Saturday, May 29, 2010

why hello, sunshine

My weekend is starting off beautifully!

Saturday morning, I woke up to bright sunshine :) So bright, in fact, that I couldn't sleep in as I had originally planned. My sister came over with her two lil doggies ~ a toy poodle, and a teddy bear pup (1/2 bichon, 1/2 shih tzu), and we walked them around the 'hood.

J. Crew sweater, Ralph Lauren kids skinny zip (sz 12) jeans, Nine West shoes, Gucci shades
The RL jeans are ON SALE at Bloomie's right now originally $95, they are now $12 (,
They fall down without a belt... but I hate wearing belts :\ Oh well, saggy butt :(

I LOVE the back pockets, and the side zippers
Thanks again to PetiteAsianGirl ( for alerting us to the Bloomie's sale, and kids size 12 jeans!!!!!

My sister wore a stylish flowery romper (from boutique), and Tory Burch purse.

She's wearing these earrings, which were $3.80 from Forever 21 :)

And I'm wearing this ring that she got me, also from Forever 21 :)

It matches this bracelet that I bought in Japantown recently, during the blog meetup outing :)

I love how gold jewelry can perk up an outfit. Excuse the wrinkled sweater.. I HATE ironing!

And lastly, I've been craving Italian ever since my return from Boston. I miss the margherita pizza from Bertucci's, and just Italian food in general there. San Francisco doesn't have good Italian food. So, I've been making my own:

Caprese salad.
Fresh mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, EVOO, balsalmic vinegar

Penne, fresh garlic, fresh basil, EVOO, balsalmic vinegar, red chili flakes


  1. I love how a cute dog is the perfect accessory for any outfit! When I have Mochi and Kimchi with me my legs don't look as pale and my outfit looks more expensive! (and your haircut looks more expensive too!)

  2. I want Tory Burch stuff!!! I wish I had money =[
    That food looks soooo yummy. I'm hungry now.
    I wish there was places around my house that had GOOD food.
    I feel like Hawaii's government wants us fat so they plant fast foods at every corner. -___-
    Pretty nails!

  3. wow! what a great post :) first off, you look amazing in kids size 12 jeans hahaha. i can't fit in those i have to go with a size 14 or something xD

    cute puppies! omg they're so adorable :D and i like your nails and that ring, you know i dig crazy animal jewelry ^__^

    aaaa i'm sad i couldn't go to the blog meetup :( i don't think i'll be doing much this summer aside from mcat'ing and it's driving me nuts.

    your sister looks smokin' sexy in that dress - i totally love it :D lastly, that food looks so yummy ^__^ !

  4. two look quite chic just for dog walking! I can't believe those jeans are $12 now. They look a little loose on you, which is unbelievable (I'm jumping up and down just to squeeze into kids size 12!).

    Gorgeous nails and lovely new jewelry pieces!

  5. I loove your outfit! You look soo chic! :)

  6. cute outfit :)
    + wow mmm that pasta looks great !!

  7. cute doggies =]
    makes me want one

  8. You & your sister look all fab & chic walking those dogs! Love it :]

    Love the jewelry! They're all really pretty & I agree, it can jazz up outfits!

    Man, I better go to bed. I'm hungry now after seeing your salad + pasta. Have a great rest of the weekend ! <3

  9. awwwwwww your stuff is soo nice :3

    and you and your sister look so beuatiful :3

  10. why hello sophia, susan, mochi & kimchi....the cutest girls around town :)

    i can't believe its so nice!! i hope its beach weather today.

    you're wearing your very expensive bracelet...haha its awesome with the simple outfit!

    i wore my white denim too yesterday...i been waiting for sunshine to wear my white pants...hahah don't know why.

  11. I love her romper!!! soooo cute

  12. mm the food looks amazing! and such a great deal on the pants! u n ur sis are beautiful =D

  13. Yum, I want that caprese salad! Ya'll are so cute!

  14. I hate ironing too!!! excuse me if i'm leaving short comments i am tryign to catch up on everyones blog adventures

  15. Sophia!♥

    I've missed you!!<3 Sorry for being MIA ever since I moved back home! I got sick right on the day I came back (what a bust)! haha but I'm better & recovered now! The only thing that sucks is that my skin is not used to the weather back home or something, so I've been breaking out! which is NO FUN! I look hideous!! :'( I hate it!! I have these stupid pimples that are super red! If they were just zits that blended in and not bright red to the point where they contrast against my pale skin, i wouldn't be complaining!! >_< I'd be annoyed but wouldn't complain! *sigh* In other news, I've been babysitting my nieces...they're such a handful, but I love them SOO much! like OMG! hahaha super adorable bc the little one is learning to talk SO much! I loves it! lol I had a family get-together to celebrate my graduation this past Sunday too, so basically I've been running errands w/ my sister & prepping for that.

    OKAY, ENOUGH about me lol. I LOVE your outfit!! So classy yet casual chic--definitely something I would love to wear! haha xD I'd love to raid your closet...if only I fit in your clothes're so petite! I think I'm a size 14 kids for pants! You look super beautiful just out for a walk with the doggies! I <3 your sister's romper!! She's so stylish, just like you! >:D I'm glad you two got your dose of warm and happy sunshine! ^_^

    OoOooOo your Caprese salad & pasta look UBER yummy! *drool* hehe I need to cook soon! I need to blog! AHH so much to do. I really need to set up some kind of schedule where I can blog bc right now, at this point in time, my nieces take up most of my time & family & bf. I haven't even planned hangouts with my highschool gfs either! gahh...should really write posts in advance! hehe but I'm trying to catch up on blogs right now, like yours!<33

    ♥ caroline


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