Sunday, June 27, 2010

t-shirt bra, and summer shimmer eyes

I haven't bought a new bra in... oh ages haha, I can't remember the last time! Recently Ping from mentioned that she loves the Victoria's Secret Angel bra, so I thought I might try it on. When I went Friday after work, there were bins of all kinds of bras for $15.99! Bras that were originally $38-48 too! I tried on about 6 different styles, the Angels one included, and found that the "Very Sexy Secret Embrace wave push-up" in 32B fit me really nicely! I tried it on with a sheer white t-shirt (also from VS, marked down from $20 to $5) which I ended up buying as well. I love this bra b/c the tops of it don't make that line through the shirt.. and I think it's b/c of the thin scalloped edges.

I still can't use my laptop so I'm using phone pics instead of digicam :\

No bra lines yay!

This is what the bra looks liks:

I also played around with my Physicians Formula bronze shimmer strips in "Miami" and made a REALLY simple eye look. I've been using for a year now as a cheek bronzer, but the other day idk why I decided to try it on my eyes.

Here's what I did: use my ring finger to swipe the top 2 colors and placed under my brow, then use the same ring finger to swipe the bottom 2 colors and place on my lid, so that it connects with the top 2 colors. Doing this creates a really light, bright and shimmery eye.

Dropped the darn palette and lost the cover :(
The top 2 colors are really nice for highlighting:
The 4 colors on my eye ~ excuse the smudged liner, that's what inevitably happens when I use Bobbi Brown :\

Hard to capture the colors on camera, but it's very light and good if you're the "natural face" makeup type of person.

Funny pic :p I was trying to take pics of my nudy blue contacts so I can put together a youtube slideshow. Here's a funny pic, that looks nothing like me. I find it so interesting that depending on angle and expression you can take a photo of yourself that looks nothing like the real you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

going makeup-less SUUCKS big balls

So I got a stye last week -_-

NOT fun. It means no makeup or contact lens for a week at least.

Anyways, my 3rd day into it, I was like, "Dammit I'm tired of not wearing makeup!" So I came up with the clever idea to just apply makeup on the outer 1/3 of my eyes, as the stye was located on the inner 1/3 close to my tear duct. I tried it out on my non stye eye (teehee!), and thought, hmmm a bit light for my taste, but it was enough to make a slight difference.

I've never used such little makeup in my life, but after going a few days without any I was happy to use a minimal amount even.

One eye with, one eye without

Even such a minimal amount I feel really lifts the shape of my eye, instead of drooping down, which causes the "sleepy/tired" looking effect.

Yay both eyes done ^_^ And I am SO loving my Wet n Wild lipstick in 903C, worn on the right pic. Perfect matte, peach color.

It reminds me a bit of the new Chanel ad with Vanessa Paradis b/c of the matteness and the color. I see a couple of these ads every morning on my walk to work, and I love it! I just love her beautiful blonde locks paired with the lipstick on her flawless fair skin.

And now for our Father's Day meal. My mommy cooked PERFECT filet mignon with sauteed mushroom in a beef boulion + red wine sauce, asparagus with olive oil + vinegar, bell peppers with oil, vinegar + lemon zest, baked potatoes, and we all made creamed spinach.


Look how big my dad's piece is compared to everyone else O_O!

Plated filet.

Look at that perfect red center. Mmmmmmmm.

Monday, June 14, 2010

weekend in photos

I don't post too many outfits, but this weekend I dressed a bit more "fun" than usual... which is still pretty simply. Haha. What can I say ~ I'm a cotton tee + leggings type of gal! Putting on something other than a heather grey tee is hard work for me!

Saturday morning I was checking out apartments.. didn't know it would be FREAKING HOT in SF!! Like 75 degrees in the Richmond!!! Richmond never breaks 65.. so this was quite shocking.

I spent the night at mom's, so this is all I had packed:

Ralph Lauren sunnies
Gap 3/4 sleeve cardigan
Puella tank
Target leggings
no name brand sandals from DSW

My sister got me the sunnies when I was in high school... can I call that vintage? LOL. I love them though ~ they sit on my nose and NOT on my cheeks.. and ♥♥♥ the gold studs!!!

The shoes are cheap and no name brand.. but VERY comfie, and 2" heel is perfect to run around all day in!! Price to me means nothing. I have expensive stuff that's not all that great compared to some of my cheap stuff.

