Saturday, June 12, 2010

i'm a virgin

.....when it comes to blushes!

You guys have heard me say more than once that thanks to the blogworld and youtube, I've been introduced to so many beauty products. Well, one product I didn't own until last week... was... BLUSH!

So last month, when I was in Boston, I had taken a group photo, and I commented to Ping that I looked really pale and washed out in it. So she said that I just need to wear blush, and a non-nude lipstick (she worked at Bobbi Brown for years so she is a good person to ask makeup advice!). And, lately I've been seeing some blogs and makeup vids showing blushes. Well... wouldn't you know it.. the very next day I got a package in the mail from one of my lovely new blogger pals ~ Saline! She sent me some BB creams that didn't work out for her, and she threw in 2 N.Y.C. glosses and an N.Y.C. BLUSH!!! Gaaah she's so sweet! As are so many of you ladies that I've met and gotten to know via blogger! I know a lot of people think girls are all catty and drama and shit talkers... well I think otherwise. Actions speak louder than words, and these girls' actions have spoken loud and clear to me!! I have received several other sweet gifts.. but I'm saving those for a post all their own :)

Ok ok, on to the blush! Saline sent me a limited edition blush in "Big Apple Blush". I'd never used a blush before, and I didn't know they came in creme form! But, I had watched a youtube video a week before showing these exact same blushes (just dif colors), and she used a brush to apply. So, I took my MAC hello kitty blush brush, swirled one time on top of the stick, and gently circled it on to (what I thought was) the apple of my cheek. I don't think I got it quite right yet, but practice makes perfect!

Here is the blush, and some shots of it applied:

Verdict: I loooooove it! And highly recommend! Girls ~ I am being totally honest when I say a leetle bit goes a looong way!! Seriously, just swirl on the blush stick once, and lightly. Even under a light, the camera picked up the color! This creme stick is gonna last me years at this rate! Under better lighting at work, my eyes were drawn to my reflection ~ I looked alive and happy! Strange things to say, but normally I'm so pale that it makes me look kinda sickly/lifeless (just ask my dad.. he asks me if I'm sick ALL the time >.<>

Since I was so happy with that one, I've been eager to get more! And my dear sister hunted them down for me at CVS in Oakland! We don't have any in SF :( Walgreens here sells NYC, but NOT the blush sticks! They are somewhere around $2.99-3.99 a stick. If you already have blushes, I'm sure you're happy with the ones you've got. But, if you're like me, and you never even considered buying one cuz you thought you would never need it, I think you should consider getting one! Stop by a makeup counter, and ask them to apply some blush on you! Then, go home and inspect it, or go outside and look in a compact. The lighting at makeup counters is terrible in my opinion, and it doesn't really show you how you'll look on a normal basis because their lighting is so ... manipulated if you know what I mean...

I would love to hear from you what blushes you use, and which brands? The one that I hear the most often is Nars brand blushes. Perhaps one day when I'm feeling like a baller I'll purchase one ;)


  1. haha.. hopefully i didn't let you down?! it doesn't give you hallucinations, well it hasn't given me hallucinations. maybe it's dependent on the amount you drink.

    btw your skin is amazing!!!

  2. u didnt own blush? wow :) and the colour u chose absolutely suits u love the second pic of u ;)

  3. hello sophia! looking pretty in pink! love the makeup-- very natural and just enough to give you that pick me up. isn't blush amazing. people used to get mad at me when i put blush on them at the makeup counter....and i'm like me old lady. lol

  4. The color is such a pretty flush on you! I'm also a newbie to blushes. I own one - it's a Rock&Republic one that I purchased after seeing it on Jen frmheadtotoe. It was quite expensive for me (on sale for $25 plus ship) but it is heavy and huge and will probably last me for a year or two! My bf was pleasantly surprised and commented on how it put "life into my cheecks" ... very strange coming from a guy.

  5. sophiaaa!!! i emailed you the other day to tell you i got you the blushes! i hope your sister didn't get you the same ones!!! email me! :)

  6. I love it! It gives you such a nice and cute flush!!! :D

  7. ^Nicol ~ yea I don't know why I never thought to buy it... guess it was something I thought I was fine living without. Of course, now that I've tried it, it's now become part of my daily regimen!

    Thx Ping :) I would never have tried it if you hadn't told me.

    PAG ~ that's awesome!! Haha similar happened to my sis.. she bought an NYC one for herself, and the first day she applied it, her bf noticed and said her cheeks look pretty :)

    Liana ~ I emailed you back!

    Grace~ hehe I know you have lots of the MAC one, which I would love to try one day! .. but for the price of these NYC I couldn't resist ^_^

  8. Oooo looks lovely on you! Thanks for the review/swatches! I really want to pick some up now. Btw, Is the texture sticky/tacky?

    Loool I've become an insane blush addict lately XD for inexpensive, I'd say ELF Studio blushes. They are really good! For drugstore, I'd say the Rimmel long lasting blendable powder blushes, and for high-end, I'd say MAC powder blushes!! I have yet to try NARS blushes :(

  9. Aaah, it looks GREAT ON YOU!!! But everything looks great on you Sophia. LOL :) The color suits you really REALLY well. I wonder if Target carries the blush sticks, it seems like such a rare & interesting product.

