Friday, May 7, 2010

geo nudy blue lens

I decided to do a picture and video post while I'm out here in Boston for the Geo nudy blue lens I posted about last week. Here are some still images, followed by the video. (note~ all photos are completely unedited, except the pic of my grey dress haha... I brightened it a ton).

I think I forgot to mention astigmatism in my video.... so basically I have astigmatism, and I have to wear hard rigid gas permeable lens. They keep the curvature of my eye... or something like that. If I wear soft lens, my astigmatism will worsen (my eyes have improved from wearing hard lens.. they are better today than they were 10 years ago). However, my astigmatism is on the mild side, so I do NOT need to wear toric lens. I'm not sure how astigmatism is measured, but if you have it and are interested in wearing circle lens, definitely consult your eye doctor first!! I called my eye doctor and that's how I found out.

My new camera records HD video, so you can watch in HD! I'm not sure what that means haha.. but it sounds good! Uhm and I was sitting on a medicine ball so I may "bounce" a bit at times ahahaha..

I got the lens from :)

This is the dress I'm wearing in the video, from Wet Seal (was on sale for like $15!!). It has bows and peepholes in the back :) I have on St. Tropez on my body, and lots of bronzer on my face so I wouldn't stand out in my usual blinding pastiness. Girls in Boston are extremely tan!!! Well, everyone except the MIT kids.. they're all super pasty :\
Here are images of the lipsticks that I mention in the video, pictured on my lips. Will add pics for Baby Pink later....

NYX Strawberry Milk - indoors
NYX Strawberry Milk - outdoors, and 2 layers applied
NYX Orange Soda - outdoors
This last lipstick is Revlon "Radiant Ruby", gifted to me from the sweet Michelle ( Thank you for the love package ~ I adored everything!
Coincidentally, I'd been curious about wearing a red lipstick, so I was very excited to try it on. I love it, it makes me feel like snow white!!
And in outdoor lighting:
I think this is my least wordy post to date. Will write more when I return to SF!


  1. My gosh you look freaking beautiful in all your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! && I'm so glad you liked everything in the pack (; I was worried haha. Love the videooooo <3 haha damn it was on sale for $115?? at wet seal? i never seen anything that expensive there LOL JM...i know what u meant! hehe

  2. New camera? Love the quality! You look really flawless without editing your photos! so LUCKY. ._. That dress was definitely worth the money. How much was it before it went on sale? (curious) haha, I was watching your youtube videos. You should do more! Are you going to be a youtuber now? You definitely should. Loved the video. & the quality of the photos are amazing. The l/s Michelle got you is hottttt. Love the color on you!

    AND Lovee the circle lens too! I want to see more videos! :D

    <3 Katie

  3. Hey Sophia, your video is so cute haha sometimes your forehead got cut off cuz of your bouncing. But dang your pics are model status, especially those last ones with the sunglasses :P Yes yes i've been to esperpento!! That's the most recent spanish/peruvian place I went to actually.. just last weekend, and the pic in my post with the lobster paella is from there :) woot I haven't tried ramblas though, gotta look into that. Woah you I'm glad you finally tried shanghainese food and honey walnut prawns, soo good!

  4. Wow you are super skinny! And that dress fits like a glove lol :) I like the orange soda shade... it definitely looks nude. I also have mild astigmatism but wear regular soft lenses (I think there are special soft lenses for astigmatism too)... my optometrist never said anything about needing hard lenses. I've heard that they're really uncomfortable?

  5. Those lenses are gorgeous! I love them on you~
    Yeah, I know what you mean- I'm so pale that it blinds people -___-;; Oh, well~
    And the lip colors are pretty<3<3<3<3<3<3 I especially love the 'Orange Soda~'
    I am eyeing the shades you have on in the last picture- where did you get them? So classy<3

    Miss. P

  6. Oh so pretty!
    I have Nudy Blues too but they look so much different on everyone!
    -___- Sorry you didn't get your EOS ones yet. I'm still waiting for them to contact me about everything. GRR.

  7. Ahhh! <33333

    I love love love the video! I'm glad you finally made one :D

    Love the outfit & boy do those sun glasses look GOR-GEEEEEEE-OUSSSS!! i love em! i kept looking at them hehe! love the last photo, as well. You look hawt ;)

    Anyways, hope youre having a wonderful time over there with the honeypoo <33

    miss you!

  8. These lenses look very nice!!*O* Very nudy and sexy :3
    Your photos are sooo pretty :3

  9. Cute dress - looks like it runs quite small! And I'm guessing you got it for $15 and not $115? : )

  10. sophia! :) i finally get to hear your sweet voice :D i really like the video you made, actually. makes everything more personal ^___^

    the geo nudy blues look GREAT on you :) hahaha yes no one ever follows those rules. i wear my contacts for probably 14 hours a day o_O your review was very professional (haha can you tell i'm writing my comment as I watch your vid?)

    those sunglasses pics of your lips are SO GLAM! i love strawberry milk on you and orange soda :D i look like deranged barbie with bright pinks so after a few hours at target trying to force my face to work with it, i gave in D:

    ahhhh elf luscious liquid lipstick <3 my faveee!

    ps. lol pasty MIT kids :D

  11. omg the contacts are so pretty on you! and finally orange soda looks like the perfect nude for me! and that dress is so lovely! <3

