you. It's like discovering something in yourself that you have forgotten. In a way, you are still expressing yourself thru words by having this blog. Keep it up =)

  25. Your very relatable. : )

    haha sounds strange but i used to be the same exact way, but somehow all the creativity in me to write... just faded.


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