Friday, March 5, 2010

can't stop browinsg online ... !

Gaaah I can't stop browsing clothing, accessories, makeup, pretty much ANYTHING online!

And look what I found on Forever 21 ... BOW RINGS!! I have ~3 bow rings that I purchased last year from a little seller in Boston, and now they are everywhere. FOR CHEAP! I paid ~$20 for mine, and these below are ~$3-6, all from Forever 21:

The connector rings are really cool, kinda rocker look?

To buy or not to buy... in an effort to curb my spending and to be a bit more charitable, I promised myself for every online purchase I make, I will donate an equal amount to Must be working 'cause I've only spent $17 so far!! Woot! Have you guys heard of this charity? 100% of donations go to building wells in Africa, and providing clean drinking water. Isn't it amazing that in this day and age, there are millions of people who don't have access to clean water?????? Any homeless person here can go into a mall and have clean water, but millions families in 3rd world country can't even find clean water if they walked a thousand miles. I'm not one to endorse stuff unless I really believe in it, and this is a cause I really believe in. If you have even $2 to spare, or you're participating in Lent and are looking for a way to give, please consider this organization. They are amazing, and they even make videos to show the building of the wells. I believe they have several celeb endorsers too..

Anyhow, TGIF!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love bow rings too - always an endless assortment at F21!

    And YES, what a great way to control spending! I am way out of line this month - that is such a great way of approaching spending/shopping - you have such a big heart and that Charity seems great - reminds me of one of CNN's "Heroes" this year. :)

  2. I want that tiger one.. F21 is horrible. They always do that to you. You always find SOMETHING you want!

  3. Ooh, I need to check out Ebay then! Hahaha. I like the first bow ring a lot! Bows are really in right now :P

  4. thats a really cool way to give back- good idea sophia!

  5. such cute blog! now im an official new follower, came across it this morning, and it has definitely made my morning!

    i see that your from Korea, i was just in Seoul a couple of weeks ago, and it was such an amazing trip, i really enjoyed the shopping in Korea.

    check out my blog of some photos that i took in Korea

  6. love these rings!! definitely going to pick some up from f21 :)

  7. ^ Hey guys! Hope you're having good Friday. btw - that cross ring smallest size is 7!! BOOOO HOO!! I didn't check the others, but if you have small fingers like me (sz 4.5-5) Forever21 might not be best place to shop for rings >_<

  8. very cutee !! lol i was look at those the other day while i was shoppin online and when i visited the store lol go for it girl ! lol

  9. OMG I loveeeeeee the bow rings :D
    and yes I know about for about 4 years now :D

  10. Hey Sophia!
    Omg~ stop it with the bows lmao!!! i'm being tempted to buy! lmaooo!! Im trying to prevent myself from going to f21 =/ haha!

    Anyways, thats awesome of you that you donate to a good charity. you're the bomb! hehe!!


  11. OMG 2 finger rings is smexy!!
    I want the one from with my name on it!!
    I'm still on the hunt for the perfect bow ring. I think I'd have more luck in Japan... Haha.

  12. i looove the bows tho & omggg a bow necklace giveaway!! i'm totally in! HAHAHA!

    & btw, i nominated you for a blog award. its on my blog check it out.

  13. super cute rings! the other day I saw some that i liked too at forever21. that organization is awesome! i've heard about it and its does awesome stuff.

  14. Look at all the bows!! =D
    I'm trying to look for this simple silver bow ring that I saw awhile back but I don't remember where it's from. BOoOO. You should take a picture of the two bow rings you got. Loved to see them.

    I think that it's great you're giving to a charity. I've never heard of this organization before. I will have to check out their site.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. BOWS~^____^ They are all to cute<3
    And it's great that you are giving to a charity~
    I love your blog and you are a gorgeous person! You look like an Asian Monica Bellucci ( I think that's how you spell her name~>__>;;) Keep up the great work! I'm following now~~~XOXO

    Miss. P

  16. omg those bow rings are so cute!

  17. YES! Finally there is a CBR fan like me^____^ It is from her new album and I think it came out not to long ago~I am itching to see her in concert again<3
    And I like bok-choy in any soup, I like them a little under cooked to get that crunch~^___^;;
    Oh, please~ you are gorgeous^____^

    Miss. P

  18. Cool blog :)

    Just found it today!

    Pretty pictures.


  19. hay Sophia, thanks for the encouragements, i'll be out and about looking for a job soon so hopefully that will solve things.

    and its always great to find connections between people who have never met before and realize you have so much in common to talk about!

    did u buy anything at the jewelry place?

  20. i heart bow rings and necklaces! :)


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