Monday, May 31, 2010

part deux

weekend cont'd...

Saturday night I chilled at my sister's house.
mango mojitos w/my sister's homegrown mint leaves
butternut squash raviolis, herb salad
aren't the pastas pretty?

And then after playing with the doggies, we did our nails :)

I saw this youtube tutorial, and told my sister to do her nails that way (pink base, silver glitter tip, red glitter heart):
I used Revlon Tropical Temptation for my toes, and some flower stickers

Sunday was even hotter than Saturday in the bay area, so decided to take my mommy down to San Jose for some 85 degree weather, and CRAWFISHESSSSSS! (or is it crayfish? are they the same thing??)

My sister.. always so stylish :)
Charlotte Russe top and F21 short shorts.
Nine West shoes.
Tory Burch bag.

My mommy is stylish too!
Laundry by Shelli Segal dress.
Coach purse

So I didn't recognize my mom's dress, and I usually know when my mom buys something new. So, as we're waiting for crawfish, I asked my mom where she got the dress. And she replied, "Gilt". And I was like WHOA gilt like GILT GROUPE? LOL. Apparently my sister was thinking the same, b/c she was like, "Gilt, like Gilt Groupe?" It's funny b/c my friends and I always check that site, but I didn't think my mom was on there! Good deal.

I had wanted to wear one of my Puella dresses (website under construction, but you can find Puella pieces at shopstyle This is one of my FAV dresses b/c the material and cut are sooo nice... and it's a SoCal brand so when I wear it reminds me of when my sister used to live in the beach town and I would visit...

BUT stupid stupid me put it in the dryer.. and since there's stretch in the dress I thought it wouldn't shrink! BUT IT DID >.<>

Sooo.. wore this instead.
Wet Seal dress.
Target kids sandals (size 3 fits like women's size 5!) ~ only $10!!!

My turn to wear the earrings! (Changed finding to clip-on)
And I love yellow gold.. decided to layer a couple necklaces.
Loving my new Swarovski baroque pendant hanging on a gold leaf bail :))

And now for your listening pleasure..

Recently discovered Yiruma from sweet Caroline (, and found some of his sheet music on the web.

No critics, assholes! LOL. Seriously though, it's my second time sight-reading the damn thing, so no critics!


  1. yea the pasta is pretty! I love butternut squash, but never tried it in ravioli before. I enjoyed your video, you've got skills

  2. Love the piano clip...I occasionally get motivated by nice clips on youtube and start playing again. I have a secret youtube account just for piano...not to be shared with readers, lol!

    All 3 girls in your fam are so stylish. I cannot believe your mom scored that dress on Gilt .. my mom has NO idea what Gilt is.

  3. you look so pretty :3

    those noodles are stylish! XD

  4. sophia! omg i love you playing the piano; its so pretty!! my cousin plays this song all the time too....I always hear her playing it when I'm at the house.

    I love your nails...I wished I had the patience to do that. You know that I wear contacts and I can't focus my eye on something for too long...argh

    Btw Helen wanted to see guys should get together and watch it. lol

  5. OMG Sophia... I can listen to you play all day!! Seriously... why does that song sound soooo familiar?!!? Crap, it's so going to bug me LOL. You play very beautifully :]

    I love how your whole fam is so stylish <3

  6. hi sophia! you and your sis and mom are so cute and all so fashionable! your hair looks lighter, you dyed it right? i love the color!
    and you played great, i didn't know you played the piano! lucky, i wish i knew how to, my brother does. looks like you had a great weekend!!!

  7. hehe yeah I finally realized where I heard that before. No wonder it was so hauntingly familiar. Love it.. I need to get all of his songs. :]

    Blogger does that to me too, for some reason. It's annoying!

  8. your sister's style is definitley similar to mine, I LIKE!! kekeke

  9. I love that song! I used to have it on my ipod but it got deleted. =/
    You played it beautifully. =)

  10. Omg the pasta are colorful! LOL! I loveeeee your sister's top! & Yiruma too! LOL! Kiss the rain is my all time favorite and I swear when I was too stressed during my exams I would just pop on my earphones and sleep on Yiruma lovely notes! :)

  11. omg! u played really well sweetie! I lost touch with music eons ago... what a shame

  12. ahh your family's so stylish :D awww san jose ~ wish i were there :D

    omg we bought the same sandals xD hahahaa. you're so good at piano! we should play a duet someday !

  13. mm sounds like a fun weekend! :)
    all you girls are so stylish and beautiful.

  14. omg what a lovely day =D u n ur fambam is all beautiful! aah yiruma! rocks my socks =] u did an amazing job girl!

  15. Lol.. I don't even know what Gilt is! So sad...

    I love your piano playing... must be hard to play with those long nails but you did it beautifully! Thanks for sharing such a pretty song :)

  16. oOoo the earrings are hot! are they heavy? i want to pick up the pair you have but i can't wear heavy dangly earrings because my holes dragged. i think i told you or serena this at the meetup. did you like the crawfishies!? but yea crawfish/crayfish same thing i think.

