Monday, June 14, 2010

weekend in photos

I don't post too many outfits, but this weekend I dressed a bit more "fun" than usual... which is still pretty simply. Haha. What can I say ~ I'm a cotton tee + leggings type of gal! Putting on something other than a heather grey tee is hard work for me!

Saturday morning I was checking out apartments.. didn't know it would be FREAKING HOT in SF!! Like 75 degrees in the Richmond!!! Richmond never breaks 65.. so this was quite shocking.

I spent the night at mom's, so this is all I had packed:

Ralph Lauren sunnies
Gap 3/4 sleeve cardigan
Puella tank
Target leggings
no name brand sandals from DSW

My sister got me the sunnies when I was in high school... can I call that vintage? LOL. I love them though ~ they sit on my nose and NOT on my cheeks.. and ♥♥♥ the gold studs!!!

The shoes are cheap and no name brand.. but VERY comfie, and 2" heel is perfect to run around all day in!! Price to me means nothing. I have expensive stuff that's not all that great compared to some of my cheap stuff.

After the morning appointments, I had to change into something more suitable for the weather! I took ExtraPetite's advice and tried to dress up the outfit.. rather than pair the shorts with, say, an A&F logo tee and my go-to Reef flip flops, I wore the same wedges from earlier, and a lightweight wool top.

Gap sweater
H&M "Divided" shorts

And then before having drinks at Sundance Kitchen (next door to Sundance theater in SF Japantown), I changed to a button down. I thought it was slightly dressier than the sweater, but it's still really casual..

H&M top
vintage belt
H&M shorts again
Aerosole wedges

Delicious kahlua pork + cheese fries.
Expensive ($4.50!!) spam musubi... the THINNEST slice of spam I've ever seen!

Too lazy to figure out a different outfit for the next day.. so reached for the same shorts, again, and just changed the top hahahaha...

Puella dress (stupid me shrunk the damn thing.. so now it's a top >.< )

Later in the afternoon, I went to Oakland to watch SATC2. Oakland is a bit more casual, so didn't get super dressed up. Originally was gonna wear outfit on left, but changed to the right b/c I thought about wearing a skirt in a theater (my mom got bugbites before...), and I knew the A/C would be blasting.

Semantiks silk blouse
Forever 21 belt
Yesstyle skirt (has gold zipper in back down the entire length)
Cynthia Vincent for Target sandals
unknown brand yoga leggings from Nordstrom rack

I'm sure most of you have watched SATC2 by now! I loved it! Great fun to watch, and good for some giggles. I didn't have expectations, and didn't anticipate it besting the 1st one, I think that's why I enjoyed it so much.....

And, for the record, John James Preston ~ I will never nag and bitch at you like Carrie! Marry meeeeeee!!!


  1. oh you look super pretty! i love the sunnies and the sandals!! gorgeous! its great that you get to go to a lot of places, work doesnt really permit me to do that :( but really, you look amazing!

  2. OMG Sophia your legs are so long and skinny!! you are so tiny!
    I am definitely not taking any pics next to you.

    the sandals with the straps around the ankles are cute, they don't look like they have an heel to them at all.

    spam masubi!!! omg...I'll save some for you next time I make them. I make it with the thickest slice of spam ever. haha.

  3. ^Saving Capulet ~ Aww thank you!! Aww sorry about your work schedule :( Hope you find time to play soon!!

    ^Ping - SKINNY MIRROR!! I repeat ~ SKINNY MIRRORR!!!! hahahaha. yum yum spam!

  4. That is the WORST piece of spam musubi ever!! For $4.50!? What a rip off!!!!! I went to that place for kobe burgers before. The fries were waaaaaay overly salted. Anyways, all these outfits are so cute! I don't know where you get the energy to keep changing but keep it up!

  5. your outfits are so fantastic! :) man all i've worn this weekend are racerback tanks and random shorts xD so lazy

    your legs ARE so skinny. don't tell me that's all the skinny mirror because it is so not. you turn sideways and you'll disappear!

  6. Omg you look so super adorable!

    how do you stay this thin?^^ I wanna be too *_*

  7. ^Angie ~ believe me ~ I usually wear repeat outfits... it gets so bad my bf will POINT IT OUT to me.

    Shou-chan ~ you are always so sweet and charming!! Grass is always greener on the other side ~ I want sexy curves!

  8. Ooo, so many pretty outfits! I agree with Ping your legs are so long and thin. Are those H&M shorts cuffed? I'm trying to squint at the photo. I think I have the same ones in white, and I'd really like them in black because I don't want to sit on dirt or anything and ruin them.

    I love the low wedges from DSW. I love rubber flops as much as the next person, but those really spruce up your casual outfit!

