Tuesday, May 25, 2010

making the case for makeup, a rant

Before reading this post, please watch the following video:

Those who know me, know that I rant quite often. I get pissed really easily, and have no patience. I will say that 95% of the time I'm given a reason to be annoyed... especially at work. ugh. UGH! Haha, but anyways, when something annoys me I get really worked up about it and I feel the need to tell everyone how I feel.

So. Lately, I feel that I've been seeing a lot of attacks on women who are "fake". Fake because they wear makeup, false lashes, colored contacts. Excuse me? Really? Take a look at these photos:

You all recognize our First Lady, yes?

Or, perhaps you're more familiar with this photo:

Now tell me how many people you've heard call her "fake"? And let me tell you, she is wearing loads more makeup than I do, and I wear false lashes and colored contacts on occasion.

If what you mean by fake is non-neutral toned makeup, then just say so. Because there is NOTHING natural about that magazine cover.

Men who say that they like natural looking girls who wear zero makeup ~ WATCH THAT YOUTUBE VIDEO UP THERE. How did you like the natural look of Pam? Charlize? Selma? (Ok, let's leave Goldie out of this... she's "mature" haha, so she's allowed to have skin like that! Plus I loooooove her so no bad mouthing!) Yea they look pretty sexy don't they with the wrinkly saggy blemished skin and bags under the eyes and undefined eyes. Albeit those are not their best expressions in the non-makeup photos, but you can still see major skin and eye differences.

So, guys, that freaks you out huh? But, imagine a world with no makeup. You wouldn't think so many women were hot I bet. In fact, let's not stop there. Let's stop shaving, wearing well-fitted clothing... let's just stop caring about personal appearance altogether. The second a woman neglects to do something, like shave, she gets criticized for it. But you know what? Shaving is unnatural! Yes, it is! You think Gilette was around since earth's creation? Think again. High heels are pretty unnatural too. Let's get rid of those. Oh not to mention the flat irons, curling irons. I mean, who doesn't love an unshaven, frizzy haired girl in crocs eh? You with me???

From my personal experience, when I've gone the natural route, people ask me if I'm sick, tired, stressed. It's because my eyes are really small, slanted, and kinda close together. What am I supposed to say to them? No? It's because I'm not wearing makeup, but thanks for telling me I look sick when I'm trying to be au naturale? I'm sorry that my eyes don't open up any bigger, geez. When I do wear makeup, I never get questions like that.

I just think a lot of people are really clueless as to what they mean when they say fake. There are plenty of people who apply LOADS of makeup, just to achieve the natural look, and to try to hide from you that they're doing the natural look! There are youtube tutorials on the natural look for goodness sake, that require more products than I own! I think what they really mean is obvious makeup, versus subtle. Think the workers at the MAC counter hahaha. A good example that Ping brought up today for natural is the Bobbi Brown makeup look. You wear their makeup in a way so that it looks like you're not wearing makeup (how ironic hahaha). It's great to create an elegant, clean, neutral, and polished look.

For many women, makeup gives them confidence. How do you think Mrs. Obama would've felt to appear on the cover of a magazine with the 1st photo I put up? Hmmm? Confidence is beautiful. It's a strength. As you can see from my previous blog posts, I am a strong believer in makeup and all the unnatural goodies! I feel 10x prettier when I have false lashes on. Hey, is it my fault God skipped Korea and Japan when he decided who should get the long lashes? And if it gives me confidence, well then power to me, and fudge all of y'all who try to bring down us makeup wearing women!!!! Why don't you take that energy, and put it towards helping the hungry and sick people in the world, ok?


  1. Yeah let's stop shaving and taking care our appearance and post up videos on youtube! I can guarantee than in less than 5 mins we will have at least 10 comments saying "omg you're a monster" "geezyou're ugly" "go hide yourself". I agree with you when you say that makeup gives woman confidence. I've been arguing with my bf on this matter haha. My mom always tell me that I wear too much stuff on my face and that's why it's causing me some skin trouble but it's like totally the opposite. It's the troubled skin that I have that cause me to put stuff on my face because I don't want to look like a de-pigmented tomato! Some people still don't realize that no one has a perfect skin or perfect features yet.

  2. Lol! Funny rant, Sophia. I'm about to post coincidentally showing my complete "au naturale" look with no makeup, hair, and simple clothes. I'm with you on people asking if I'm sick or unwell when I go completely bare...and who wants that?? I'm all about wearing makeup to gain confidence, as long as it's in moderation.

    My boyfriend is one of those guys who claims to prefer "au naturale" but even he will admit that a little eyeliner and mascara goes a looong way on my asian eyes.

  3. Thanks for this post girl!!! I agree, makeup is confidence. It is art. It's a way to express yourself! I can say that I look 100% like crap AND like a totally diff. person without makeup, and that's why I wear it. Not necessarily always to feel "pretty," but to feel PRESENTABLE!

