Wednesday, March 31, 2010

handmade sweet deco! HIME eyes! and i got punched :(

Yaaay! I got my handmade sweet deco in the mail yesterday!! I ordered it from the lovely Shiho, who is in New York! Here is her blog: &

The decos are so detailed, and so real looking! It's no wonder she has to include a warning not to eat them ~ they look yummy-licious (<-- dorky i know -.- )!

Her goods are for sale in an NY shop, but I messaged her because I just had to have one! I don't even remember how I came across her blog, but I did and I had to look at every single post to see all her amazing creations. My sister just bought some polymer clay for us to try to make something ~ and ladies let me tell you ~ it's HARD. Well, I can roll a ball and that's about it >.<

Her goodies are so super reasonably priced ~ I think it's much cheaper to buy her handmade sweets than to go to one of those lil Japanese boutiques in Japantown. They hecka overcharge, and it's mass produced too :(

took this pic from Shiho's blog ~ doesn't it look REAL?? Like you wanna lick your computer screen? ^_~ please don't, btw hahaha

Ok... and now something else I'm soooo uberly excited for ~ grand opening of HIME EYES~!!!

Hime Eyes is a circle lens shop, started by fellow blogger Serenie. Serenie is such a cool gal and has daily posts that are entertaining, and she keeps it "real" lol. She wears circle lens too, so I definitely trust buying them from her. I thought about buying from some other shops, but I don't know them personally and maybe they don't even wear the lens they're selling... so I'd rather buy from Serenie since she wears the goods, ya know?

I already placed my order ~ got blue, grey, and brown circle lens. I can't wait to get them and look like Barbie hahaha!! The batch goes from 3/31~4/10, so go check it out! These will be my first circle lens ever!! I'm stoked!

When you order, just comment to her that you read my blog, and she'll give you $2 off! (p.s. I don't get anything out of it. Just trying to spread the woooord to your mother! lol. i'm in a good mood today!)

lens ~
This is my girl Serenie! Wearing circle lens. Haha I hope she doesn't mind I stole this pic ^_~
And finally, I got punched :(

HAHA j/k ... Liana from posted this tutorial ~ It's from her contest entry for PopChampagne! I kept bugging her on how she did the look, and I think other girls did too b/c she finally put up the tut! So of course I had to try it out :p

So all I did was use my finger and smear oops I mean apply on Revlon illuminance creme shadow in black, then took the only silvery-black shadow I had in a $1 ELF quad and blend it right over the creme. I don't bring it up that high... I'm too scared to go that dramatic.. maybe next time

LOOOOOVIN' it!!! I like that "i got sucker punched in the eyeballs" look RAWRR!!

yellow teeth! anyone have good rec for teeth whitener? and i refuse to give up coffee!


  1. I like the smoky look on you! I look like I get punched in the face very easily with any kind of smokey eye so I keep it purple/green and bright hahahahaha to make it OBVIOUS that I'm loading my face with colour.

    Omg those decos are so kawaii! :3 They look perfect on your bag! I can't wait to see your new contacts :) After you try circle lenses it's almost weird to wear normal contacts again xD

  2. Angie ~ oooh I know that I will prefer the colored lens to my natural eye! Kinda like makeup ~ once you start wearing it you can't see yourself without!

  3. <33 the smoky eyes! The deco's are sooo cutee and geez the ice cream looks SO real!! haha!

  4. ooh goosh those decos are so lovely!! yes i do wanna lick the ice cream, super detailed! and you look goregeous by the way <3

  5. the deco looks soo adorable and edible! haha i like :)
    and i've never tried circle lenses before.. can't wait to see them on you!

  6. Those decos are so cute and they look like the real thing. I can't believe they're made out of clay. You look so cute in these last photos. :)

    Lots of love,

  7. That bag charm is super cute! I wanna eat it!

    AHHH! I love you!
    LOL though, blogger broke my site like 10 minutes before the batch opened. But I fixed everything!
    I think I'm going to try and give away free cases but I gotta order them from this place.

    You're so pretty! I can't pull off the heavy smokey eye. I think the shape of my eyelids?? I should find a way to though!

  8. yay, i love this look on you! you did a great job! lol i love the last pic of you, very sassy :P oh for teeth whitening i used crest white strips like years ago and people are still complimenting me on my white teeth! and i actually need to use them again, but they work really well. they have new ones that supposedly whiten in like 3 days, maybe try those ones? lol, and then let me know how they work! you can be my guinea pig :P

  9. Hello Sophia! Thank you for checking out my blog :)
    I'm wearing the MAC #1 lashes in the FOTD that you asked about. I really like them :) Great for daytime and even in the evening as well.
    Crazy gurl - you don't look like you got punched LOL. Black shadow looks great on you!
    Oooo and I love the charm you got from Shiho. The sprinkled donut looks soo cute because well, I love sprinkled donuts LOL.
    Definitely I think it's good to order contacts from someone you can trust and who wears them as well. I can't say anything for circle lenses because I have a high astigmatism in both eyes - so I need special (expensive) torric lenses to correct my vision and circle lenses can't do that :\

  10. Lol - that is the pure reason why I never wore eyeshadow until like, a week ago. I might have smudge on some as a teen when experiemnting with makeup, and everyone in my family asked if I got punched in the eye. I like the look on you! Saw Liana's tutorial too : )

  11. So cute!! Great post. I really like your blog : ) I am a new follower.

    Please check out my blog as well when you get a chance.

  12. ps. the flats were from a local boutique!

  13. hahahaha i don't have any photos D: that was from junior high lollll. if i see black lipstick i'll buy a tube. i think it's cool and high fashion.

