Sunday, August 29, 2010

travel + food

I've only been to 3 countries outside the U.S. ~ Canada, Japan, and Korea. Was browsing through some photo albums from those trips yesterday and realized how much I miss those countries :( Having 2 weeks of vacation a year REALLY REALLY sucks. To all of you out there who are still in school or don't have to work~ I encourage you to treasure your time and appreciate the freedom you have to control your schedule. This is something that most people won't realize until they lose that freedom ...

Where have you traveled to, and what are your fondest memories? I think it's so fun to share these experiences with people who have traveled to similar places. It's hard to explain to people who haven't traveled, and they can't understand your enthusiasm or what's so great about another country. For example, I find Asian street food quite exciting, but someone who hasn't experienced it would find it lame and boring. Again, it's one of those things you really have to experience for yourself.. no amount of words and pictures can explain.

I miss the sights and sounds and culture of the places I visited. It's really so wonderful to experience the things other countries have to offer, and I love seeing how people there do things differently. In the states, there is definitely the mentality that the way we do things is the "only" way and the "right" way. I don't like this mentality. I know that people everywhere are ethnocentric, but I believe that the U.S. is one of the few countries that actively imposes their lifestyle on others. This is something I won't delve into as I'm not qualified, and it's a fairly touchy subject...

Anyways, one of the things I miss the most? FOOD!
I know I know, you probably hate it as much as I do when your friends say "Food tastes so different when you have it in other countries!" What sucks is that they're absolutely right!

the infamous "Japadog"


freshly caught fish in Japanese seaside village
(I'm so sorry, I can't help but snicker a bit when I hear people in San Francisco talk about how "fresh" the sushi is at a restaurant.. they really don't know what "fresh" is!)


lovely presentation

breakfast sandwich from street vendor

homemade kimchi stew
this kimchi was fermented for 1 year

home cooked meal


pancake egg

delicious sweet potato drink

our "wappeul" sandwiches


  1. Sophia, I love Asian street food (not only stinky tofu!) :D I haven't been to Korea yet, but I really want to go-- even if just for the food. From my travels, I love French food in Paris (in general) and fluffy waffles topped with fruits and chocolate in Belgium. I like the seafood in Japan and Hong Kong has some delicious night markets too! I'm honestly glad my family chose to live in SF.. I don't know what I would do without having options in different ethnic, esp. my favorite- Southeast Asian food!

    P.S. Yes, I think the giveaway post might just be the first time my bf makes an appearance on my blog! :P

  2. Oh gosh, I think I'm the only person who hasn't traveled to Europe! It sounds so so amazing! I would love to try a real Belgium waffle, and have a croque monsieur (or madame!) in Paris! I really need to make plans to go.

  3. I need to travel so badly :(
    I just need to get out of Toronto, haha.
    but these pics look amazing. can you believe that I've never been to japan or korea?! I love asian street food though. so goood. I seriously need to just follow eatpraylove and hit up europe and asia for a year or something :P haha in my dreaaaams. that's going to cost a ridiculous amount of money :(

  4. ^Toronto is actually on my list of places to visit (I went to Vancouver a couple times)! I need to go to Europe too.. let's make it happen haha!

  5. OMG Sophia you are making me so hungry!! those hot dogs look so good. I miss food from're right, everything is so fresh there. I wished I had the luxury to travel more to. We should do a Asia run & eating!!

  6. ^Ping if I come across a killer deal again ($600 RT to Asia) we are most definitely going!!

  7. Holy crap this food looks sooo good. I htink I'd love everything here...the year old fermented kim chee stew, the pancake egg, that sushi...oh yum. I miss street food in China/HK so bad. You're right, its completely not the same having Asian food outside of the native country.

  8. ^I really want to go to HK!! Everyone says the food is amazing! Though I would settle for traveling just about anywhere in Asia..

  9. I've never been to Europe either, but if given the opportunity, I'd still go to Asia first! :) I love all kinds of Asian food and the tropical fruits they have over there, and don't forget the fabulous shopping where things are cheap and actually come in my size! And I can't believe you only have 2 weeks of vacation a year! Even I get 4 weeks (no sick/personal days though, apparently doctors are immune to sickness :P)

  10. ^Kimmy~ hehe let's go somewhere!

    PetiteXXS~ I feel better knowing there's one other soul who hasn't been to Europe :p And 4 weeks?!? Lucky!!

  11. I love Asian food, it's so creative and delicious. I'm a traveler and when I get the chance to eat local food ;) I always do.

  12. yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!! they look so good and i totally agree that street food is soooo good! Well, not all the time but they are so fun! I loled when you said how ppl think they their sea food is fresh... THATS SO TRUE! Its soooo not fresh!

  13. I totally agree that two weeks are not that long especially for overseas trip. Given that you spend a few days dealing with jetlag then you have to leave by the time you get used to a new timezone. I have not really been to other countries other than the US and my motherland. I wish I had more time. I want to visit Japan, Korea, China and Europe.

    I miss EVERYTHING about Asia. Not only food in Asia is different and more authetic, people are different too. I am definitely going to my home sweet home next year.

  14. ^Bunny ~ heh I agree not all the time! I tried silkworm in Korea.. and it smelled like burnt hair.. and tasted even worse >_<!!

    Nelah ~ yes people are different! I think it's fun and interesting to learn the different "rules" of the culture and what's acceptable and not!

  15. That food looks so goood! Mmmmm...I would kill for that sushi! I've never traveled outside of the U.S., but maybe one day ill get to :(

  16. love this post. 2 of my most favorite things...traveling and FOOD! mmm

  17. hey girly! as an asian pregnant women, your post has made me hungry, lol. i so wish i could go to japan and korea! i haven't been anywhere outside the us except mexico. but the one place i miss? disneyworld, lol. i'm still a kid at heart :D

    love your new header!

  18. ^Jess ~ I hope you get to one day too!

    misscindee ~ I see from your blog that you are def a traveler! I would love to visit some of the places you've gone..

    Suzy ~ haha! Go out and get some sushi! I haven't been to DisneyWorld yet, but looks fuuun!

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  20. FOOD PORN! YUMMMYY especially the homecooked Korean food. *jealous* xo Chau


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