Thursday, March 25, 2010

bag tag, nose elongating, upcoming stuff...

So there are several posts I want to do, but I can't because 1) I have a crappy camera (I use my bberry), 2) there's terrible natural lighting by the time I get home to take the pics, and 3)my apt has crappy orange-ish lights, so it won't show the makeup accurately. I'm planning to try out my mom's webcam since she got a new laptop, or using my sister's camera ^_^

I want to do a review on Dickinson's pore minimizing toner (I give it a thumbs up!), and do swatches of my lipstick collection which has grown considerable in the past few months. I am aware of the many l/s swatches already out there, BUT, I don't think there are many shown on people with my skin tone, and I'm not sure why. It makes a huge difference for a dark person to wear NYX's Circe and a light person to wear it. I fall b/w NC15-NC20, and for L'Oreal True Match (which I currently use) I am W1 Porcelain - the lightest shade. I personally prefer pink, peach, and nude. So, hopefully doing the swatches will be a useful reference for someone out there :) Oh, and also want to show my nighttime face routine (need good camera to show my naked skin up close), and daily makeup routine (sooo simple and very few steps)

Ok, now on to the pictures and stuff!
Suzy at bag tagged me! I was excited to do this b/c it's different than my usual posts, and it doesn't require super good camera taking. I was also kinda scared to do it because I am very messy and unorganized!

Here's my work bag, it's Longchamp Le Pliage.. it's quite large ~~ it's the 22" .

The essentials ~ wallet, scarf, sunglasses, checkbook, l/s and gloss, tampon, tylenol, $0.45 (you just never know!), mirror, hairclip, and clip-on earrings (they hurt after awhile, so I threw them in the purse that day after wearing too long), and invite to a luncheon.

Ok, and when I said I was messy, this is what I meant (these were also in my purse but I separated):
I always take receipts even if I don't need them, and then I forget to toss them >.<>

I'd now like to tag the following people ~ I picked my 3 newest subbies!
Alexia Pham
pwincessanna (<-- ahaha how cute "pwincess"~!!)

Ok, now I also thought I'd share a super easy, and kinda silly beauty tip. I learned it from Kandee Johnson ( and Jinah (! In one of Kandee's videos, she says to take any highlighter, and run it down the length of your nose. This will give the appearance of elongating it, lol. Well, I like this tip b/c I have kinda small features, and I like the look of those long, prominent noses. It's very European. Actually, I notice on tv that many Korean women have nice noses like that... but perhaps they've had surgery... and no way Jose am I going to get surgery to alter mine! And also from watching Jinah's makeup tutorials, I learned about ELF bronzing powder (only $1!), but she used it as an eye highlight (which I do too!), but this works perfectly on the nose ^_^ It only takes like 2 seconds to do too!

I look kinda worried... uhm ok so my bathroom lighting really reflects the bronzer, and makes my nose look shiny. But I swear to you in natural lighting it has the elongating effect!!
And one more shiny-nose pic ~


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  2. Oooh! Perfect highlight nose elongation :D I have that exact bronzer and I use it alla the time to highlight (or other random eyeshadow sticks and such) hehe. You have such nice, mature things in your bag. I have things like notebooks for school, gum wrappers, countless receipts that I don't bother to clean (yes, we ALL have this issue xD my mom's a CPA so she has me save them sometimes for whatever reason).

  3. ^^ I'm a bit weirded out that you chose to leave this comment on my blog.... especially with a header that says, "Kechiko...Girly Tips & Tricks"

    I do love to read, but no thank you, I'm not interested in "The Holy Qur'an". I'm Catholic. Perhaps you'd be interested in reading the Bible if you like to read? ^_~

  4. bahahha i u r funny when u ask him to read the bible instead!lolll
    omg u have tons of receipts!!
    mine isnt as many as urs!loll
    great opportunity to toss them out while doing this tag!hehe

  5. :D Nude lips became super hot last fall I think. Oops I guess I worded it really strangely - don't worry, we're not THAT behind xD

    You want to be careful on the enlarging effect. We all want bigger eyes but a tiny increase in diameter can mean a HUGE impact on overall eye size from a distance. You don't want to look really freaky and bug-eyed xD I think Kirakuna King Size ones are HUGE and so are Geo Super Nudy ones.

    Your eyes are not small at all! Just remember that a black ring around the iris that most colored contacts give will make your eyes seem larger even if the lens is about the same size as a normal contact.

    The biggest lenses I own are 14.2 mm (Dali Extra Size Green) and those were weird to put in my eye and were more uncomfortable all the time for me. 0.2 mm increase is not that drastic but overall they seemed super big.

    Hehe if these tips are confusing, please tell me and I will try to clarify! <3 Good luck and have fun with trying out colored lenses :D :D!