After the morning appointments, I had to change into something more suitable for the weather! I took ExtraPetite's advice and tried to dress up the outfit.. rather than pair the shorts with, say, an A&F logo tee and my go-to Reef flip flops, I wore the same wedges from earlier, and a lightweight wool top.

Gap sweater
H&M "Divided" shorts

And then before having drinks at Sundance Kitchen (next door to Sundance theater in SF Japantown), I changed to a button down. I thought it was slightly dressier than the sweater, but it's still really casual..

H&M top
vintage belt
H&M shorts again
Aerosole wedges

Delicious kahlua pork + cheese fries.
Expensive ($4.50!!) spam musubi... the THINNEST slice of spam I've ever seen!

Too lazy to figure out a different outfit for the next day.. so reached for the same shorts, again, and just changed the top hahahaha...

Puella dress (stupid me shrunk the damn thing.. so now it's a top >.< )

Later in the afternoon, I went to Oakland to watch SATC2. Oakland is a bit more casual, so didn't get super dressed up. Originally was gonna wear outfit on left, but changed to the right b/c I thought about wearing a skirt in a theater (my mom got bugbites before...), and I knew the A/C would be blasting.

Semantiks silk blouse
Forever 21 belt
Yesstyle skirt (has gold zipper in back down the entire length)
Cynthia Vincent for Target sandals
unknown brand yoga leggings from Nordstrom rack

I'm sure most of you have watched SATC2 by now! I loved it! Great fun to watch, and good for some giggles. I didn't have expectations, and didn't anticipate it besting the 1st one, I think that's why I enjoyed it so much.....

And, for the record, John James Preston ~ I will never nag and bitch at you like Carrie! Marry meeeeeee!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

i'm a virgin

.....when it comes to blushes!

You guys have heard me say more than once that thanks to the blogworld and youtube, I've been introduced to so many beauty products. Well, one product I didn't own until last week... was... BLUSH!

So last month, when I was in Boston, I had taken a group photo, and I commented to Ping that I looked really pale and washed out in it. So she said that I just need to wear blush, and a non-nude lipstick (she worked at Bobbi Brown for years so she is a good person to ask makeup advice!). And, lately I've been seeing some blogs and makeup vids showing blushes. Well... wouldn't you know it.. the very next day I got a package in the mail from one of my lovely new blogger pals ~ Saline! She sent me some BB creams that didn't work out for her, and she threw in 2 N.Y.C. glosses and an N.Y.C. BLUSH!!! Gaaah she's so sweet! As are so many of you ladies that I've met and gotten to know via blogger! I know a lot of people think girls are all catty and drama and shit talkers... well I think otherwise. Actions speak louder than words, and these girls' actions have spoken loud and clear to me!! I have received several other sweet gifts.. but I'm saving those for a post all their own :)

Ok ok, on to the blush! Saline sent me a limited edition blush in "Big Apple Blush". I'd never used a blush before, and I didn't know they came in creme form! But, I had watched a youtube video a week before showing these exact same blushes (just dif colors), and she used a brush to apply. So, I took my MAC hello kitty blush brush, swirled one time on top of the stick, and gently circled it on to (what I thought was) the apple of my cheek. I don't think I got it quite right yet, but practice makes perfect!

Here is the blush, and some shots of it applied:

Verdict: I loooooove it! And highly recommend! Girls ~ I am being totally honest when I say a leetle bit goes a looong way!! Seriously, just swirl on the blush stick once, and lightly. Even under a light, the camera picked up the color! This creme stick is gonna last me years at this rate! Under better lighting at work, my eyes were drawn to my reflection ~ I looked alive and happy! Strange things to say, but normally I'm so pale that it makes me look kinda sickly/lifeless (just ask my dad.. he asks me if I'm sick ALL the time >.<>

Since I was so happy with that one, I've been eager to get more! And my dear sister hunted them down for me at CVS in Oakland! We don't have any in SF :( Walgreens here sells NYC, but NOT the blush sticks! They are somewhere around $2.99-3.99 a stick. If you already have blushes, I'm sure you're happy with the ones you've got. But, if you're like me, and you never even considered buying one cuz you thought you would never need it, I think you should consider getting one! Stop by a makeup counter, and ask them to apply some blush on you! Then, go home and inspect it, or go outside and look in a compact. The lighting at makeup counters is terrible in my opinion, and it doesn't really show you how you'll look on a normal basis because their lighting is so ... manipulated if you know what I mean...