  9. Oo I really like the belted tunics with shorts look... definitely much better than the logo tee with shorts and flip-flops like ExtraPetite showed :P And oh my if your legs get any skinnier they would disappear... I don't think you have to worry about the skinny angle sophia!

  10. ^PAg ~ I tweeted to u, but so others know, the shorts are not cuffed. I have to pull them down actually, b/c they are bootie shorts :o I pull them down so the crotch sags about 1" lower than they should, to make them decent to wear out.

    I own the cuffed black and army green from H&M, and they are LONG. Hit right above mid thigh, and are NOT flattering on petites. Prob great for hiking tho ;)

    ^PetiteXXS ~ YES I sooo agree I absolutely adore the post PAG did on how to dress more grown up, but casual. Tiny little differences, and easy ones at that so that you don't sacrifice comfort!

  11. last outfit: gorgeous!!!
    I have Dior shades that look just like ur ralphs!!!

  12. Sophia, you're too cute! :D Love all your outfits. It seems like you had a busy/fun-filled weekend! I love how you made use of your minimal packing.

  13. I likeyour outfit in your last picture! The one with the top & legging! It's so retro haha!! Oh and I live in Montreal, not Toronto XD Hhahha =P And yes almost everyone in Montreal speaks french hehe. Well, I'll say it's bilingual because there's a lot of ethnics here so yup :)

  14. ^Saline!! Please excuse my dumb American-ness >__< I promise you that I know Toronto and Montreal are 2 different places!!

  15. Love all your outfits! Dang- I wish I had your legs! They are so long and skinny!!!! :)

  16. I love all your outfits! :) Yeah, it was VERY hot this weekend. SJ broke into the upper 90's.. =p I would give anything to be in Richmond! LOL In the weather, at least :D

    You look so cute! And you have such a nice figure. All your clothes fit so feminine-ly :) Sometimes I feel like a man in a dress because I feel oddly proportioned but that's just cus I'm crazy :p Love the sandals :D Very cute! And the belt with the white top.

  17. Awww I love the outfits unnie, so cute :) You look gorgeous in all of them ^-^

    (commenting from LA) hehe!

  18. Sophiiiiiiiaaaaa!!♥

    Hello, hello! I misses you! Hope you're doing well! I take it that it's much warmer now in SF, hopefully? :) Wow, 3 outfits in one day! that is a record, Sophia~!! :D I LOVE IT! YouH make leggings look so good in both the 1st and last outfit pics! HOTTNESS!

    hehe lol I know you want a tan, but I love your pale legs! I personally want to stay pale bc I think I look better pale than tanned...I just look weird darker. But yeah! So, paranoid me has been slathering on SPF 70 sunblock on my exposed limbs whenever I'm out in the sun. AHH! but I just learned that sunblock only protects you from harmful rays to prevent skin cancer and doesn't necessarily keep you from tanning! NOOO! haha so, yeah, I think I got a little more color on me now, but I think it looks healthy enough now. I don't want to get any darker!! lol gosh...I wonder what I will do in Cancun...haha! :P

    ♥ caroline

  19. gorgeous!!
    i love all the outfit especially the last one! You are one beautiful girl!!

  20. loving all the outfits! wish i can pull off patterned tops like u

  21. Sophia, I love all your outfits, especially the tunic/long-tops! The weather really was crazy hot this weekend. I had to sit through 3 hours of direct sun this past Sunday for graduation! I haven't been to sundance kitchen, but I like strolling through J-town. It amazes me that you are so close in location to me- maybe I'll even bump into you before an official hang out! lol but yes I'm back in SF for good ;)

  22. oh i love leggings as well! my favorite outfit is the white tunic

    Anna Katrina

  23. i like these! you should def post your outfits more often :)

  24. i love your blog! 75 degrees is cold to me.. where i live it gets up to 113 degrees!
    i followed your blog! follow me back!

  25. Is H&M a really big brand over there? Cause I'm from Sydney and I have never heard of it before - but I see it on numerous blog sites!



    YAY! I'm finally going to be able to comment on this post. I've read this post about 4-5 times now. {*LOL} Several times on my phone and this is probably my second time on my laptop. I'm LOVING every single one of these outfits. You're SOO pretty Sophia.

    I like how you were able to create so many different outfits with the same shorts and shoes. Very inspiring.

    I actually like the second outfit more than the first for the movies as well; the outfit you ended up wearing to see SATC2. It's more of a casual movie outfit and like your mom I get paranoid of bug bites. I always try to avoid wearing shorts. You don't know who else has sat on those seats and yeahh. I'm getting all paranoid now. {*HAHA}...

    The kahlua pork and cheese fries dish looks delish. {*DROOL} Where did you eat at?! I want the cheese.

    I enjoy your outfit posts. You should do more whenever you get the chance to. =]

    <3s Serena.

  28. Great outfits, love them all!

    D E G A I N E

  29. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.


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