Tuesday, April 27, 2010

notice anything dif? ;) and i still shop at teenager shops...

Why yes, yes my eyes naturally turn blue in the sunlight ;) Hehehehe... that is my pretend response to someone asking me if my eyes are naturally blue :) I know that all you blogger girls know all about lens and stuff, but you'd be surprised about people in the real world! One of my Asian gf wore false lashes to my cousin's wedding (hi Ping! I hope you read my blog hehehe!), and the people at our table said "nice lash!" and were surprised when she said they were fake. Uhm hello! What Asian girl has long spiky lashes and any eye color BUT brown?! Buahahahahahaha!

I'm wearing Geo nudy blue from k-circlelens.net ... full review coming soon. I ordered several pairs of circle lens from Serenie (http://himeeyes.blogspot.com) who is like one of the coolest bloggers evarr, but since it was a batch order and I wanted to be sure to have a pair before my Boston trip I ordered these. I LOOOOOVE blue contacts!! OMG you don't know how sad I was to have to take them off :( My absolute favorite look is blue eyes, pink lips, and blonde hair (uhm.. Barbie?). I don't know why. Wait, yes I do. Years of socialization by media :) I love the fake look. Like really I do. When I was in high school I thought import girls were soooo pretty, and I loved their fake hair and tits. Wearing these lens made me want to run out and bleach in some platinum hi-lites, put on a skimpy white dress and super high heels. The lucite kind. JK! *sigh* What's wrong with me?
I did some shopping recently too. I went a couple of months where I didn't want to buy ANY clothes at all. And then this past month, BAM! I wanted to buy things left and right. And I love shopping online, and scouring for sales. I happened to browse Hollister Co., and spotted a dress and cardigan on sale for like $15 each. They arrived today! Woohoo! I only own like, 1 or 2 summer dresses, so been wanting to stock up. Looks a bit funny with pumps... but I stopped wearing flip flops with dresses after college.. I need to shop for some casual sandals...

Front of dress.
Size XS
Hollister Co.
(Yes my legs are pasty. I bought some St. Tropez this weekend ($40/bottle ouch >.<)! Haven't tried it yet, but when I do I will take many before + after pics and do a review!)

The back.
Size XS
So soft and warm!

I got this trench from Forever21 on sale for like $17, plus shipping for like $6? Anyways, I have 2 Bebe trenches, which I've come to HATE. All their trenches are too LONG, and hit at my knee, which I find super unflattering. But I keep wearing them b/c they're supposed to be good quality brand, and I paid $100-$150 each, I forget. My mom is going to hem them... I think a shop would charge like $50 each coat... Anyways, I really like this Forever 21 trench! It even has lining ~ I was pleasantly surprised! On the model it hits like right below her crotch hahaha.

Size XS
Did some major damage at the Napa outlets this past weekend too... there's a BCBG, BCBG Final Cut (GREAT bargains ~ dresses retailing for $200+ are only $19!!), Banana Republic, makeup shop (sells MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc), Barney's, Gap

The Nine West there had tons of size 5! I headed to the sales rack and picked up these shoes which were $29.99 each, and Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 off:

They're a taupe color... sorry my phone cam didn't quite pick up the color. Size 5, and still so big :( I need to go buy some insoles!

Nine West

And this is why I love slingbacks! You can tighten them down to fit you :) I've been really wanting camel color shoes, and so glad I got these!
Nine West
Ahhh I just love the way camel color looks on skin!! Hah it's a good thing my phone is low megapixel, I haven't shaved in a bit hahahahaha (I have hairy legs for an Asian T_T )
Do any of you own the nubra? Does it really stick? And how many times can you use it? The hollister dress, and 2 others that I ordered from Wet Seal have the type of back that will show bra straps. I just worry about the nubra falling down and making it look like I have boobs coming out my stomach O.O Or worse, falling down to the ground and I'd have to pick it up in front of everyone. OMG how embarrassing would that be!!!!


  1. You have the skinniest legs ever so jealous! I LOVE the blue eyes on you : ) See? They look great! Oooh I love the camel coloured shoes. They're very flattering! Yay shopppingggg boo examsss

  2. Lovely buys and I like that F21 trench you got.:D Very nice cut.:D

    As for the Nubra, it does stick, just place it properly on your chest. I had to clean mine every time since I'm paranoid it won't stick the next time I use it. Lol. Haven't used mine for a long time. Must have left it at my Mom's house. But yeah, it works. Hope that helps.

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Love the lenses on ya! I can't wait to get mine from Serenie! ^.^ Wanna hear your review on them too because I've been curious about the Nudy's.

    Haha and I toootally feel you on the import babes. Loove the platinum blonde bombshell fake titty-ness. I mean, what's not to love? (most) of them are damn sexy! ^__^

    Awesome outfits too, I love that cardigan! I really want a thick, warm, cozy one : ) And shoes! It is so hard to find shoes when you have small feet :( I'm 5 - 5.5 and there is like NO selection for me :(

  4. Woo sexy mama! I have the same sweater (: I love wearing it with a big belt! Try it, it looks super chic (;

    Really the bugs freak you out? I have a thing for bugs -_- It just doesn't creep me out...Like if I see spider I would just pick it up and move it rather than kill it for no reason.

    Anyway, can't wait to see the review and you look great with the contacts (;

  5. Love both dresses!!! U look great! I'm a shoe size 5 too and its so hard to find shoes in size 5 =D
    Yea, I own a nubra and I LOVE it! It really sticks, I bought it last june for a backless ballgown. It still sticks. Just gotta make sure u clean it after each use....but totally works for me!

