Sunday, June 20, 2010

going makeup-less SUUCKS big balls

So I got a stye last week -_-

NOT fun. It means no makeup or contact lens for a week at least.

Anyways, my 3rd day into it, I was like, "Dammit I'm tired of not wearing makeup!" So I came up with the clever idea to just apply makeup on the outer 1/3 of my eyes, as the stye was located on the inner 1/3 close to my tear duct. I tried it out on my non stye eye (teehee!), and thought, hmmm a bit light for my taste, but it was enough to make a slight difference.

I've never used such little makeup in my life, but after going a few days without any I was happy to use a minimal amount even.

One eye with, one eye without

Even such a minimal amount I feel really lifts the shape of my eye, instead of drooping down, which causes the "sleepy/tired" looking effect.

Yay both eyes done ^_^ And I am SO loving my Wet n Wild lipstick in 903C, worn on the right pic. Perfect matte, peach color.

It reminds me a bit of the new Chanel ad with Vanessa Paradis b/c of the matteness and the color. I see a couple of these ads every morning on my walk to work, and I love it! I just love her beautiful blonde locks paired with the lipstick on her flawless fair skin.

And now for our Father's Day meal. My mommy cooked PERFECT filet mignon with sauteed mushroom in a beef boulion + red wine sauce, asparagus with olive oil + vinegar, bell peppers with oil, vinegar + lemon zest, baked potatoes, and we all made creamed spinach.


Look how big my dad's piece is compared to everyone else O_O!

Plated filet.

Look at that perfect red center. Mmmmmmmm.


  1. YUM on the filet mignon, a favorite of mine!

    I am giving away a J Crew bracelet at

    Hope you will enter to win :)

  2. i know how much a stye sucks. when i used to work in cosmetics that was the one thing everyone was afraid of because we were required to wear makeup to the counter. so don't feel too bad!

    your mom is an awesome cook!!! all the food looks amazing. that looks pretty similar to what i had this weekend at chaya, but we paid about $160 for two people!

  3. Oh I hate styes... haven't gotten any in a while, but one time I had one so big half my eyelid was swollen shut and I could only see through a slit opening in that eye. My mom does this funny thing where she heats up a wooden chopstick by holding it over the stove and applies it like a compress on the stye, but I guess warm compresses in general might help.

    All that food is making me hungry :)

  4. u look good without makeup! ur naturally pretty :D
    hopefully the stye will go away very very soon :D

  5. umm this food looks so delicious :3

    I like this 1/3 make up very much^^

  6. people say natural beauty is the best right =D !

    ahww, the meal looks delicious =D

  7. omg your gorgeous with and without makeup!!

  8. oh no, that suck i hope you get better soon

  9. Thanks for the well wishes! I think it's gone now, though it hasn't been a full week yet. I chanced it and wore contacts today :o

  10. omg i got one too last week, but my eyelid was swollen up bigtime for a day lol

  11. Even without makeup, you look cute.:D It's good to just let our skin breathe from time to time.:D

    Your food pictures are making me hungry!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  12. oh wow, you know i think you look good either with lotsa make up r with less makeup. but I kinda like less make up more, you've such pretty fair skin!

  13. How do you get a stye? Hopefully I can prevent one! The light eye makeup does make a difference. Hope you get better soon!

    Man that filet is perectly done! Drool!

  14. ahem...i take credit for the creamed spinach!!!

  15. sophia you are so cute! you look great with or without makeup though, jealous! :P great tips on the makeup too! :)
    that food looks sooo yummy btw!

  16. Stop lying Susan that's very childish of you! The spinach wouldn't have come to fruition if it weren't for ME!

  17. you are still gorgeous with no makeups.

  18. Fillet Mignon is one of my favorites! :) Awesome that your mom made it perfectly. It must've been a yummy meal! :D

    Poor you and the stye :( I had one on my eye the beginning of the month. I had no idea what it was and went to Kaiser to get it checked out. It was my first one and it was very unpleasant. I hope you feel better by now! It's hard not to use any make up :p But you look sooo good even w/o it!!!!! :)

  19. wow! such amazing food yum yum :D
    awww :( i hope your eye gets better! sometimes i get little bumps on the inside edge of my eyelid but i ignore it ... i'm kind of awful xD i definitely look dead if i don't put on any eyeliner but i usually don't care xD eye makeup irritates my eyes and makes me blink and then it gets stuck inside the corners of my eye and it's gross .. and then my contacts either dry and fall out from too much staring/not blinking or i get panda eyes xD

    ps. i still need to go shopping ;) waiting for my dad to get home and take me. lots of family craziness past few days

  20. that little bit of eyeliner makes a huge difference! definitely :) it's good to have a fresh face every once in a while. i am in love with that chanel ad too lol everytime i see it in one of my magazines i tear it out and aim to plaster it on my wall :)

    your lips look so pretty with that lippie :)

  21. Aw how is your eyelid now Sophia? That stye sounds like no fun.. but I honestly think you're still pretty without makeup so no worries. :) I went out for a quick errand today and only put on some lipstick- it felt weird for my face to be so bare but hey the l/s helps bring some color to my face! :P I think the peach l/s looks nice on you. Your mom's cooking looks deslish! lol to the size of your dad's steak compared to the others.

    P.S. thank you for the compliments on my beach fotd :) *blush!*

  22. Oh, I love this make-up post. That lipstick does have the perfect matte and peach colour. I've been meaning to try the rouge by coco lipsticks but I doubt I'll be able to pull it off since my skin isn't pale enough for it to look good.

  23. awww... :( so sorry to hear about the stye... :( Hope it gets better soon, but that is a really cleaver way to avoid it but still use make up!

  24. Ooooh happy late father's day! I LOVE how your Daddy got the best piece, same rules go at my house hehe ;)

    I'm sorry about your stye! :( Have you tried some warm compresses for about 20 mins/day? It is supposed to help! I would die if I couldn't wear my eye makeup! (Sad isn't it?) I always still think you're pretty w/o.

    That lipstick is pretty...I couldn't pull off that look though, I would look dead X_X I'm not sure what your views on tanning are, but I need one STAT

  25. ^thanks guys for the well wishes on the stye, and the advice!! It's gone now yippee~!! And the day I got it (since it was my first stye haha) I immediately called Susy since I knew she had one before, and she said put a warm/hot compress on it a few times a day. It really helped, and it went away in a few days!

  26. Hey gurl! I got your package and the color is PUUUURFECT!
    I love the mirror too! It replaced my about to break Sephora mirror.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!

    I can not live without eye liner. I look like a dead zombie with lack of sleep if I don't have eye liner.
    That dinner looks yummy! Cook me some!! Haha! =]

  27. Aww I hope the stye went away! I have been going make up less...since idk forever haha I'm such a lazy bum -_- but I'm soo used to it now! But you look great either way!!! && yummm the food just made me super hungry!!!!

  28. glad you found a solution to the styyee - is it better now?
    i usually don't spend too much time on makeup, but even then, it feels weird to not have ANY on at all!
    anyways, the food looks absolutely amazing - SO JEALOUS!!

  29. you still look pretty without makeup! :) & your mom is such a good cook ! it all looks sooo delicious :)


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