Tuesday, March 2, 2010

lazy outfit + crooked knees

I started wearing leggings a couple years ago, and seriously that is ALL I wear now on the weekends. I like to find a baggy top that will cover my ass, throw on heels, and voila - lazy outfit!!

I'm always on the lookout for loose tops in that Alexander Wang style (which I cannot afford) ... so I was so stoked when I found this half sleeve sweater and zipper at Forever 21 . I tried it on and fell in love! It's soooo comfy and soft and falls just right, and only $14-ish? Bought one size up so I could wear off the shoulder ^_~

*top-Forever 21
*yoga leggings-Nordstrom Rack
*leather zipper shoes-Dongdaemun, Seoul subway station

p.s. I have crooked knees and elbows


  1. That sweater looks so comfortable! I love forever 21, they're always so affordable, and have the cutest stuff!

  2. ooh cute! i love baggy shirts with leggings...i can't find my fave baggy shirt, it's MIA :( i love forever 21!

  3. your shoooooooeeeeeesssss . im basically inlove! hehe

  4. ahhh i love the shoes and the top looks so comfy :)

  5. totally cute outfit !! haha very similiar to actually what i'm wearing as we speak lol and hey ! you love in SF too !! 415 baby !

  6. loving the outfit! Everything looks great. I like the shirt and shoes. I'll have to look for good deals like this at Forever 21.

  7. This is definitely my fav go to look.
    So effortless and comfy!
    Thus, Im currently obsessed with leggings and oversized tops to cover my big bum!

    Jess Mai

  8. omg sophia~~
    we're totally matching today!

    haha! i was wearing an boat neck- off the shoulder long sleeves & some leggings haha!!

    we're such a twinsies! haha!

  9. super cute outfit! you look really comfy but still chic, love it.
    ps. lets follow each other? :)

  10. cuuute! i cannot wait till it gets a bit warmer here to wear my leggings haha

  11. BTW, SOPHIA....

    i think it's because we're skinny lmao!

  12. You look gorgeous in this simple and comfy outfit! Wished I could wear leggings, but my legs are not as skinny and long as yours, hehe...

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! ;)

  13. hate the rainy weather today...=/ but yeah haha feel free to drop by benfit anytime ^^ I'll give ya a mini makeover =)

  14. It's amazing what you can find at F21 isn't it? :) I could browse that place forever (no pun intended!)

    You look so adorable in that getup! I love it...totally digging the leggings style now too!

    PS - I think I'm going to try out your recipe this Thursday!!! So excited, I'll let you know how it goes ;)

  15. Love the look . I heart those boots :)

  16. you know i love that top! and i love lazy outfits!! do you do tha lazy bun too?? lol leggings and long top to cover teh butt!! you know whats nasty! those wearing leggings with the camel toe, front and back, its scary!!


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