  12. Ahh!! Sophia♥

    You're so freaking cutee in your video!! haha xD I noticed the bouncing here and there lol!! fun times! lol omg you are so petite and svelte! I loves it! omg I'm going to look so pudgy next to you when we finally meet! haha

    The lens look so good on you! You get the halo effect! So lucky!! I'm glad you like 'em! And my goodness, you look quite the sophisticate when you wear glasses/sunglasses!! hella sexy!! :P Very smart looking too!<3

    Yay, so it turns out that your cute pink lippie is NYX Strawberry Milk!! When I did my NYX haul a while ago, I actually bought 2 of Strawberry Milk just so that I would have backup! lol :P I'm happy you're enjoying yourself in Boston!! When are you coming back? :)

    ♥ caroline

  13. Sophiaa! Those lenses are super! :D The dress is beautiful too and thumbs up for the video :D

  14. sophia! yay you made a video! you're so freakin adorable! i love your pics and those sunglasses are super cute!

  15. OOOOMMMMGGGG - SOPHIA you are so cute! :) Those lenses look absolutely AMAZING on you! They are super blue and stand out a ton!!!

    Those NYX lippies look AMAZING on can pull it off because your skin is so light & gooorrrrgeous!

    Love the glasses on you - so sexy & sophisticated!

    Hope you're having a good time in Boston! The camera seems to be working great too ;)

    PS - sorry your b-day gift is so late in coming ..I had to wait for something to come in the mail before I can mail out :D

  16. hollllllly crap.
    Lovin' that first photo of you! The blue is suitable, and completely pops. The effect of the lenses is awesome.

  17. oh em gee what sunglasses are you wearing!? you may have mentioned them in another post but I can't remember.
    just watched the vid - this must be the one you & i were tweeting about while uploading, hahahahaaha. yea you feel me!? it takes forever to upload! at least yours is in HD and is much more clear. ANYWHO I remember you raving about Orange Soda when I first hit up Variety Shop. I think i'll have to pick it up this weekend and give it a try. I'm too scared hahah I need you to convince meeee and I love love love love love Baby Pink. That one is my favorite NYX lipstick from the round collection. *sigh* SEE YOU SOON!!! oh and be safe coming back from Boston. I hear there's delays due to the weather on the East Coast :\

  18. U look so so pretty sweetie!!! Love ur voice!

  19. ^^
    OOPS I changed the price of the dress to $15... haha I think Wet Seal doesn't have any products over $20 lol!

    The SUNGLASSES I'm wearing (a couple ppl asked)are Gucci, and here's a link to them on Nordstrom--> They are the current season style, and come in multiple colors.

    Katie ~ I won't be making any beauty videos or anything, but I have a couple more orders of circle lens that I will do video again! I ordered grey, hazel, pink, and some other lens I forget hahaha..

    Thanks for all the sweet comments ~ I love you gals all so much :)))

  20. looove the lenses! and the red lips make you look sexy! hope you had fun in boston! hey, are you gonna enter my contest? just wondering how long to keep it running. :)

  21. Look at that hottie!
    Your blue eyes are so pretty. I think they kind of look natural in a way. {*HAHA} Yess.. I know you'd never see asians with blue eyes but those lenses look natural. It's not a BRIGHT blue but it's a blue eye color? I don't know if I'm making sense. =X

    I like your video! Great job on it. The lighting is really nice in Boston.

    That's a steal. $15 for that dress? Wow. I like, I like. =] I feel like I can never find anything at Wet Seal. {*boo} I feel like everyone else can find great items at Wet Seal but I never find a single thing.

    I'm loving all the lipstick shades as well. I really like the orange one and the light pink. I'm on the hunt for a nude-ish color now. I really like your glasses. Not the sunglasses but your actual glasses. You look really pretty. I feel like I look hella nerdy with mine. HAHAHA.

    As for my camera its a... [looking for it right now]... OLYMPUS. The BF and my two besties from college got it for me as a Bday present last year. I love how it's pink.

    <3 Serena.

  22. Hi Sophia!! Finally got around to commenting, I am ADORING the sunnies (they'd NEVER go with my round face, though) and the Strawberry Milk. I shall ask theSusyness to come with me to our fave Variety Store so that we can try it out for ourselves!
    I've already told you via tweet-tweet, but that red looks sooo gorgey on you, hon! xoxo

  23. Love the lipstick especially the NYX strawberry and soda orange...
    The dress is beautiful :) looks great on you :)
    The contacts are freaky cool :)
    good post :)

  24. those circle lenses are so nice!! You look hawt and the dress looks great on you! Where did you buy the lenses?

  25. The Strawberry Milk lipstick is so cute!!!!! :D I really love the color, so so much :) I never see anywhere though and I might have to look harder :)
    You are so cute in the video!! You should do more vids like that :D I like how realistic you are and you provide good insight on colored lenses, and makeup reviews :D

  26. (I'm playing catch-up here)

    Love the video! Aww, it's like I'm "meeting" you for the first time or something.. You're so cute! Everything looks great!

  27. hey sophia. i really like your style you look nerdy hot/sexy in one of the picture and the lip colors really make you look pretty. keep smilling girl!


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