Wednesday, March 31, 2010

handmade sweet deco! HIME eyes! and i got punched :(

Yaaay! I got my handmade sweet deco in the mail yesterday!! I ordered it from the lovely Shiho, who is in New York! Here is her blog: &

The decos are so detailed, and so real looking! It's no wonder she has to include a warning not to eat them ~ they look yummy-licious (<-- dorky i know -.- )!

Her goods are for sale in an NY shop, but I messaged her because I just had to have one! I don't even remember how I came across her blog, but I did and I had to look at every single post to see all her amazing creations. My sister just bought some polymer clay for us to try to make something ~ and ladies let me tell you ~ it's HARD. Well, I can roll a ball and that's about it >.<

Her goodies are so super reasonably priced ~ I think it's much cheaper to buy her handmade sweets than to go to one of those lil Japanese boutiques in Japantown. They hecka overcharge, and it's mass produced too :(

took this pic from Shiho's blog ~ doesn't it look REAL?? Like you wanna lick your computer screen? ^_~ please don't, btw hahaha

Ok... and now something else I'm soooo uberly excited for ~ grand opening of HIME EYES~!!!

Hime Eyes is a circle lens shop, started by fellow blogger Serenie. Serenie is such a cool gal and has daily posts that are entertaining, and she keeps it "real" lol. She wears circle lens too, so I definitely trust buying them from her. I thought about buying from some other shops, but I don't know them personally and maybe they don't even wear the lens they're selling... so I'd rather buy from Serenie since she wears the goods, ya know?

I already placed my order ~ got blue, grey, and brown circle lens. I can't wait to get them and look like Barbie hahaha!! The batch goes from 3/31~4/10, so go check it out! These will be my first circle lens ever!! I'm stoked!

When you order, just comment to her that you read my blog, and she'll give you $2 off! (p.s. I don't get anything out of it. Just trying to spread the woooord to your mother! lol. i'm in a good mood today!)

lens ~
This is my girl Serenie! Wearing circle lens. Haha I hope she doesn't mind I stole this pic ^_~
And finally, I got punched :(

HAHA j/k ... Liana from posted this tutorial ~ It's from her contest entry for PopChampagne! I kept bugging her on how she did the look, and I think other girls did too b/c she finally put up the tut! So of course I had to try it out :p

So all I did was use my finger and smear oops I mean apply on Revlon illuminance creme shadow in black, then took the only silvery-black shadow I had in a $1 ELF quad and blend it right over the creme. I don't bring it up that high... I'm too scared to go that dramatic.. maybe next time

LOOOOOVIN' it!!! I like that "i got sucker punched in the eyeballs" look RAWRR!!

yellow teeth! anyone have good rec for teeth whitener? and i refuse to give up coffee!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

chiffon ~ it's chic, comfy, and affordable! AND broccoli salad

Another post on work/professional dress. Oftentimes I'm too lazy to browse Banana Republic, or Nordstrom for clothing. And since I only buy sale items, on the occasions that I do go there are no items in my size or price range (San Francisco SUCKS for small sized clothing because of all the EFFING SKINNY BITCHES running around. DAMN YOU.). Luckily, offers stylish (in my opinion ~ more stylish than any American brands), small sized, and inexpensive clothing. And you don't have to wait for a sale because they're priced so low to begin with. If you spend less than $150, it's $10 shipping, but it's worth it because buying one BR top can be $80 + tax, whereas yesstyle tops are $20-30, and you save yourself time (ladies, never forget that your time=money... it's valuable!)

I personally like their chiffon blouses, because they're:
1) feminine
2) elegant
3) comfy

It's really important to me to look and feel professional, and chiffon gives such an elegant and flowy appearance. And as I said last time, I want to look and feel feminine.

Here's what I wore today ~ another typical work outfit:
This blouse is no longer available, but I think it was $32? I got it in cream as well. Tucks really easily into a skirt. The skirt I'm wearing is from Forever 21, cost like $10 or $15, size xs, has a zipper in the back, and is big on me but I use a belt (not pictured) to lift it up.

Here are some other chiffon blouses yesstyle currently has in stock, and they are all under $32.


(might be too flashy for some work places. I could wear this to my office ^_^ )


For comparison, here is a Banana Republic top. How do you ladies think it compares to the blouses above?