  10. love the color , soo cute and suit u =)

  11. I'm going to have to try it!
    Thanks. :)

  12. blush is my secret weapon haha :D i need it or else i just look sallow. my face is naturally not very pink and i have no colour in my cheeks. you did a great job! ^__^

  13. The blush looks AMAZING on you!!!!! It really does. Very fitting your fair skin :) A little does go a long way!! Usually the camera washes out blushes, but yours looks so beautiful!

  14. Blush sticks! I wish we had them here. You look gorgeous in the pictures :)

    I don't own many blushes either but the one I really love, I wear almost everyday. MAC Sunbasque is a bronzey peach blush which compliments my skintone so I love it :)
    I think I can live without other blushes in my stash as long as I have my Sunbasque.

    NYX offers great blushes with awesome price. I think you should check them out ;)

  15. Erynn ~ I use a brush to apply.. but if you mean on the cheek, I don't feel it at all! I wouldn't say it's sticky or tacky at all. I would compare it to.. a concealer texture?

    Irene ~ THANK YOU ^_^ I've checked my nearest Target for NYC brand in general, and they don't carry :( I can always pick them up for you though!! Just let me know!

  16. Haha thanks ladies!

    Erynn ~ I forgot to mention, I do have ELF Peachy Keen that my sister gave me, but I find it's hard to pick up the right amount. A couple swirls of my brush isn't enough, but an extra swirl is too much... I think I just need a better color. I saw your review on the Rimmel blushes!! And I've checked my local drugstores and they don't carry >.<

  17. this color looks so perfect on you :3

  18. I was never big on using blush for most of my make-up wearing life, but I ordered a kit from Sephora with shadow, lip gloss, and blush and it's changed my life. It totally completes your looks! I love the photos of you and I think it looks great :-)

  19. OoOoOo~ I can see the blush and it just makes you look more sweet and pretty^____^

    I like the color a lot~ I think I'll greab one for myself too~^___~

    Miss. P

  20. OoOoo it looks very nice on you! I think you still applied it pretty good for a first timer! You'll get the hang of it!
    Totally know what you mean about the looking washed out thing. My dad used to say I always look DEAD because I have no color. He said this FOR YEARS. Started wearing blush daily and he's shut up since.
    I had no idea NYC even makes creme bushes! You're right, San Francisco doesn't carry it. I also noticed that when we DO have Rimmel, we have a very small selection of it. I've seen bloggers and YouTubers with all these different Rimmel lipsticks and glosses that we definitely do not have. So jealous *sigh*
    Blushes that I really like? MAC Warm Soul!! I've been wearing it nearly every single day because i've gotten so tan, it gives a nice warm look sun kissed look to my face. I also really like NYX Mosiac Powder because our junkie "lop sop po" carries them in about.. 8 colors? They show up very well on fair to light skin. I used to wear it when I wasn't so tan. Another favorite of mine is another from the MAC Style Warriors collection.. I forget the name at the moment, i'm laying in bed like a lazy ass. Okay nevermind I googled it. It's called "On A Mission" and it's beauty powder from the Style Warriors collection. I think that came out a year ago? They don't have it anymore, it's limited edition. But I think you should try some NYX blushes from lop sop po, they are pretty good starter ones. I have it in peach and it is very very pretty.

  21. ^Lolly ~ totally agree! I never realized how uncomplete a face looks if you only do eye makeup, and nothing else. But now, I realize adding l/s, blush.. totally completes the look!

    Miss P. ~ be sure to check Rite Aid! I think that's the only drugstore in bay area that carries the products...

    Susy ~ YESSS about the Rimmel!! Drives me nuts b/c I wanna try their blushes!! I will def check out lop sop po for the NYX mosaic powders!! I've actually stayed away from that store for a good.. oh.. 1 week now haha.

  22. i got those! but im a bit on a yellowish to slightly tanned skin so that blush sticks didn't look that great on me..but you on the other hand it looks adorable and natural! love it!

  23. wow!! I totally didn't know that you never owned or tried blush before!! that is crazy! hehe you're so cute sophia *hugs* xD

    The NYC blush looks PERFECT on you! I think it gives you just the perfect amount of flush! You look so bright, lively, and yes, happy! ^__^ I think you look like a GORGEOUS doll :) hehe the bubblegum pink color of the blush just looks great on you & you lippie completes the look so well!<3 *LOVES* hehe OH! and I notice 2 e/s colors on your eyes!! YAY!! :D You're playing with your shadows more! :D

    When it comes to beauty products, I think I'm obsessed with blushes & lipsticks! hehe xD I used to love lip glosses, and I have a good number, but I've been buying more lipsticks than lip glosses in the past year or so :P I finally picked up a lip gloss's one from the MAC to the Beach collection. hehe I don't remember the name bc I'm just lazing in my bed @_@ I think I'm building a MAC blush collection xD I've been buying LE blushes from their various collections. I got the 2 beauty powders from the Libery of London collection & they're my FAVORITE!! I wish I had bought extra back then, so I could send you one now, since we have similar skintones! I also have like 4 mineralize duo blushes from diff. past collections from last year too! haha I'm a MAC blush junkie you can say. ;P

    I also love the NYX Mosaic Powders. Like Susy said, they're awesome! Since you're just getting into blushes, maybe you will venture into highlighting next! :P If so, you should get the Mosaic Powder in Highlight! It really does the job for me & works as a really good highlighter! Highlighting will give your face a healthy "glow" in all the right places, in addition to your already healthy flush, of course! ^_^

    ♥ caroline

    P.S. Omg, i Know what you mean! I've been really wanting to try the Rimmel blushes that Erynn reviewed too! lol :P


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