Tuesday, March 30, 2010

chiffon ~ it's chic, comfy, and affordable! AND broccoli salad

Another post on work/professional dress. Oftentimes I'm too lazy to browse Banana Republic, or Nordstrom for clothing. And since I only buy sale items, on the occasions that I do go there are no items in my size or price range (San Francisco SUCKS for small sized clothing because of all the EFFING SKINNY BITCHES running around. DAMN YOU.). Luckily, yesstyle.com offers stylish (in my opinion ~ more stylish than any American brands), small sized, and inexpensive clothing. And you don't have to wait for a sale because they're priced so low to begin with. If you spend less than $150, it's $10 shipping, but it's worth it because buying one BR top can be $80 + tax, whereas yesstyle tops are $20-30, and you save yourself time (ladies, never forget that your time=money... it's valuable!)

I personally like their chiffon blouses, because they're:
1) feminine
2) elegant
3) comfy

It's really important to me to look and feel professional, and chiffon gives such an elegant and flowy appearance. And as I said last time, I want to look and feel feminine.

Here's what I wore today ~ another typical work outfit:
This blouse is no longer available, but I think it was $32? I got it in cream as well. Tucks really easily into a skirt. The skirt I'm wearing is from Forever 21, cost like $10 or $15, size xs, has a zipper in the back, and is big on me but I use a belt (not pictured) to lift it up.

Here are some other chiffon blouses yesstyle currently has in stock, and they are all under $32.


(might be too flashy for some work places. I could wear this to my office ^_^ )


For comparison, here is a Banana Republic top. How do you ladies think it compares to the blouses above?


I'm really lazy when it comes to preparing dinner, so anything that can be eaten raw, microwaved, or boiled (helloooo maruchan and kimchee bowl!!!) is right up my alley. But, I do want to be a bit healthy. Here's a broccoli salad that is really simple. The broccoli is from Trader Joe's, and comes already diced up and ready to go.
white vinegar

mix mix mix! then eat.


  1. p.s. i think there's a yes style store at Stonestown next to the upstairs Macy's entrance. They didn't have much a selection when I went though.

  2. omg you're so tiny! i wish i was a little more petite, damn my wide ass hips. i swear woman, one of these days we are going to run into each other in san francisco. i will be like O_O Sophia?!?!?!

  3. I've never shopped at YesStyle. I should try them out!!
    Chiffon is so soft! I likey.
    That's the junk part about asian clothing. They do that ONE size thing. Not everyone is the saaaaaame exact size. Oh well.
    You know what's weird?
    I used to HATE Forever 21. They had the crappiest clothes before. Then they "re-modeled" everything and I fell in love. =]
    Hard to find good places to shop for clothes these days. Especially at affordable prices.
    I wanna visit San Fran!! I wanted to go so bad last time I was in Cali. Noooooooope. Went to SAN Diego. =[

  4. I totally love your chiffon blouse! very feminine. I like the last chiffon top in white, very nice. (:

  5. u rock that chiffon blouse nicely =]

  6. I like the other blouses more than the Banana one. I'm really liking the black one w/sheer sleeves. The one you're wearing in the first picture is so cute and classy. It looks really expensive! lol

  7. I checked out yesstyle after your last post, and had trouble navigating because they had pages and pages of options. I REALLY like that blouse you're wearing - sad that it's sold out. I also like the second one that criss crosses in the front with the looser shoulders - is that you modeling the shirt?

  8. These outfits are so beautiful! very pretty :3

  9. ^^^
    Susy ~ LOL! Although, I'm rarely out and about so chances are slim :( And the yesstyle in Stonestown SUCKS ASS!!! They have the worst buyers ever!

    Serenie ~ you're right we are most definitely NOT all one size! Come to SF!!!

    Petite ~ I've become good at keyword searches and sorting. I search "chiffon blouse", and then sort by price.
    And no that is not me in that white shirt! I wish ~ she looks so elegant and pretty with her Chanel bag! I'm only in the top photo, the rest are taken from yesstyle.

    Thank you ladies, and KEN hehe.

  10. oohh i love those tops! i totally agree with you on yesstyle, they have the most wonderful clothes!