I'm really lazy when it comes to preparing dinner, so anything that can be eaten raw, microwaved, or boiled (helloooo maruchan and kimchee bowl!!!) is right up my alley. But, I do want to be a bit healthy. Here's a broccoli salad that is really simple. The broccoli is from Trader Joe's, and comes already diced up and ready to go.
white vinegar

mix mix mix! then eat.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Slanted Eyes ♥, K.I.S.S.

You know how Asian girls always want bigger eyes? Well, not me. I like the look of slanted eyes. I think it looks exotic. And you know how when a lot of Asian girls smile, their eyes turn into crescent moon shape? I think that's cute as all hell.
So when I do my eye makeup, I don't do anything to try to make them look bigger. I am not white, and I am not a doll. I recently discovered a funny youtube person, jkimisyellow, and in his Michelle Phan parody, he says, "“use white eyeliner on ur waterline to make ur obnoxiously small asian eyes look somewhat closer to the normal size human eyes” I laughed so hard, cuz it's true! But come on now, like putting on the white liner on the bottom of your eyeball will increase your eye size that much?? I dunno about that. Now, if you do that, please don't get offended. I mean, I'm sure your eyeballs look huge or something. Just not on me. So I skip all these lil "eye opening" tricks, and I do really easy stuff to lengthen the shape of my eye.

Without makeup, my eyes are kinda close together and I look young, ugly, and retarded. So, when I apply makeup, I strive to bring the eyeliner and shadow out, past the end of my eye to
elongate my eye and emphasize the slantedness, LOL. I'm sure that's a first, huh?

Another thing I am not a fan of is the natural look. It's just another thing that is terrible on me. I look much better with thick, black liner. In fact, I think natural looks terrible on 99.5% of people. The only person I think looks pretty au naturale is Kate Moss... and there aren't many Kate Moss look alikes. Just sayin, ya know? But, I'm also lazy! Hence, K.I.S.S.~ or "Keep It Simple Stupid".

Here's my fast and simple (and inexpensive) daily makeup routine:

1. Foundation
2. Conceal under eyes, and around nose area
3. Apply highlight all over eye, up to brow bone (and down length of nose hehe)

4. Apply the dark brown shadow on lid only, blend a bit (this quad is only $1)
5. apply thick liner on top AND bottom, bring it out past end of eye. Some people say don't line the bottom b/c it'll make your eyes look smaller... ok yea uhm whatever....
6. Apply bronzer in hollow of cheeks

silly me... i like that my eyes get all squinty when i smile :p

oh geez... sorry to scare y'all with the naked-face pic, but this is for comparison purpose. I REALLY CAN'T STAND the no makeup look. Props to you ladies that can pull it off.
A lot of Korean girls seem to like that look, because it makes them look young and cute and all innocent. You know, I like cute things too. Like puppies, stationary and stickers. But when I go to work, I really don't want anyone to mistake me for a middle schooler. Not cute. And I want my makeup to be sexy. I don't want anyone to look at me and think I'm innocent and naive. That naked face pic up there ~ it looks like a girl you could pull a bag over. Sell her a $10 purse for $500. And I also think it's a better compliment to be described by words like HOT, and SMOKING, instead of cute. lol. Not sure if my makeup accomplishes that, but it makes me feel more that way.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

bag tag, nose elongating, upcoming stuff...

So there are several posts I want to do, but I can't because 1) I have a crappy camera (I use my bberry), 2) there's terrible natural lighting by the time I get home to take the pics, and 3)my apt has crappy orange-ish lights, so it won't show the makeup accurately. I'm planning to try out my mom's webcam since she got a new laptop, or using my sister's camera ^_^

I want to do a review on Dickinson's pore minimizing toner (I give it a thumbs up!), and do swatches of my lipstick collection which has grown considerable in the past few months. I am aware of the many l/s swatches already out there, BUT, I don't think there are many shown on people with my skin tone, and I'm not sure why. It makes a huge difference for a dark person to wear NYX's Circe and a light person to wear it. I fall b/w NC15-NC20, and for L'Oreal True Match (which I currently use) I am W1 Porcelain - the lightest shade. I personally prefer pink, peach, and nude. So, hopefully doing the swatches will be a useful reference for someone out there :) Oh, and also want to show my nighttime face routine (need good camera to show my naked skin up close), and daily makeup routine (sooo simple and very few steps)

Ok, now on to the pictures and stuff!
Suzy at bag tagged me! I was excited to do this b/c it's different than my usual posts, and it doesn't require super good camera taking. I was also kinda scared to do it because I am very messy and unorganized!

Here's my work bag, it's Longchamp Le Pliage.. it's quite large ~~ it's the 22" .

