Saturday, June 5, 2010

too easily influenced

Before I ever read any beauty blogs, or watched any makeup videos on youtube, I didn't own any lipsticks, false lashes, circle lens, or blushes. Now, I own many lipsticks, 2 pairs of circle lens (3 more pairs on the way from Hime Eyes!!!), tons of falsies, and just picked up my first few blushes this week :) I guess you could say that I'm easily influenced.. but aren't we all? After all, that's what marketing is all about. By putting a beauty product on a gorgeous celebrity, companies are signaling to all the women out there that if they use the same product, they can achieve a bit of that celebrity's beauty!

I am most influenced by the makeup guru Holly Ann-aeree. I think I am like borderline obsessed with her hahaha. Whenever she swears by a product, I want to get it! As long as it's drugstore haha. Any high end products (YSL, MUFE, MAC) I refuse to buy... She also always wears circle lens, and the ones I like more on her are the Geo Angel grey. I finally got my pair, and wore them today. I love these lens!! They are dolly and very easy to match with all outfits. Also a lot more comfortable than the nudy blue.

*All photos completely unedited (haha as if I knew how to..)
**lens sent as a gift from because I reviewed the first pair I purchased from them

I took photos by my window today, and I love the lighting effect!

Wearing pa lashes gifted to me from my sister ^_^

How the lens look in direct sun light ^

How the lens look facing away from direct sun light ^

Few more lens pics here

When I saw Holly's video on the new Revlon super lustrous glosses, I really wanted to get them! I got Coral Reef, and Lilac Pastel. The Pink Pop was too bubble gum pink for me. This was my first time buying a coral shade lip product, and I am in looove! The Coral Reef gloss is VERY pigmented, more than some lipsticks! It's very sticky feeling, but also goes on very thinly on to the lips (a good thing, in my opinion as I don't like thick, goopy glosses). It lasts for quite awhile too. The lilac looked terrible on me, but I gave it to my sister and it looks amazing on her.


  1. Sophia! Thanks for having lunch with my today. I like your contacts...they look really good in the light! The lashes really open your eyes and make them sparkle. You look very "dolly" like. I'm loving the pigmented lip glosses too....I think the next time I'm at walgreens picking up my candy, I might give one a try.

  2. Awwww... I've been looking for the revlon glosses, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

  3. aww the pink lipgloss looks good on you! i've been dying to try the lilac one actually. revlon is so enticing.

    i definitely know what you mean about being easily influenced. i mean look at me! before i started blogging i maybe had a few elf products but that was because my college friends highly recommended them. now i'm purchasing, purchasing buy more and more x_x

    i think i've become a little tired of my circle lenses haha after a while. i found that wearing clear contacts lets my natural dark eyes shine and reflect stuff so i've been going as au naturale as i can for a while.

    the geo angel greys look AMAZING on you :D they don't look ugly and robotic like most grey lenses do on most people.

    those lashes are super cute and the last picture is ultra pretty!

  4. You look so pretty! I think I might have to grab myself a lipgloss also! CVS is currently having a clearance on many beauty, I have a $5 coupon off a $15 purchase or more...I just might have to go shopping!

    <33 Rena

  5. I love Holly Ann!!!
    U look great, I love the revlon lipgloss!

  6. Sophia... I feel the same way!! Ever since I got hooked on the whole blog thing & watching YT vids... it seriously has burned a holes in my wallet!

    I also agree that watching Holly's vids are so enabling!! She was the one who started me on my lipstick craze because damn... lipsticks just look so great on her!! :D

    BTW I love the coral l/g on you!! I have those two also & 2 more and I really love them.

    I also love the lenses on you. I still haven't gotten myself to buy some lenses but maybe one day :P

    Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!! <3

  7. ^
    Ping ~ haha sparkle huh? Sparkle is good :)

    Denysia ~ the glosses have been selling out like crazy at all my nearby drugstores! I had to ask someone in another state to buy me the 2 glosses!

    Angie ~ I think the lens are great for just once in awhile.. but I can see how the novelty would wear off after awhile. Haha robotic - you're so funny!

    Rena ~ thank you :) Yes, you should def take advantage of that coupon you have and pick something up!

    Carla ~ thank you :) Which Revlon glosses do you have?

  8. you are so fair! i'm jealous :(
    p/s pretty lip colourr

  9. you are absolutely right, we all get influenced by others but this is okay I think^^

    by the way: you look awesome pretty!!! *_*

  10. omg sophia i am exactly the same as you! i am sooo influenced by other bloggers and youtubers! i have so much more beauty stuff now than i used to! and i love holly's videos too, she's so pretty!
    i just bought my first revlon super lustrous gloss the other day and i looooove it! i got 'lifes a peach' and its the perfect shade of nude peach! you should try it, i think youd like it! i totally want to get more!!! :)

  11. Looking great, Sophia!

  12. aww i love revlon lipgloss on your lips :)

  13. I love the lenses, you are very pretty. LOl I think make up gurus, beauty bloggers really do have the ability to make u get stuff and get addictive to make up and beauty products... hehe but I love it =)

  14. I saw her post on the revlon glosses and I too was intrigued by coral reef! It looks beautiful on you, so summery. I don't like sticky stuff on my lips tho and usually avoid glosses...wonder if that color comes in regular lipstick, hmm.