  11. That chiffon blous is super cute!!! I can't believe how inexpensive it is. Way cuter than anything at BR, for sure. And I gotta try that broccoli salad. Looks easy to make and yummy. :-)

  12. i absolutely adore your blouse! i love all things with bows haha, so this is perfect :)

  13. they are soooo chic! dont think itll suit me tho o.o ill have to try one on when i go shopping hehe

  14. oooh! i've always wanted to order from yesstyle but i wasn't sure of their shipping. now i'm so happy to learn of their great deals :3

    you have really stylish work outfits. hehe i'll have to try chiffon sometime.

  15. that blouse you have on is gorgeous! and so are the other ones, except for the BR one...I'm not that impressed with them. That broccoli salad looks delish!

    p.s. oh, and our bday is march 5th- we just turned 27!
    p.s.s. i love fashiontoast too, she has great style!

  16. Wow!!! I'm so glad you love your Yesstyle purchase! I love Yesstyle, but was now WOWed by the items I bought. (well..maybe a few!) What brand is the blouse you bought? It is SO pretty!!!! (I bought from Yumi & Tokyo Fashion line)

    I love your style in general - feminine yet polished! ;)

  17. those are so cute! lol, the second pic does kinda look like you :)

  18. Blouse looks fabulous on you. One day I will have the patience to sit and sift through yesstyle.com....someday! Haha.

  19. oh, that site looks pretty nice- I think I'll check them out!

  20. ^
    Hey Irene ~the brand is l'Miusa :) I like their model with the long hair... she's so so pretty!

    vixen ~ it sure does take patience!! btw your first tattoo is HOT! I'm contemplating getting one in that area too :)

    Julianna ~ your sister and my mom have the same name!! It's funny, for her generation there aren't many Sujin's.. but these days there are a lot! And you are in the east bay!!!! which city exactly? My sister is in Oakland :)

    Don't take this the wrong way but I thought of you today. {*LOL} I'm not a creeper I swear! Well earlier today I needed to go shopping for some work clothes and I thought of you and your posts; the tips and advice you gave from your previous post. =] Crazy that you wrote another work clothes entry today.
    I really love chiffon. The material looks so pretty and I love how it hangs on the body.
    Your work outfit looks amazing! Bow and chiffon. <3s.

    Looking at your broccoli salad is making me hungry. {*yum} Fruits and veggies sound so good and healthy. I'm definitely going to try this recipe out sometimes. =]

    <3 Serena.

  22. You are soo petite, its cute! Yesstyle definitely have cute clothes. :) Mannnn, I miss you too! I made a new twitter, twitter.com/Lakatiengo, but didn't announce it yet. -_- Hope we catch up!
    Love, Katie

  23. Chiffon does give a very elegant look! I love it! And simple dinners are right up my alley too.. that mixed broccoli looks really healthy but good! I love that it has honey in it too!

  24. ^^
    Serena ~ omg I thing about blogger a lot actually and talk about it a bit too much haha. And yes I think of other blogger girls too sometimes! Not in a stalker way, so I know what you mean!

    Katie ~ twitter says that username doesn't exist :(

  25. I love Yesstyle for fashion inspiration, but I'm always a bit wary shopping online (prefer to see/feel/try-on clothes before I buy), so I haven't bought anything from the site as of yet.... Very tempted to, though!

    I love your work outfit though, it's really professional, but also really feminine and stylish at the same time. ^_^

    <3 from pretty-preoccupied.blogspot.com

  26. I love chiffon!! hehe it does wonders at hiding my bellyy O_O muffin top! ;_; I am exercising and eating right this summer (minus a few indulgences)! :P I've never ordered from YesStyle, but I will in the future some time! haha xD

    oh! Korean and Japanese--what a nice mix! ^_^ lol you get the best of both worlds...sushi and yummy cute japanese stuff and yummmyyy pretty korean stuff too! xD

    I go to school in Nor.Cal. and I intern in SF, but I'm from So.Cal. originally!! haha are you going to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in JapanTown in SF? I'm thinking of going again this year (I go every year lol xP)


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