    Guys who criticize the way girls do their makeup are stupid. It's not like we do it just to please them! (okay well I'm sure some ppl do :P) But still. I agree that there's probably tons of guys out there that THINK they like the "natural" look on a girl but what they don't realize is that every girl's "natural" look is going to vary... and they shouldn't put a "fake" label on certain girls just because they like to do their "natural" look a little differently!

  4. Great post buddie! I don't care what anyone thinks--I love makeup and I think you look fantastic with yours! :)

  5. your so funny, this is so true. guys who say they like the natural look are liars, i see how my bf looks at me when i have makeup on and look polished, he checks me out. some people feel more confident with more makeup on, so what, why make a big deal out of it, at the clubs the girls that get hit on the most are the ones wearing mad makeup LOL.

  6. I get what you're trying to say but I'll be honest... I'm a little confused still.

    I just tweeted you. {*LOL}
    But I doubt my response will fit on twitter so I'll rant back here as well.

    I think it's ironic that if everyday people wear make up we're considered fake. I mean a lot of movies stars and famous individuals wear make up in their best looking photos. [I feel that video kind of exaggerated though. I'm sure if you took the photos at another angle they wouldn't look ass bad.]
    It's funny that they have tutorials for "natural" looks to achieve a look as if you're not wearing make up. Why not just wear nothing?!

    I've had a friend that got asked the same question as you when she didn't wear eye make up. She does have a different eye shape than you. [She's Vietnamese.] And the one day she didn't wear eye make up all her usual customers kept asking if she was sick. She told me after that day, even when she was tired and lazy, she made sure she wore atleast liner on her lower lashes and mascara. Sucks.

    I feel that us Asians also have to wear makeup because we tend to look younger than we really are. I have another friend who is wanting to teach high school students. The last interview she had, she was asked how does she feel about teaching high schoolers when she looks like a high schooler. Her heavy make up is just eye liner and mascara. She rarely ever wears eye shadow, lashes or foundation.

    I don't know where I'm going with this comment but I feel like society is VERY hypocritical. BFs always say movies stars and models are HOT, sexy, etc.. but when it comes to their GFs, they are not allowed to wear as much makeup. It's weird. I know my BF doesn't like it when I make my lashes long. He says I look like a doll or like one of the Japanese models from a Japanese magazine. [Obviously that's the look I'm trying to achieve.] GRRR!!!

    Real talk... I think you look pretty with or without make up. My opinion from looking at your bare photos on your blog. Make up only enhances what you've got. But I agree it is DEFINITELY a confidence booster. One days that I feel shitty inside, I spend extra time on doing my make up and adding a little more here and there. It definitely helps me feel better about myself.

    SORRY FOR THE LONG COMMENT! I should've just wrote an email. HAHAHAH

    <3s Serena.

  7. ^Haha Serena! I totally get what you were saying.. and I think for the most part we agree? I just have trouble articulating sometimes, so I may have goofed in writing this :p Haha which is sad cuz... English is my first and only language haha!

  8. I think it's hilarious how most guys are so attracted to girls that look "fake" but, when it comes to their own girlfriends, wives, etc. they start tripping out how they want them to look "natural".

    Anyhow, great rant! ^____^ I totally agree~

    Miss. P

  9. sista, i hear ya! i just got one of those awful anonymous "you're fake because you wear coloured contacts" comments last night and i just chose to ignore it because that person is ignorant.

    never NEVER listen to GUYS criticize us for what we look like. don't listen to that crap about what they expect from us. what they want us to look like. we were makeup because we want to smile bigger, we want to look hot, we want to one up all the other girls in town. i think the stupid asian obsession for "natural" look is silly. is double eyelid surgery natural? don't think so.

    girl, you wear those false lashes. you wear those coloured contacts. you wear that eyeliner!

  10. Sophia,
    Thanks for posting this girl! I truly understand what your saying. We shouldn't care about what others think but its hard to ignore when they are saying something that doesn't make sense. Your so fake? What the heck...how so? Just 'cause of the falsies, make-up, etc? That's crazy. Its nice to look natural once in a while to give your skin a break, but us ladies need our make-up, falsies, etc. It gives us confidence. Its not like were trying to impress some people...just to feel that self confidence inside. & for those that have a boyfriend- just to feel pretty AND confidence at the same time. Actually, you don't even need a boyfriend to feel pretty. Haha. People really need to stop judging just because of this. Whoever they were, they should really stop and think before opening up their mouths. Possibly search the definition of "fake" since they don't even know the proper usage of the word. Damn!

    AND, men who say they like them a natural lady is -_- They probably like their wives + fiancee to be natural but girls in general (for them to look at,etc) they want those girls to be all pampered up. Gosh, whoever calls this fake is ..idk either stupid, jealous, or just has no life. Sorry to say. loll.

