Friday, May 21, 2010

nyx lipstick swatches.wmv

Happy Friday y'all!

So the other day this song I like popped into my head, and I just had to listen to it on youtube! Only problem is I don't know the title or artist, but I know it's a current song on a top radio station.

So I g-chat my gf and ask her, "Hey do you know this song.. the lyrics are, 'I've waited, I've waited'" ... Me: "And there's another line that goes 'I've waited all my life'" .... (realizing that I'm being super vague and unhelpful) As I'm trying to google these lyrics, both of us are struggling to figure it out, and all the while the song is blaring in my head. I'm coming up with search results of Ryan Cabrera's song "True", which is totally NOT the song. And there are thousands of songs out there with lyrics like "I've waited all my life" haha.. go figure.

And then FINALLY, I'm like, "OMG! It's the song from The City! I can find it!" It's the Kevin Rudolph song with a bunch of ghetto rappers (ew).

Turns out he's singing, "I've made it" and not "Ive waited". LOL.

Anyways, moving on.

The title of this post is not a lie!

Here's a 1-2 min video on my NYX lipsticks. I always find it helpful when I'm googling images of lip colors to see it on the lips (obviously), and also against the rest of the face so that I'll know which shades go well with which skin tone.

My lips are pretty pigmented red... I didn't use any lip concealers ~ all l/s were applied straight onto my lips. Also show the l/s on a white paper towel LOL. Well I didn't want to swatch them on my arm!

In order:

[starting with round l/s]
*Circe (good to combine w/another l/s)
*Orange Soda (love!)
*Pumpkin Pie (hmm.. it's mehhh)
*Summer Love (loooove it! Thanks to my sister for recommending)
*Harmonica (hmmm..having trouble thinking of when this l/s would be appropriate...)
*Strawberry Milk (cheaper alternative to Heiress. Very nice milky finish)

[black label l/s]
*Heiress (REALLY easy to apply. It's practically foolproof! Feels similar to MAC Gaga)
*India (fav l/s. It's like milky pinky peachy)


  1. gorgeous lippies and swatches, dear! i really like heiress on you :) it's a perfect shade

  2. Thanks for the swatches! Heiress and India are so pretty! And of course Orange Soda is like my faaav hehe. I've been wanting to try Pumpkin Pie and Strawberry milk!

  3. omg u always looks preety ♥ :D

  4. OMG OMG OMG!!! Thank you so much for the video...I actually think Pumpkin pie looks REALLY GOOD ON YOU! You have given me all types of ideas now, I really want to try the black label NYX, looks sooooo amazingly gorgeous, especially India!!!

    I told you your skin tone could pull of ANYYYYY lipstick color! *jealous* hahaha

  5. ohh i like that song!! lol!!! and that photo of you my dear is too gorgeous!!

  6. LOL about the song! I love Kevin Rudolph's work on Binocular (I guess it's his first solo album) but his new stuff is kinda meh. LOL.

    Summerlove definitely looks great on you!

  7. ^ ipehishere ~ haha thanks, but I'm being totally honest when I say that I look different in person. With photos every angle and detail is totally manipulated lol.

    ^Fifi ~ oooh I'm gonna look up that album and listen!

  8. ooooooooHhhh thanks for the swatches! :D I like your picture at the beginning of your post XD Heiress looks gorgeous! Orange soda and India too ^_^ Pumkin pie looks GREAT on you! :D

  9. ^Saline ~ you were part of my inspiration to do the video!

  10. You look so gorgeous!!!!! and I still LOVE that Orange Soda~~~~~<3<3<3<3 Pretty~


    Miss. P

  11. you look beautiful =] i love the swatches!

  12. You look so cute!!!!!!!! :) The lipsticks are all nice! :D Yeah, Harmonica though.. Hmmm, what occasion WOULD be good for it? I'm thinking probably at a concert with a bunch of ghetto rappers! LOL :p But you still pulled it off very nicely :) Orange soda actually looks really good on you! Almost bronzy even :) Very pretty!

  13. awwwwwwww <3 you look awesome !

  14. Sophia~!!♥

    aww, I LOVE your pic with all the caption clouds! ^_^ hehe you look so pretty!! not a cheesy smile--I love that expression! It's really candid & fun, and not to mention, you look super hot!<3

    I really enjoyed watching your quick video! I think it's such a good idea to do a video of lip swatches!! Very entertaining & it went by fast, too! We get to see what we want to see (lip swatches + how it looks on the entire face), hear a cute song, and see YOUU! :D Yay for smiling more! I think you have a beautiful smile, so DEF. please do smile with your pearly whites more! :) I actually love all the lip colors on you, really! And I think Pumpkin Pie looks really good on you & goes well with your complexion! Too bad you think it's just mehh. haha! YESS for India, our new love! haha xD Shoot! Now, I wish that I had bought Heiress!! IT's such a pretty color & looks fab on you! I like Summer Love, too! It just looked whatevers in the tube, but now that I see it on you, I want it!! lol :P

    aww, thanks for the sweet comment you left me on my recent post!! I didn't think anyone was going to comment, since it was just a giveaway entry, but you and some of the girls actually took the time to read it and saw my update! I'm really touched! and aww, hehe I feel the same about you! *tear* Even though we've only met once, it was really fun & I felt that you were like an older sister too!! ^_^ We get along :) and YES! we will FOR SURE K.I.T. via twitter & blogger & perhaps e-mail & maybe random texts! hehe <3

    ♥ caroline

  15. hahha sophia ur video is so cute....all the lip colors are nice. love the lashes and the the contacts too. is it the same contacts i've seen u in or are they new?

  16. ^PIIIING finally! HAHAHA. Yes same blue contacts.. they don't look so blue from far away huh? I actually kinda like that they don't look so blue, but just kinda makes the eyes look different and not so ordinary..

  17. Cute video Sophia : ) I REALLY like India, and I saw afterwards its your fave too. Do you buy it online or are you able to find it in those asian marts? I don't want to pay shipping

    PS - Ditto on the snap button ... I hate scratching my nails up trying to pee after getting a manicure. Which jeans did you get on hold? TR/Sevens/Jbrand? lol! I hope they fit you...I know you have longer legs than me! And make sure they give you both discounts ... one SA wouldn't give me the extra 20, grr. Can't wait to pick mine up on Thurs. : )

  18. you are SO right, crest whitening strips DO help! It's one of the few things I tried and noticed results right away! An you look cute when you smile awwwww <3 hope you're having a great long weekend!

  19. DAMMIT I'm at work and I cannot watch your vid. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAME i'm going to have to do it at home
    See you wednesday!!!1

  20. you look stunning, unnie!
    i love your eyes on this one :D love the video too! make moreeee <3

    miss you, love you!


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