Monday, May 24, 2010

my fashionable friend :)

Hi guys ~ I want to share with you all one of my gf's blog!

She just made her first post yesterday :) She is my most fashionable friend! She mixes a lot of high end designer with low end like F21. I don't know how I would categorize her style, but people often think she's from LA, which is a good thing! And, she's so thin and petite she can wear anything!

Go check out her blog :) More fashionable stuff coming very soooooon!

*ahem* I also want to let it be known that I pushed her to start a blog! So later down the road when she blows up, y'all will know who is responsible ;) thx


  1. thanks sophia! u were my inspiration to start one :)

  2. YAY!! Ping finally gave in & made a blog!! YES!! You GO, Sophia!!<3<3 Good job in getting her to join the blogger world~! whee! hehe :D

    aww, and I didn't see your other comments to me until after I commented on your hair dye post :P You're so nice & caring, I loves you!!<3 xD Yay for liking soothing piano music! ^_^ I have some Korean drama music on replay do you like Korean music? haha because I do! :P Even though I can only understand a few words & sentences here and FAIL! I think the Korean drama music & ballads are SOO soothing and beautiful! Puts me in a daydreaming state, which is what I love to do, since I'm a Pisces, and we're known for it! ;)

    hehe I have to admit I like me some Korean pop, too. ahaha...I think I've been listening to Korean music bc everything on the American radio has go gone to SHIT these days! :( [WTF is up with people and Justin Beiber?! I hate him...UGH! So annoying! I don't know if you like him...but it won't change how I feel about you!<3 haha xD I just don't like him & his voice & his Do you know that he is nominated for a BET award?! WTH. People have gone NUTS.. BET= Black Ent. and last time, I checked, that pre-pubescent kid is NOT, it just blows my mind.

    hehehehe okay rant over. I'm so crazy. @_@ I need to clean...I'm STILL at my apt!! I want to leave today, but I don't know what's going on bc my furniture is all here! AHH what to do!! :(

    Aww, man! I'm sorry that milk tea barely made a dent in your hair color!! Yeah sometimes it's like that for me, with store-bought American brand hair dyes, too! That's why when I want to go lighter, or get highlights, I have to go to the salon. xD I've only gotten highlights once & that was back in hs! haha I think if I want to get highlights & lowlights now, I'd go for brownish colors to just add depth to my hair :P I bought myself some Korean hair dye a while ago, and I'm going to dye my hair once I get back home, so I will let you know if Korean hair dye works better than the Palty! xD

    OMG! I wrote you a novella. haha ^^;;

    Hope you're having a bearable & pretty good Monday!<3

    ♥ caroline

  3. hey, just happened to stumble on your blog, your gorgeous =)

  4. LOL! Funny you said "people think she's from LA" --quite honestly I don't like the LA style, but I love her style! :)I'm going to follow--thank you so much for telling me about her!

  5. lol nooooo i was talking about you!!! =P

  6. I really love her boots! They are so freaking awesome! Nice~

  7. Your friend is ADORABLE and I love her fashion sense!!! :) I could use a big dose of that...hehehe.... *goes to join blog*

    And OMG thank you so much for your e-mail!!!! (soooo much I want to respond to!) I promise a response soon, just have to get time back, lil sis is visiting from college for a week :)


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