The essentials ~ wallet, scarf, sunglasses, checkbook, l/s and gloss, tampon, tylenol, $0.45 (you just never know!), mirror, hairclip, and clip-on earrings (they hurt after awhile, so I threw them in the purse that day after wearing too long), and invite to a luncheon.

Ok, and when I said I was messy, this is what I meant (these were also in my purse but I separated):
I always take receipts even if I don't need them, and then I forget to toss them >.<>

I'd now like to tag the following people ~ I picked my 3 newest subbies!
Alexia Pham
pwincessanna (<-- ahaha how cute "pwincess"~!!)

Ok, now I also thought I'd share a super easy, and kinda silly beauty tip. I learned it from Kandee Johnson ( and Jinah (! In one of Kandee's videos, she says to take any highlighter, and run it down the length of your nose. This will give the appearance of elongating it, lol. Well, I like this tip b/c I have kinda small features, and I like the look of those long, prominent noses. It's very European. Actually, I notice on tv that many Korean women have nice noses like that... but perhaps they've had surgery... and no way Jose am I going to get surgery to alter mine! And also from watching Jinah's makeup tutorials, I learned about ELF bronzing powder (only $1!), but she used it as an eye highlight (which I do too!), but this works perfectly on the nose ^_^ It only takes like 2 seconds to do too!

I look kinda worried... uhm ok so my bathroom lighting really reflects the bronzer, and makes my nose look shiny. But I swear to you in natural lighting it has the elongating effect!!
And one more shiny-nose pic ~

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Face Shop, Love Mail, lots of "!!!!!" :p

Hello hello ladies ~! I haven't had much to blog about these days, but I've been keeping up with everyone else's interesting posts :)

Friday, I got a notice that there was a package... I had ordered some clip-on bangs on ebay so I thought it might be those... but instead it was a love package from GRACE! I opened it up and squealed!! She wrote me a sweet letter, and used the CUTEST stickers!!! Aaaah I love love love cute stickers!! And the stationary had cupcakes, and cute little Korean phrases (I had my mommy translate). And then I reached inside, and squealed some more!! She sent me a NYX eye pencil in a pretty pink color, an Oh Yes choco (I ate with my morning coffee today!), and the MAC Lady Gaga lipstick!!! I don't own any MAC lipstick, so this was very exciting to receive! And, I've seen this l/s on blogger a lot so I know it's popular and hard to find. Grace ~~ THANK YOU for sending me such a lovely gift! (when you are on the internet again I am going to send this post to you!).

This weekend was very exciting, because I found out very recently that there is a FACE SHOP and PARIS BAGUETTE, as well as a Korean food court in Santa Clara!!!!!!! Haha, while this may not seem so exciting to others, it was super exciting to me and my sister, because we just went to Seoul for the first time last year, and we thought Face Shop ( and Paris Baguette ( were only in Korea! Face Shop sells nice beauty and face products (duh), and carries some BB creams. So we took our mommy there on Saturday, had delicious lunch in the food court (haemul pajeon, sundubu, and assorted mul mandus), then shopped a bit :)

Cute Hello Kitty keyboard stickers in one of the Korean mall shops. I may keep for myself, or use as a blogger giveaway prize!

I love Asian beauty stores... they always have pretty packaging and use a lot of pink!
I purchased this rice cleansing water. It works incredibly well - with one light swipe it removes Bobbi Brown gel liner, and it leaves a moisturizing sensation afterward. Feels just like a serum. Amazing!

Wow no kidding I can be like the women of the Korean Royal Court if I use this? lol. Hmm.. reading the list of ingredient and I see castor oil, which I do own a bottle of. One day I'll try it out as a makeup remover..

Took pics of a couple BB creams (they carry ~5 kinds). I'm not sure the hype over these b/c I tested all of them and they feel heavier than my L'Oreal True Color Match. I don't like heavy feeling foundation >.<
Pretty bottle :)

Lastly, here are some deco phone charms I got at Daiso for me and my sister ^_^ We like kawaii!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rock Star Contest entry - popchampagne

Pop Champagne is having a Rock Star contest, and I was so inspired by her own rockstar look that I decided to enter ^_^ The rules are to do a makeup look (thank goodness not hair, b/c I don't have blonde hair!) My inspiration for the look is Ayumi Hamasaki. I have loved her for many years, and even with all these new musicians on the scene, Ayumi will always have a special place in my heart. I really think she contributed so much to the whole "hime gyaru" generation, and she started so many trends.