Tuesday, May 18, 2010

when you're feeling down .

So, lately I've seen some tweets and blog posts about people who know people who are going through hard times.

During tough times, it's so hard to think about anything other than yourself, and how you'll get through the situation. It seems like no one else in the world can possibly understand what you're going through. You feel alone, miserable, frustrated, angry, hurt, and as if things can't possibly get better.

And during not so tough times, you wonder "Why can't I have all these things?", or "I wish I looked more like her."

But you know what? It will pass. And, you should try to put things in perspective.

We've all gone through terrible breakups, deaths, accidents... and do you remember how you felt at the time? Now, think about where you are today. Doesn't that incident seem so far away? Yet, you can remember the emotions you felt at the time. Today, you are stronger than you were back then. Because hopefully you learned a lesson. You learned acceptance. Or you learned forgiveness.

And, I really don't mean to put anyone down, but it really helps to put things in perspective to people in worse situations.

Ask yourself these questions:

~Do you have access to clean drinking water?
~Do you have access to food and meals?
~Do you live free from fear that your own government will come to hurt you, rape you, kill you, maim you, take your children?
~Do you have more then $0.85 in your wallet?
~Is there at least one friend or family member who loves you?
~Are you able to work in a safe environment that pays fair wages?
~Are you able to browse the web with no restrictions and make blog posts about anything you want?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then you, my friend, are in a wonderful place. Millions of people would give THEIR LIFE to trade places with you. Please don't ever forget this, and don't take this lightly.

(And YES believe it - these are questions that MILLIONS of our fellow human beings CANNOT answer yes to!)
If you don't believe me, read here and here
and here

Please please ~ my intention with this post was not to make anyone depressed, or feel guilty. I think it's just good to always be aware, and to keep things in perspective. And to remember just how blessed we are with the things we have and the people in our lives.

p.s. yes, my blog is random.


  1. Thanks for this post : ) I agree, it is important to always keep things in perspective and be thankful for what we DO have, and time heals all wounds. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

  2. tell them to STFU.
    just kidding i'm in a silly mood. i encourage people to remember "this too, shall pass"

  3. Agreed. It drives me nuts how some people can be so self involved that they bring others down with them. If only everyone had a list of these questions taped to their bathroom :p

  4. I agree.
    People really need to get over themselves because the world does not revolve around them.
    I've been there before and it's not fun.
    and cute picture haha

  5. Sometimes, we just take what we have for granted.

  6. Hey Sophia, I like this post very much. It really does help us to put things in the right perspective and remind us to not take things for granted.. there are many times where I'm so absorbed in my feelings that I forget to still be thankful for what I have. But when I really think about it, I really don't have much to complain about.

  7. Hi Sophia! I think this is a great post. Sometimes when I feel like I complain too much, I look around and try to be grateful. :)

  8. Thanks everyone for reading this post and leaving thoughtful comments :)

    This is something I think about fairly often, but don't bring up on my blog b/c it's not "fun" or "interesting" subject matter.

  9. Hiya, great post. Certainly puts things into perspective. Thanks!

  10. LOL! I love the picture!!!
    My crazy period makes me think I wanna die. It's true though... not everyone is as fortunate as I am, some people have it way worse. Gotta think about the little things in life sometimes. =]
    Thanks for the uplifting inspiration! <3

  11. Thanks for reminding us how blessed we all are Sophia!
    It's hard to know that so many people in the world are far worse off, but aren't being helped, and their government/security systems are failing them :(

  12. totally agree! staying positive is the key!

  13. I love your list - it's so very very true. It is uplifting to know that we are very blessed to have such freedoms! It is just sometimes the things you have are the things that are taken for granted the most :(

    Thanks for the positive reminder Sophia! That's what I love about your posts...they are always so fun, refreshing, and real!

  14. Im following you now cos I loved this post :)


  15. Thanks for the reminder, Sophia!<3 It is all very true though! We should stop dwelling on what we don't have (even though sometimes, it's hard not to lust after things we want) and to start appreciating & enjoying everything that we are fortunate & blessed enough to have ^_^

    ♥ caroline


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