  17. SOOOO cute your nails!
    I just bought size 3 kid slippers too! They fit me like a size 5. Kids slippers are awesome!
    I want those earrings! Every time I go to F21 all the good accessories are gone. =[

  18. Wow that you you playing??
    Nice :))
    love the pasta :)

  19. MANGO MOJITOS?!!! YUM!! I don't really like mojitos but mango ones are a go for me! Sounds like you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

    The butternut squash raviolis do look pretty. My kind of food. Nice to look at and delicious.

    All three of you are so stylish!
    I love your sisters outfits. Her shoes caught my eyes especially. I don't usually like those kinds of shoes but they look great on your sister. I kind of want a pair like it now. {*hehe}
    I think that's totally cute that your mom shops on Gilt. My mom doesn't know how to shop online. She's not really tech savy. She has problems turning on the TV. Then again my dad adds on a while bunch of other machines onto a universal remote soo...

    DID YOU DYE YOUR HAIR?!!! It looks lighter!! Pretty! How come you didn't tweet or blog about it? How are you liking the color so far?

    You've got some talent! I couldn't play that song. {*LOL} I found sheets to that song 3 years ago and I failed miserably at it. I brought a keyboard with me to college to play around but I never found the time to practice. {*sigh}

    <3s Serena.

  20. Oh Sophia, you are so talented on the piano. I actually have that piece on my ipod and I listen to it a lot :) I don't remember how I downloaded it before, but I have it! It's such a beautiful, moving piece that really reflects the movement of a river flowing.

    Love the toenails! :) So pretty!! All you gals look beautiful and stylish :D You all resemble each other! So cute :D

  21. sophia! i love the play. you are very talented. you make my heart keep up the good work!

  22. ^PetiteXXS - omg you have no idea... I had NO nails all through middle and high school.. and no nail polish (my piano teacher would've had a FIT).

    ^Serena - I dyed the milk tea, and then the ash on top of it hahahaha. Both of them didn't come out at all how I had imagined... :(

  23. Sophia!♥

    OoOoOo mixed fruity kind of alchy drink! lol xD I hate hard liquor...hate the taste of it and I can't drink that for shizz! Thus, I prefer fruity mixed cocktails! :P Mango mojitos sound good! I love strawberry mojitos & original mint mojitos already. haha I don't really drink much at all! Once in a while, if I'm out with friends, I might make my bf share a drink with me in addition to whatever he's drinking. haha I'd take a few sips or drink as much as I can and then make him finish the rest LOL

    That's so cute that you squeezed in some sisterly bonding time! ^_^ I think that's always just so sweet! Looking at your pics reminds me that my sister and I need to go get our pedi & mani! Well, maybe not mani bc I can just paint at home...but I do want them to clean up my cuticles! hehe I LOVE the way your sister did her nails & how you did your toes!! hehe I'm so NOT creative at all when it comes to nails!! :( Wish I was though! lol

    Aww you look gorgeous in your dress! I love the sandals!! Your sister & your mom both look good, too! That's freaking awesome that your mom knows how to online shop!! She's so cool & techy for a momma! :P

    Sophia, I truly enjoyed your rendition of Yiruma's River Flows in You! You played beautifully--it was just so relaxing. And WOW!! hello?! You only sightread the sheet music twice before playing?! You are crazy talented!! hehe I take A WHILE to read notes & learn how to play a song, but after practicing for a few hours or a few days after I get the song down, I can memorize the whole thing. That was always my little specialty when I took lessons back in the day: memorization ^_^ Anyway, I can listen to you play all soothing & relaxing! Yiruma sure is great, isn't he? xD Thanks for mentioning me!! I LOVES YOUU!!<3<3

    For how many years did you learn piano?

    ♥ caroline

  24. Love what you girls wore. The drinks look so refreshing and the pastas ARE pretty!

  25. Love the pictures :)

    And piano.. is just soo good. i wish I knew how to play :)

  26. you and your family are soo stylish! :)

  27. aw all the outfits are adorable

    ~Charlotte ^^

  28. Sophia, it's awesome that you're close to your sister! You're making me want to manicure my nails right now.. mayb I will after writing this haha :P You look fab, and the women in your family sure know how to dress! hahaha if my mom knew Gilt I would be so amazed. wow you went to crawdaddy over the weekend?! I was there on saturday night =) I'm pretty sure those mini lobsters are crawfish (and crayfish is something). But yeah that place is awesome, although Boiling Crab (the original crawfish place) has some better cajun sauce. Last but not least, you play really well for your second time of sight reading!! I love playing that song on the piano too <3 Hope you have another weekend!

  29. I saw a girl today at Target and she reminds me of you lol and i thought she was you for a sec till now.....she had this piercing by her lips now im home on your blog wanting to see if you have the same piercing too LOL...i guess not LOL

  30. aah pretty pasta=]
    you're the girl playing river flow in you right?! pretty!! i can play it for like hours and hours!! yay for asians+piano=]


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