  15. that lipgloss looks very pretty on you and so does the circle lens. i have yet to purchase circle lens. i'm a bit afarid of putting it in my eyes. LOL

  16. ^Angelique~ seriously makeup is $$! Other than foundation, the most expensive so far is those darn Revlon colorburst ones.. they're $10 each!

    Amanda ~aww I can tell you are not in the states, cuz ppl here like TAN skin!! I feel like an outcast here with my white skin haha.

    xbbkay ~ haha I can understand that.. I got used to it though b/c I've been wearing hard contacts since high school!

  17. ^
    Shou and Vince ~ thank you :)

    Liana! I haven't seen that "Life a Peach" shade anywhere!!!! That must've been the first to sell out :( Every time I checked a drugstore, all they had left was firecracker red, which is the most unwearable!! I want to see the Life a Peach on you!

  18. Hahahahahaaha is like if you see any girl on the street wearing full face makeup, the crystal necklace, circle lenses you just know that person blogs lol.....before i started youtube and blogging i only had few eyeliner, a blush few eyeshadow no lipstick and worn foundation as my concealer oh dear hahahhaa now i have more than i need lol..i have 2 pair of lenses too and 4 more pairs on the way hahaha oh goshhh

    and hahahaha yea that girl looked really just like u pretty skinny too and yes just like u lol...the only different is her piercing lol ANYWAYS hahahahaaha

  19. ^
    PAG~ omg glosses are SO sticky and it's SO irritating when your hair blows onto i!!! >.< I'm planning to get Maybelline Colorsensational Coral Crush lipstick.. so if it's good I'll let you know :)

  20. youre really beautiful there!

  21. i think im just starting with my own make up collection, and yeah i dont own that much, no mac here no sirreey lol! but for the record, yeapp you are lovely!

  22. Ahh I remember how I used to watch youtube every single day to learn more about makeup. I rarely go on youtube anymore now. My favorite guru was (still is!) xteeener. I just love the fact that she's so down to earth and yadda yadda. Lol. :)

    The circle lens look great on you! I have tried wearing lens before but somehow they successfully irritated my eyes so I don't go near them anymore now.

    Revlon superlustrous lipgloss is awesome! I have Nude Lustre and I desperately want to buy some more. But they only have small color choices here, blah. That color looks great on you and dang, it's so pigmented it got me excited. Haha. >.<

  23. aah pretty!!!
    amazing lashes!!!
    i looove to play those korean pop songs. It sounds realy nice on the piano. for example 'weddingdress'from taeyang and 'stay' from big bang.

  24. Both the Walgreens by my work don't carry those Revlon glosses!! You remember how i've been on the hunt for the Lilac one. Oh well! I'll keep looking or maybe i'll head down your way for a kinchi burrito for lunch and browse your Walgreens.
    I really like Holly too!! I love that her tutorials are EXTREMELY SIMPLE. They don't usually require more than 2 brushes or 3 different eye shadow colors. I'm also basically the same foundation shade as her so her recommendations come high to me as well. I hate how when I started blogging and made references to her someone was like "why are you trying to be like her" it's like uhm, no? Did I not just SAY i like her a lot?? WHATEVER!
    Anyways, the grey lenses are nice! I'm still hesitant about ordering my first pair. For some reason, i'm scared. I don't know why. Don't laugh, I heard you were scared of eating the stinky tofu! I'm sorry I missed you, Ronnie and Ping for lunch. Make it up to you ladies next time and believe me, i WILL make you try something new!!! ;]

  25. ^
    Vivian ~ oooh I'm going to look those songs up! Thanks!

    Susy~ the Walgreens in FiDi are completely sold out.. however the Target in Colma had a TON of lilac and other lmtd edition shades! Go figure haha. I also like Holly for the same reason!! Every other "guru" use like 10 different products on their eyes and from multiple palettes.. I'm like uhm no who the heck has 20 minutes of time to do their damn eye makeup?!??

  26. Love that last picture of you!

  27. OMG I was JUST about to e-mail you about how much my boyfriend says I have changed since blogging T_T I will elaborate next e-mail! :) You look so gorgeous as usual!

    I love your look...those lenses are gorgeous! Still haven't sprung for my circle lenses just yet. Sooooon!

    And btw, I posted you a gift post on my blog ;) Sorry it took so long!!!

  28. You look so gorgeous with your new lens & that hard-to-find coral lip gloss! lol I haven't caved into lenses & falsies but I definitely have upped my cosmetic purchases after seeing tutorials & blogs :D But I'm curious, is there a specific reason why you don't buy high-end?

  29. ^Hey Karen! I don't buy high end b/c I'm too cheap >.< AND, the drugstore products I've purchased so far work out REALLY well for me (like photoready, Revlon soft nude l/s, etc)! I've seen drugstore on some popular gurus too, and I think many times they look prettier than people who use high end! I think it's all about matching things to suit your face and skin tone, and picking the right products.

  30. u look really pretty sweetie!!! I love how the falsies look on u!

  31. Hahaha! Lenses are defn addicting! I have to reorder soon since mine are expiring in August! :) I think that lipgloss is a good look on you. I defn wanna try the Summer Ed. ones! XO!

  32. ^L! Yessss I love lens!! Oooh good reminder, I need to write down the date I opened mine... totally forgot that they do expire!

    Thx dblchin :))

  33. youu look amazing!
    haha it's true, reading beauty blogs, or even watching youtube videos totally makes me want to go out there and buy all the products that these amazing people "swear by". it's terrible :P


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