  6. The bareback dress is a uber beauty!!! I'm totally in love with it

  7. That hollister dress is hot! You just need some strappy white flat sandals or wedges to wear with it.

    Aww, your feet are so tiny. That size 5 looks almost 2 sizes too big! But then the slingbacks look like they fit perfectly : )

  8. Cute dresses and they fit you really well! I wore the nubra with my wedding dress and it worked well (even gave me cleavage which was astounding lol) in terms of staying in place all day. But it also gave me a rash afterwards (I do have somewhat sensitive skin though). So I only use it for special occasions. I've used it probably 6-7 times now and it still seems to work fine.

  9. ^Thanks for the input on nubra! Seems like it works well, I'll be picking one up!

  10. ahmahgoodness you are so damn petite. i'm jealoussssssss. what are you wearing on your lips? it's sooo pink and pretty!!!

  11. I love the circle lenses on you!!! Can't wait for the review...so many questions! Are they comfy? Do they have prescription? Does your boyfriend like them too or is very against them like mine T_T

    You found some awesome STEALS - that dress is super sexy with the low back! OMG is that a tattoo I see on your back shoulder? O_O That cardigan looks so cute, stylish & cozy!

    Sadly, I have the same problem with shoes - size 5 and sometimes still too big!!! Especially with pumps...*sigh*

    Awwww...I like you with your natural black hair!!! :)

  12. hey it looks great on you!! im planning on buying the nudy ones in gray next week :D plus awesome haul, love the first outfit, very very sexy!!!

  13. I saw it here http://japanesecandy08.multiply.com/ :D the super big nudy ones are so so beautiful!!

  14. thank you for the gratulations^^

  15. Great outfits!!!

    omg...I also LOVE my nudy blue circle lens and I also get many compliments on them with a few saying they look natural on me. I dunno why since I'm asian and have black hair. hahah

  16. The Hollister dress fits you perfectly and is sooooooooo cute!!!! XS fits? Your feet are tiny- size 5- like me!! I have the worst time finding pumps that don't slip or don't have a big gap in the back...grrr.....:)

  17. Circle lenses are so cool. I want to get a pair now but I feel like a lot of my friends will make fun of me for being "fobby".
    Ironic huh? Like you said Asians usually only have brown eyes; how are colored lenses fobby?! GRR...

    The blue looks really nice on you. Did you get any other colors? How did they feel? Do a review!! =D

    LOL @ loving fake hair and tits. I was exactly the same way in high school! I thought import girls were so hot but now not so much. I mean a lot of them were/are pretty but... YeAhHhH.

    Loving the dress and cardigan from Hollister. What a steal. I haven't been in a Hollister for almost 2 years now. I forgot what cute items they have.
    I like the trench and shoes too. You have such tiny feet! How cute. Manzz.. I wish I had small feet. My feet are huge. =X
    Looking at the sizes you bought, you're tiny all over! Lucky.

    I've never tried a nubra before so I can't help you there. I mean you can always double side tape it all around JUST incase?

    <3 Serena.

  18. Love those dresses you got, they're so pretty!

  19. i LOVE your dresses, they are sooo pretty! and that cardigan wrap over the first dress looks great too!! your feet are soo tiny girl, i can't believe a 5 is too big for you!! i do own the nubra and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! i wore it on my wedding day and it stayed up all day!! you have to wash it at night though before you can wear it the next time! btw, just wanted to let you know that i love your blog and am a new follower!


  20. you look so pretty~ i want to try circle lenses!
    great outfits too, you're such a hottie! :P

  21. You look gorgeous with the blue lenses, Sophia! ^__^ lol @ your hot import model w/ platinum highlight hair! ahahhaha xD you are so funny ;)I like to change it up once in a while and wear blue contacts too, and it was my thin back in hs...I was the only Asian girl that wore blue that I knew of while most girls who got colored contacts usually got either purple or gray. I always thought I looked pretty neat with them too...and that was until my bf's mom noticed my eyes (like during winter break) when I happened to be wearing blue lenses and she was a little surprised and said I look like a poodle!! wth @___@ I don't know who I got compared to a poodle...she said it was a little strange and not natural? haha sigh...

    wow, you snatched up some great steals for yourself! props to you for being able to pull off that animal print trench! I tried that on in store with my bf (he made me just for fun) and I looked HORRID ahahahah lmao...and what was funny was that this gay SA suggested it first and he was raving about it. haha it's so funny. You look so sophisticated and RIGHT in it!! :) Gosh, and I don't need to tell you that you look SIZZLIN' in that dress, you hottie! ;)

    Oh, I've been meaning to ask: what lippy are you using to get that pretty shade of pink for your lips? >:D oh, and btw, I lovee how you look with red lipstick (that pic you tweeted), but I didn't get a chance to tell you!

    okie, I go now...gotta write/finish up stupid paper by Sat. afternoon so that I can take a lil break and start another one Sunday...FAIL ;_;

    Hope you're having a blast in Boston!

    ♥ caroline

  22. I look sophisticated? HUZZAH :D
    Sophisticated Sophia. I like that. That could almost be another blog name for you :3

    You're a sweetie pieeee

  23. Eee! You always look so cute!! :D I love all the things you are wearing :D Especially the little dresses :D You are so tiny!! =P

    The blue lenses look great on you!! :D I hope they were comfortable! :) Hmm, is that a tattoo on your back?! :D


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