Sunday, August 22, 2010

now i'm feelin so fly like a g6

A wonderful night with my favorite sister was spent at RN74, Eve (for oh .. all of 3 minutes!), and Harlot. And a big yay-uh! when dj man played F.E.M. "Like a G-6" minutes after we requested it!! Gettin' slizzzzzuuurd

my faaav earrings from Charlotte Russe! thesusyness owns 'em too, but I believe hers broke :(
And, any other non-pierced ladies out there? I bought a pack of like 250 clip-on findings and just switch out the regular pierced findings.
(almost) Snooki hair

Guess dress (from hautelook? or gilt? i forget..)
Gucci purse (zipper pull ripped off.. only used like 10x too...) shoes. They're fleece lined heehee :)
My yoga mat! Which I have not done any yoga on yet.. But getting the mat was the first step, right? Baby steps..
whoa there! heh i was actually kinda falling over when i took this :o
that's very Snooki-like isn't it?

Nabi nail polish!! I discovered this Korean brand of polish a year ago, and I just love how cute their logo is!
Very inexpensive. They're like the NYX of nail stuff.

Do you know what I love about blogging? That I can say and post anything I want. It's my blog. A blog with no rhyme or reason. Because I'm not catering to a specific audience, I don't need to edit my words, edit my pictures, censor myself, or present things in a particular way. I don't have to format the layout. I don't have to pretend that I don't like taking pictures of myself. I pretty much put myself out there and have tried to be honest to myself in posting what I want rather than taking into consideration what readers/viewers might want to see. I rather enjoy it :) Someone asked me how I find things to blog about.. and I was caught off guard by this question. As you all know, my blog is very incohesive, as it's more like a picture journal than anything else. And then I thought, what do I blog about? Well, I blog about me. And that's pretty much all there is to it! Lots and lots of me here :)

And I want to add ~ I am so very glad that some of you have joined me in my little blog adventure. I enjoy hearing your voices and your opinions. I've always liked conversing with all sorts of people, and blogger has been another avenue for me to get to know some lovely folks. I love catching a glimpse of someone's personality behind their comments. From a mere sentence I can feel someone's compassion, self-deprecation, curiosity, censure, approval, warmth... For 2 days, I considered closing this public blog and just maintaining my privates ones. But, if I did that I would be missing out on so much!


  1. love the outfit and nails! the hair is gorgeous
    seriously love your style :)

  2. well you know by now you're gorgeous! but i dunno why your hair is always so perfect! xD i bet you never experience bad hair days xD

  3. I agree with Nicol the outfit and your nails are super hot =)

  4. ^Nicol ~ I love your style too! I think you and I have very similar fashion taste :)

    Nicole ~ I actually do the "pouf" on my bad hair days, it's an instant hair fixer! And it takes 5 seconds and a hair claw.. no comb or hair products required :)

  5. OOOO I'm loving the outfit and the nails!!
    Snooki's hair seems so impossible to do..especially with my hair haha x]

  6. I love the almost snooki hair! I haven't been able to get my hair big like that yet. Looks great with your going out outfit.

    Those tall boots are so cute but the shaft looks so big for your slim little legs : )

  7. Sexyness! ;D Your blog is finally accessible! I guess you locked it for a while because you changed the layout? :)

  8. Yeap those are the earrings I have as well. They broke when I tried to put them on in Vegas, what the hell? Oh well. Cheapo earrings, what can you expect?
    You know what's sad!? I really like the G6 song but they suck so bad live. Both times i've seen F.E.M live, I left disappointed and apologizing to my ears. It still won't stop me from blasting the mp3s in my car or ipod though ahhahahaha
    Good job on the Snooki hair. Hope you remembered to adjust your dress before leaving! (hahaha i saw your tweet!)

  9. so glad that guess dress fit you so well! you went to eve....hahah the last time i went, it was the weekend when the star wars at the moscone center. so there were lots of dressed up characters dancing around -- strange weird!

    i love your random rants and post. it keep its interesting. i'm glad your blog isn't private anymore...i was having sophia withdraws. hahha! i think my blog has became a travel journal too which i love. i'm too lazy to write so i think pics are a great way to tell a story too. ;)

  10. love the pictures :)
    I like your blog :) so stay with us :))

  11. Your hair is so pretty. I wish I have that much hair in my head :) LOL and you're super skinny girl!

  12. ^Hi Grace! Your hair in your profile pic kinda has a pouf ~ I love it!

    PAG ~ yea the boots are super wide, but waaaarm! They look ridiculous with pants tucked in.

    Hi Saline! Looove your new profile pic!

    Susy ~ omg I was just thinking I would LOVE to see them live, but they're no good huh? Ah well I shall stick to listening to them on the radio and laptop..

    Ping! The dress fits a little too well haha. Ahhh Star Wars convention.. I bet that was interesting to say the least!

    Mary ~ thanks! I shall stick around for awhile :)

    PLG ~ aww haha it's more long than it is voluminous! I want humongous hair!

  13. I was just thinking that your legs look soooo skinny! But I think PAG was right in that the boots probably emphasize the fact ;)

  14. you have the TINIEST legs on earth! goodness me you can probably fit 3 of yours into one of mine o_o

    i love your snooki hair haha. i always enjoy how you keep it real - it's really hard not to feel pressured by the blogosphere but you just stay strong and confident about everything you do :)

  15. Such a cute outfit. And love these leopard nails :)

  16. Glad you decided to stick around!!!

  17. wanna have your shoes !!!

    xoxo lala

    come and visit me

  18. lolll "Snooki-like." Love your comparison to her.. you look hot!

  19. omg halarious. u said snookie hair!!

  20. You are a sexy mama~! Love the hair and the outfit- you are so skinny- makes me sick! I'm soooo jealous!!!

  21. I love your blog and how you express yourself! Please keep it going for the public:)

  22. Fleece lined shoes? That sounds so comfortable! (^-^)

  23. Sophia, I'm so glad Google got things straightened out! I'm also glad you don't feel you need to censor things on your blog.. I think it's so important that we get a sense of the real person :) Btw, you're looking hot with snooki hair and all-- so cool that you had a fun night out with your sis!

  24. You look soooo gorgeous and so skinny! jealou jealouse jelouse!! hehe ^^ Looking good with snookie stlye! love it ^^

  25. for some reason, I was not following you... i think I might have accidentally deleted you instead of someone else... :( sowwy~


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