Monday, August 16, 2010

heart on my lips cont'd (bon voyage v)

You may (or may not) be wondering about the uncharacteristic makeup, nails, and outfit.. well Sunday came the day for us to bid adieu to our friend V as she leaves our fair-weathered city and heads off to Beantown for school. The theme of this bon voyage party was to come dressed as V. What does that mean? To quote the invite from her sister, " PLEASE COME TO THE PARTY DRESSED LIKE V. May I suggest polka-dots, stripes, any thing with ruffles, daytime smokey-eye makeup (I can really keep on going, no head-to-toe leopard print though, my boyfriend has dibs apparently)?" Oops I missed that last part b/c I def did the leopard print!

So I unleashed what little creativity I have and came up with:
Darn lighting.. can't really see the heart.. V do u remember when u showed me the pic of the heart lip and mentioned something about wearing it to work? LOL only you!
If I remember correctly, V is the one who introduced me to false lashes!

color contacts? check
false lashes? check
daytime smokey-eye? check
animal print? check check check!!

*V ~ this post is for you, b/c I'm sure you don't remember what all happened on Sunday, but I want you to know how much I was thinking of you as I prepped for the party! I hope that you find super awesome friends in Boston but never ones that will replace us :) *

I'm wearing my newest circle lens ~ G&G GBT grey. These are VERY obvious color contact, so def not for you " I like natural looking contacts that are a dif shade from my real eye color but i'm totally fake b/c wtf asian has anything other than BROWN eyes" contact lens wearers. I'd recommend them for Halloween or something haha. My dad was super freaked out by them and kept saying I look like a vampire! I will reserve these for night time use...


  1. sophia i totally thought about taking a pic of my outfit too, but i forgot :(
    i had the sparkles, the lashes, the tight pants & the mega heels.
    anyway, i'd vote me and you as the most vikki. heehee.
    we'll miss u vikki!

  2. awww you should have! see i never wear interesting or fun clothes, so i totally had to take pics of this haha. we won the contest hands down!!

  3. omg sophia you look gorgeous as always. I wish I could blog like you. :( How do you continue bloggin' ? Maybe your more active then me. Haha. ^^ but hmmm i really miss talking to you. <33

  4. You look beautiful!!!! And what pants are those? They make you look so tall!!!

  5. the photo showcasing your nails is so glam! you're on an updating roll <3 loving it ^__^

    you look sooo tall! :) i hope your friend has a great time in her new town!

  6. nice outfit

    dont like the lipstick color at all

  7. OMG the nails are amazing... did you do them yourself :)

  8. ^ReallyPetite~ the pants are from Express, they're twill leggings!

  9. ^Katie ~ LMAO how do I blog? Uhm.. I blog about random stuff as you can see...since my blog isn't fashion or beauty based, I guess it makes it easier to not pinhole myself?

  10. Oh good, your blog is back up again. I tried to access it yesterday or the day before for some NYX swatches haha and it denied me. Nice seeing you rocking the twill leggings more! They are very slimming on your already slim legs.


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