    Sooo, how are you Sophia???? Your okay now? :) Take care and miss you !


  11. omg sophia totally agree with everrrrrything!!! great post! :)

  12. great post!!! couldnt have said it better!
    I dont care what anyone thinks or says about my make up, Ill do whatever I want to make MYSELF feel better. When I think I look good, thats when I have the most confidence!

  13. 100% rooting for all of your words. they are so true. those that say woman doesn't need makeup to be beautiful is just plain bullshit. these people can be quite clueless sometimes. ask their wife/or themselves not to wear makeup when they get marry, i'll see how they can be the happiest person on earth on their wedding day!!

  14. Hey Sophia!

    Totally feel you on this one...makeup makes me feel confident, pretty, sexy...especially lashes & liner and a strong, sexy eye! So what if it isn't really the real me, I am happy with who I am with it on lol!

    Men (especially younger men) can be so dense sometimes...or simple. LOL. Either way, always more power to those that know their strengths and weaknesses and play to them! ;) I know I'm no natural beauty, but with the power of makeup, taking care of myself, and putting effort into things, I can at least fake it! haha!

  15. Sophia when you were talking about Michelle Obama, I didn't realize...looks like she got a face lift. Gotta love makeup. Boys are stupid. They say one thing and will definitely do something different. If they saw a girl with that makeup, lashes and contacts walking down the street they would definitely look and check her out.

  16. Wow, Sophia, this is such a coincidence because earlier today I was just discussing about this topic with my friends.

    Here I'm one of the rare girls who wear dramatic eye makeup almost every time I go out. Most of my friends wear natural looking makeup. Sometimes they ask me why I am so "brave" to wear that kind of makeup and I just tell them that this is the kind of makeup I like. If they like natural makeup then good for them, but I have my own personal preference. Should I be someone else just because I have different taste in makeup? Some girls try so hard to achieve that natural-esque perfection while putting AS MUCH makeup as I do, so why bother? Lol.

    I agree that women are being criticized too much about wearing makeup. I mean, look around, women have at least 70% more pressure to look presentable than men do. So yeah, people who judge that ALL women who wear makeup are insecure/fake/etc are simply pretentious. Oh, and you rock for voicing your opinion! :)

  17. your rants are good :) it's totally true, though. like my friend says, it doesn't matter how gorgeous you are naturally, everyone will look better with makeup. i mean honestly, there's nothing wrong with makeup. but obviously for everything, there's also a limit. as long as you don't make yourself look like a freaking circus clown haha :)

  18. Haha my husband is also one of those who says he prefers my "natural" look. To be honest, I don't have the face for makeup... maybe it's because I'm not good at it, but it isn't really a significant improvement so I don't bother most days. But I am getting older so I can use some help with dark circles and the like to look more polished and professional. And even though personally I don't use much makeup, I think that if it makes you look and feel better, then there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  19. That video cracked me up! Well the song did! Yeah... I think everyone looks different with makeup on (esp. depending on how much you use and what you try to do with it). I love how it makes me feel better to step outside the world but I also don't depend on it. I only really started after college, so yeah I think almost everyone has seen my not so flattering non-makeup face. LOL!

    Actually I've seen old pictures of me & thought... WTTTTF. hahaahha

    But I wonder what guys would do if we all stopped doing that. SOmetimes my BF freaks out like... FREAKS THE FUCK OUT when he sees my pits after not shaving for a while. Then he says something like "SICK" or "GROSS". I always get irked b/c it's freaking natural! I mean everyone has arm pit hair, right? Geez...

    I also wonder why God skipped some of the Asian countries for boobies -_-. Damn... ;p

  20. Sophia, I hope this rant helped you release some steam.. because I feel your frustration! I think it's ridiculous for people to judge girls negatively by making a big deal out of makeup and calling them fake, when people endorse pop figures or celebs that are always presented in their best light (aka loads of makeup). Society is very hypocritical.. there's always these paradoxes for beauty standards. But hey, screw these people and as long as you feel confident and comfortable with yourself, don't even give second thoughts to what others think. I'm taking a social psychology class on women's bodies so I can go on and on about this :P Btw, thanks for the suggestion- can't believe I didn't think of stipling brush for my revlon foudnation!

  21. Love the post...
    I personally love makeup :) It does build my confidence... but ....
    I only wear makeup when I'm going out to party or to some event, bar....etc.
    I never wear to much since I just want to enhance my natural beauty...
    I changing your face fully... like Hollywood stars do is... pointless..

  22. As a guy, some girls look better with certain makeup than others. A lot of girls use it wrong. Sometimes they look worse than they do naturally. I really like good eye makeup, though. It does a lot of difference especially with Asian eyes =]



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