Thursday, May 27, 2010

No Rest for the Wicked -Teaser Trailer

Written and directed by my cousin. Please support by clicking the "Like" button on youtube if you enjoy the trailer :)

"No Rest for the Wicked is a peek into a world of love on the run. Isaac and Kat rob, steal, and kill their way across the country while evading the police and other criminals alike. Their only loyalty is to each other, and their only friend is a black snub-nose pistol. They never intend to kill, but if you get in their way, they will shoot. to. kill."

It will be a 40 min movie short.


  1. very interesting! suspenseful and captivating...and the music definitely adds to the dramatic effect! your cousin did a great job!

  2. I really like this trailer, the car chase scene looks intense! I wonder how he did that.

  3. Looks amazing! Your cousin is talented. Can't wait to see the whole thing! Be sure to post once it's up. :]

  4. wow sophia! that is shot breautifylly. your cousin is very talented.

    and you're right...the girl is very hot!! hahhaha

    when is the movie coming out? i'll definitely watch it to support it :)

  5. ^I'm glad to hear positive feedback! Will update you all when it comes out :)

  6. Wow this looks so badass! Props to your cousin :)
    haha omg is the lilac lipgloss the Revlon super lustrous ones? I think I saw Holly's video on that. I have one of those lip glosses in "shine that pink," which I think flatters me more than lilac :P glad you found it though!!


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