I would love to hear from you what blushes you use, and which brands? The one that I hear the most often is Nars brand blushes. Perhaps one day when I'm feeling like a baller I'll purchase one ;)

Friday, June 11, 2010

i am a voyeur

[wordy rambling post.. in a stream of consciousness manner... so don't expect it to make sense.. no pics sorry]

Do you know that song "Stripper" by Soho Dolls? There's a line.. "I am a voyeur" at 2:48. Anyways, that's the line that plays through my head as I write this...

One of the aspects of blogging that I like so much is the voyeuristic one... not as in peeping tom you silly goose, but as in I get to peek into your lives, if you'll let me. There are some blogs I follow that share nothing personal. Like the lookbook blogs. But then there are some, where I get a glimpse of who you are. And I like that. I tend to share quite a bit about myself. There's a bit of narcissism involved.. b/c sometimes you want people to want to know about you... but it's also an outlet... if something is bothering you, it's nice to have a space to vent.. and to get feedback from strangers. People tend to censor themselves less on the interwebz.. so you can almost trust their reactions better than your friends.

I tend to overanalyze people's actions and their words... when people say things that are meant to shock or impress, I can't help but think about it long after the fact and wonder about that person... I used to work at a CPA firm, and some of the managers (these guys are in their 30s) would always let it be known that they smoked pot and they would throw around terms like "hotbox" or that they had "mad munchies" or how they couldn't wait to "toke up" and really wanted to "roll a joint".. and for some reason this bothered me SO much. I absolutely hate it when people kind of brag about their drug habits. It's not cool. It makes you look dumb, insecure, and loser-ish. I don't give a flying fuck if you do cocaine (which, quite a few of them did).

But, who am I to judge? I am the last person who should judge anyone. I've done things that I dare not tell anyone. Do you have secrets like that too? Are there things you won't ever share with your significant other? I always want to know people's dirty secrets :) And I think you do too. Isn't that why we watch shows like Housewives of "fill in city"? The Hills? My life is very simple, uncluttered, and drama free. And I like it that way. But I love to watch those shows, and see what dramas unfold. I like to watch the women talk shit on each other. Priceless entertainment. And, even in the blog and youtube world.. we want to know what's behind the pretty faces. Hence, blogtv. You can ask the personal questions. There seems to be a need to know people's ethnicity. Not sure why... still thinking about that one. But, take Holly for instance. There's an obsession with her ethnicity! Why? Dunno. I mean, does it really matter if someone is Korean, Vietnamese, Irish? What does it do for you, to know this? Will you like them any less? Any more? For me, I like to know what people study in uni, what their career is. And I suppose it's b/c it tells you someone's area of interest.. and if they make money haha. I'll be honest ~ I'm very impressed by the hedge fund world and investment bankers. But I also admire people who have the guts to follow their heart and their dreams, even if it means a low salary.

Anyways, just wanted to share a few things about myself. Hopefully you'll share something with me too :)

1) I am very stingy. My blog name, "kechiko" is Japanese for stingy. For instance, last night I went to Trader Joe's to buy 5 packs of romaine lettuce, at $2 a pack, dressing, croutons, and grated parmesan... rather than pay for a ready made $10 salad in the financial district. I prefer to be frugal awhen it comes to things like grocery shopping and buying makeup, so that I can use my money for other things. For instance, if my mom told me right now she really wanted a designer purse, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it for her. Go figure.

2) I abhor drugs. And talk about drugs. I can't stand it!!!! I hate when people make little jokes on 4/20, about what they'll be doing that evening when they go home. Or when people smell pot, they instantly go, "Do you smell that?" Yes you fucker, of course I know what pot smells like. Whoopdie fucking doo. Who cares. Are you trying to prove how hard you are? How badass you are b/c you smoke pot too? Sorry, but I'm not impressed. I think my anti-drug attitude stems from my own experience with them... I have a "kind" face. I know this b/c all throughout my younger years, people would tell me I look so nice, and so innocent. Which bugged. Like crazy. So I rebelled. I did some naughty things (and V was right there with me some of the time...). And it scares me to think... I used to want to live in that euphoric trance forever, to get stuck in that world (and I'm not talking about pot.) But, I will say I got that out of my system and I'm glad for that. College antics seemed so juvenile after that.