    :) my roomie just did a photoshoot for my other roomie and me. i'll post pictures soon i'm excited!

  14. I love how the smokey eye looks on you!!!

    Also, did you end up getting lens for astigmatism from Hime Eyes? My eyes are so bad I need those particular ones, but at the same time, I'm not sure if they have any real pics of the lenses on! (couldn't find them on the Soompi site!) ;_; I can't wait until you show them off, I've been wanting them for a LONG time now!

    Deco stuff is soooooo cute!!! :D

  15. *lick!* I am craving some ice cream right now.. I'm not gonna lie- that desserts bag charm is crazy adorable. Do you know if the clay is very sturdy though? Hmm I should probably ask Shiho that :) I'm worried that if I accidentally swing my bag and hit the wall the poor desserts will be doomed. hehe anyways, I am digging your "punched" look! They look more sultry-sexy to me than anything. :)

  16. nice smoky eyes! and i love longchamp bag so much!!!!! got one too and so practical for everyday!

    xoxo jenna

  17. i actually paniced when u said u got punch hahaha
    but i am really tempted to lick the screen ;D

  18. I really love your Longchamp bag and those handmade accessories! (: and very nice smoky eyes!

  19. Hi, Sophia.
    I'm happy because you introduced my website to your blog!
    Bag charm is the most popular in my store. I'm making it without sleeping. I will show you new bag charm and picture frame in the nearest future on my website.

    wow! your picture is very gorgeous!! I love your smile picture.

  20. thanks for sharing. the circle lens shop is awesome!

  21. Those are super cute pics of you
    and OMG that home made sweet deco is amazing...
    checking the blog out
    have a great weekend

  22. The handmade sweets are cute =), it looks eatable xD

  23. The smokey look looks good on you! I recommend the Crest whitening strips, they're pretty good. I'm so lazy and keep forgetting to use them though, I need to sort out my yellowy teeth too.

  24. Love the smokey eyes! Your gorgeous!

    Lovely blog!
    Cheers, Jesa

  25. i just ordered from hime's contacts as well! and those ice cream things look so CUTEEE! and ediable! : )

  26. Hels ~ thanks so much for the Crest recommendation! Someone else recommended Crest too, so I ordered a box of their advance seal white strips :) Can't wait to start using them and get white teeth!!!

  27. The eye make-up looks great! Lovely blog!

  28. I really felt like licking the sweet ice cream off the screen. *LOL They look so yummy. And you're so funny and cute. I think you look good in your smoky eyes! I'll look more punched than you if I were to attempt smokey eyes myself. I need the aid of an eyelid tape to hold my crease so as not to look punched. =D

  29. Hehe thanks sweetie! I used photobooth, the mac program that takes webcam pictures then played around with saturation on photoshop :)

    Aaahhh you are so amazing <3 Definitely don't worry about making them asap! Only when you're not busy :3 I am so excited! *squeal* I can't thank you enough

  30. hehe thankkk youuu =] ur never too old for toys ;] seriously my mom also likes to collect toys n ur never too old for anythin my dear =]

  31. hi sophia! i've added a list of ingredient of the tsubaki shampoo on my blog! go check it out! : )

  32. I was so excited about my first circle lenses too! Putting it on is soooo not fun. >;/
    Taking it off kinda it =D

  33. The charms look sooo cuutteee!! You are right. The ice cream looks so real. For a second I thought it was the real thing. {*LOL}

    Your make up looks amazing. I've never tried a smokey eye with only black shades before. Looks great on you and you look so cute in your photos.
    As for teeth whitening I've used Crest 14 days strips before. I ended up only using it for one week because it started to sting my gums. It worked pretty well though!

    <3 Serena.

  34. Hey Sophia!

    I'm a new follower. :P Those decos looks so sweet and REAL OMG. I want to eat them! lol anyway, the smokey eye look suites you really really well! ^_^ I usually look "evil" when I do a dark smokey eye with black shadow or what not, so I usually stick with browns...can't wait until I can master a charcoal/grey smokey look! :P I love the first picture of you in the sunlight! Very pretty! It almost looks like a page out of a catalog for a perfume advertisement (because you look soo dreamy)!! hehe<3 You are so cute when you smile (crescent moon eyes, I read your post about them :P) What ethnicity are you?

    For teeth whitening, Crest White Strips does the job for me! :D yayy! and omg...there is no way you can stay awake at office jobs without coffee! haha I depend on it!

    <3 caroline

  35. I looove your eyes.. and I totally need to whiten my teeth too, haha. <3

  36. p.s. I have a few blog awards for you Sophia! Have a lovely week girl.

  37. omg! u r soooooo pretty indeed!!! I love those looks

  38. oh also i hear drinking coffee through a straw helps too!

  39. Omg all the goodies, I want to order some sweets charm now it looks adorable. Yeah I agree those japanese stores in malls are usually wayy overpriced for things like that! I love my colored contacts, I honestly thinks it makes my eyes look bigger. You look really cute in your pics, I use crest teeth whitening strips and they work well for me!

  40. Hi! Don't panic :) I am wearing the Geo Nudy Brown ones right now. They make my eyes lighter and have a halo effect which is pretty cool.

    If you have good vision, I'd say go with golden blue! It's so pretty but it's only in plano I think so I can't wear them D:

    The green and purple ones also look super cute. All of the geo nudy ones look great!

  41. The Geo Nudy Brown ones are quite light brown, not grey at all. Hmm .. I think the pair that I have that stands out most is Dali Extra Size Green plainly because of the HUGE SIZE. That is very noticeable from a distance but any kind of lighter blue (which Geo Nudy is) will pop from a distance (or at least it should xD)!

  42. I want to be her sock puppet


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