    <3 Angie

  6. sophia you're so funny! i love that about you :P yeah, your bag pretty much looks like mine with all the receipts and stuff! i have the same elf bronzing powder too! i really like it...are you talking about the dickinson's pore minimizing witch hazel toner? if so than i have that too, i think i got it at walgreens? i want to hear how it worked for you!
    p.s. finally a close up of your face! you're so pretty! ;)

  7. I don't know what it is with me and receipts but, ever since 2006 (started college) I have been hoarding every single one! I have a huge container dedicated to receipts~ >__<;;
    And yes! that trick is a good one^__~ I like to sweep it on the bottom part so that it gives the "illusion" of a shorter nose (in my case because I don't like how my tip sticks out/down).
    And your nose looks so pretty! I think it fits your face perfectly<3


    Miss. P

  8. I like the nose highlighting trick! And that Qur'an comment...its just spam, I get stuff like that all the time and dont know how to prevent it!

    I looked at the first pic of your bag contents and thought it was ridiculously neat...esp for a Longchamp which carries everything in the world. THEN I saw the second pic...much, much more like it : )

  9. Great tip! I should try that..I have a very small nose and bridge -__-

  10. haha i always keep a lot of receipts too! :) then i end up with a huge pile that i eventually have to throw out. hehe.

  11. omg your purse is nowhere near as messy as mine. you don't even want to know what was in it yesterday girl. my purse is HUGE ahhahaha

  12. You know what, I literally have TONS of receipts in my bag too! And for some reason I always refuse to throw them away. LOL.
    My bf thinks that's bizarre.

    You really should do lipstick swatches. I agree that there are a lot of them already but it doesn't hurt to have more references! :)

    AND OMFG! Why is that guy up there spamming your blog, telling you to read the Quran?!! I swear to God that's embarrassing and stupid. I am a Muslim, so please, don't let this guy fool you. There are still normal everyday Muslims out there, I swear. LOL.

  13. ^Hi Fifi! LOL I'm not too worried about that spammer, I just wanted to call him out.

    Dude, there are so many crazy whacko Christian bible thumpers too, and Catholics have MORE than their share of issues :( I definitely know he is NOT representative of other Muslims!!

    I have nothing against people's beliefs.. I just don't like when they try to "advertise" or push it on me via my girly blog!!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and I will def do the l/s swatches!!

  14. LOL...Oh Sophia! You're so sweet to actually respond to the spam!!! And talk about random...I have had a few random spam comments, I usually delete them, especially the scandalous ones :X!

    I love the contents of your purse!!! (45 cents, hahaha) I am just like you in the receipt department. Receipts scattered with no purpose or direction. I also am completely in love with the fact that you don't have your ears pierced either. We are a rare species!

    Your blackberry still takes amazingly good pics! Can't wait to see your lipstick swatches - I LOVE THE SHAPE OF YOUR LIPS!

    Looking gorgeous as usual! I will post the Peach Colada this weekend just for you! haha OH! And the lipstick IS yummy but not in the 3 year old toothpaste consumption kind of way, lol!!! :D

  15. Aww your so pretty! Love your pictures! Hahaha, the receipt part is also me! I don't know why its all over the place. Also coins (& lots of them) Will end up inside my purse as well. :? Is it a bad habit? Naaaa, i don't think so. Fun tag love! :)

  16. I have an orange version of that bag! :D I really love the size of it. Thanks for leaving a comment the other day! Started following your blog, already reading stuff!

  17. Hey Sophia! Nice bag, even with all those receipts haha. I like your shiny nose pics, I actually have that ELF bronzing powder but never thought to use it as a nose highlighter :) thanks for the tip. haha yes I hope my new layout turns out the way I want, eek!

  18. omigosh you're just like me; i have millions of receipts in my bag too, although i never need them! cute earrings, i have similar ones!

  19. love your work bag, you have lots of goodies in there! you are beautiful!

  20. LOL! I hoard my receipts like that too!
    You never know if something is gonna break or needs to be returned!!
    Hey, so all your readers/friends get a discount at Hime Eyes! $2-3 off their order if they say you referred them! ;]

  21. Your nose already looks really slim and raised! I may need the bronzer...I have a bulbous asian flat nose!

    I read through some of your previous entries which I have missed due to my disappearance from the blogosphere for a while due to work. You look really good in all out of the photos!! My favourite one is the one of you with the short have awesome slim legs!

  22. Oh I just got my Longchamp and I love it - its so easy to travel with and SO light! I have the grey large Planetes but want a huge weekender Pilage now

  23. I love this "what's in your bag post". I've been meaning to do one but I haven't got around to doing it yet. I always find a bunch of receipts in my purse too! I always find them handy JUST in case I want to return something :P / I've also wanted to purchase items from e.l.f for awhile now. It's inexpensive but I'm not entirely sure if the products are good. It's going to be impossible to get free shipping since I'll never reach $75 with the items being only $1 haha!

  24. hahah your purse looks like mine with all those papers!!!


  25. what size is that bag? small, med,large?

  26. This is the large size bag, the one that retails for $145USD.


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