3) I'm finally at the stage where I'm ok being me. Not to say I don't have insecurities, but things that might've embarrassed me in the past just don't anymore. I used to be so concerned by what others thought, how I might appear to them if I didn't talk a certain way.. conduct myself a certain way... Like I used to worry about appearing too book-ish, or too something. But now I don't :) In fact, I wish I were more intellectual if anything else! I totally admire brains, and geeks, and intelligence. And I hate people who shy away from that (*ahem* FOBS *ahem*) Trust me, to all you folks who think it's cool to not read books and to squat and smoke outside a club.... take a good hard look at yourself and where you are in 20 years... yea just sayin. Anyways there's a line, in this Utada song "About Me" from her U.S. album Exodus that I loooove (and it's also my favorite song ever) at 2:40 ~ "is it ok if I'm not cute and naive". And that line always used to get to me. Haha I used to want to be cute and naive! Hahahaha. Funny huh? I used to envy those naive girls in school who seemed not to have a clue about stuff.. and I thought to myself, "ignorance is bliss". And, I am so far from being that girl. Sometimes I feel so aware, almost too much so. Oh geez I forgot where I was going with all this.... so I'll end it now.

Does anyone relate to any of the above? Would love to hear your thoughts :)

And HAHA! I was jk about no pics... I know girls like eye candy... not sure about why on that one too... but we all do :)

Since I have no laptop, I dug through my phone for these:

1) (some of ya'll saw this on twitter last night!) My proudest achievement from blogging ~ learning the "skinny angle". I got that shit on lock yo! Haha jk.. you know I don't talk like that :p Just bend forward, hold the cam angled down from above eye level, and *snap* away! Tip ~ try not to get your camera hand/arm in the pic.. cuz it'll look ginormous and weird.

2) I miss my black hair

3) I admit.. I used to spray tan :o Call me an oompa loompa and I kill you!!
Bye bye lovely ladies, and have a WONDERFUL super duper weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

don't you hate those girls...

who have everything? Looks. Brains. Wit. Killer body. Amazing wardrobe. Wicked body art.

Yea, me too. I totally despise those girls. Unless, that is, that person happens to be your friend :)

Not only is she UBER SMART (HELLO she's going to law school this summer.. one that's ranked #22 in the nation.. and y'all know how many law schools there are??), but she has fabulous clothing like Alice + Olivia, Prada.... she eats at the hottest restaurants (uhm... have you heard of French Laundry? one of the few 3 star Michelin rated.. France has 26 3 star restos, and there are only 81 worldwide :o )..

If you love reading super witty and intelligent writing, enjoy high fashion, then check out her blog!

Sadly, she is not a self-cam type of girl, so I had to steal these pics.. this will pretty much be the only time you see her face :(

and her tattoo :)

Follow! Follow! Follow! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

too easily influenced

Before I ever read any beauty blogs, or watched any makeup videos on youtube, I didn't own any lipsticks, false lashes, circle lens, or blushes. Now, I own many lipsticks, 2 pairs of circle lens (3 more pairs on the way from Hime Eyes!!!), tons of falsies, and just picked up my first few blushes this week :) I guess you could say that I'm easily influenced.. but aren't we all? After all, that's what marketing is all about. By putting a beauty product on a gorgeous celebrity, companies are signaling to all the women out there that if they use the same product, they can achieve a bit of that celebrity's beauty!

I am most influenced by the makeup guru Holly Ann-aeree. I think I am like borderline obsessed with her hahaha. Whenever she swears by a product, I want to get it! As long as it's drugstore haha. Any high end products (YSL, MUFE, MAC) I refuse to buy... She also always wears circle lens, and the ones I like more on her are the Geo Angel grey. I finally got my pair, and wore them today. I love these lens!! They are dolly and very easy to match with all outfits. Also a lot more comfortable than the nudy blue.

*All photos completely unedited (haha as if I knew how to..)
**lens sent as a gift from because I reviewed the first pair I purchased from them

I took photos by my window today, and I love the lighting effect!

Wearing pa lashes gifted to me from my sister ^_^

How the lens look in direct sun light ^

How the lens look facing away from direct sun light ^

Few more lens pics here

When I saw Holly's video on the new Revlon super lustrous glosses, I really wanted to get them! I got Coral Reef, and Lilac Pastel. The Pink Pop was too bubble gum pink for me. This was my first time buying a coral shade lip product, and I am in looove! The Coral Reef gloss is VERY pigmented, more than some lipsticks! It's very sticky feeling, but also goes on very thinly on to the lips (a good thing, in my opinion as I don't like thick, goopy glosses). It lasts for quite awhile too. The lilac looked terrible on me, but I gave it to my sister and it looks amazing on her.