Friday, April 23, 2010

EDIT*** Bay Area Meetup!?! Let's make it happen!

***Scroll down to dates to see the edit

Hello Hello! Happy Friday ladies!!

So there are several bloggers who are in the bay area, and at some point or another have expressed interest in having a meetup! I want to start planning a date now, because I know schedules will become hectic with school, graduation, moving, summer plans, etc. I'm thinking a weekend in May/June/July will work best?
(Hey how do you like that graphic I made eh? I impress myself sometimes, really I do ^_~)

So first, here is the list of the girls I know of who are in the bay area and can possibly meet up (listed by blog name):

Here are some possible dates (all Saturdays):


Ladies ~ please comment on this post to tell me which date works best!

If you are in the bay area and you are interested in the meetup, please comment on this post to let us know! Or, you can email me (

I'm very excited about this!! I'm envisioning a fun day of shopping for makeup, lashes (Susy and I go to a little shop that sells ALL the NYX products for less than the NYX site, and I know a beauty shop that sells TONS of lahses!), eating a yummy meal, and of course most importantly getting to see you guys!!!


  1. WAHHHH!!!
    sounds like fun :[ I'll be stuck in colorado bleh
    hope all the ladies fun!! :]

  2. OH this sounds SO excited! I can't wait. =]
    I love talking to you girls through blogger and twitter. It would be fabulous to meet all you lovely bloggers in person. None of my friend IRL are into makeup and skincare. I feel an outcast at times. {*hehe}

    Only date I can't do at the moment is 5/29.. Sadly it's probably the best day because it's a long weekend but I might be out of town. Any other date should work at the moment for me!!

    Thanks for taking the initiative to organize this meet.

    Oh and as for the cowgirl boots. I'm sure they're going to come back in style. I feel like all the trends in Asia are a year or two ahead of us. [sometimes]

    <3 Serena.

  3. hi! this is such a great idea. although, unfortunately i am not from the bay area. but i'm sure all the bloggers who will join in will have a blast. glad i came across your blog today. :)

    p.s. i am now a follower of yours. follow me too? thanks! :)

  4. Omggggg! ^___^ I'm so excited :D I don't know exactly when yet because I'm studying for the MCAT to get into med school all summer. I will just have to plan around the date you guys set!

  5. ahmmm I can't do 6/12 Mr. Susyness will be here and i'm dragging his ass to Napa...

    and I think 7/19 is a Monday?? but i'll be in Vegas!

    all other dates are fine with me.


  6. Sophia!♥

    Thanking so much for taking initiative to plan this SF/Bay Area blogger meetup!! hehe I really want to meet you girls, but I just didn't know how to start since I don't know all the other SF bloggers. I only know you, Susy, and recently 'met' Serena on blogger :P

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to do any of the dates you listed because I'm going to move back by the wknd of 5/22 already! :'(

    What works for me right now are the 5/1, 5/8, or 5/15 =/ Would any of those dates be possible for consideration? If this meetup really happens, we'd me around noonish/early afternoon to shop & eat, etc., right? hehe I would really really love to meet and hangout with all you fabulous girls! ^_^ Let me know!

    ♥ caroline

    p.s. that Hello Kitty graphic you made is too cute! xD Hope you're having a lovely Friday, Beautiful! :)

  7. ^Caroline - I added 5/15! I won't be here 5/1-5/10 :(

    ^Susy omg thanks for catching my error hahahaha it's a good thing I'm not someone's planner I would send them to wrong places at wrong times!!

  8. Aww I wish I could meet you! I love so far from you, I'm from SoCal. One day we do need to meet! You and I are birthday buddies and petite friends! :)

  9. Awww, I wish I lived in the Bay Area. This sounds like so much freakin' FUN! I hope you guys all have mucho fun :)

  10. ahhh caroline you're moving back so soon!!! dammit..
    yeah it's okay sophia, 7/19 is memorial day so most people don't have school or work anyway but i'll still be drunk/hungover in vegas coming back later that evening HAHAHAHHA

    i hope 5/15 ends up working out. I have a birthday dinner to go to but that won't be until 7pm. take me to the lashes store sophia, take meee thereeeeeeeee. i don't go out to that end of fillmore, i go the other way to Marc by Marc Jacobs and MAC hahaha

  11. sophiaaaa! i love your new layout and that hello kitty graphic is too cute! and your banner! um im still not sure about dates yet but i will def. let you know! btw i gave you a blog award! see my latest post! :)

  12. i wish I were living there instead!! ._.

  13. Awwww...that's so awesome that you are organizing a meetup!!! :) Wish I could be there ;)

    NYX for cheap? Lashes? Face Shop? SHOPPING? It seems like crazy fun!

  14. Thanks for gathering all the ppl in the bay area and inviting me along as well!! :D I'd love to meet you and all the beauty bloggers in the bay area!! =)

  15. Haha omg so many comments oops. I got the white strappy sandals at Target : ) They're from the kids section size 3 !

  16. :D Hehe you can always keep on the lookout. Every time I order something from Forever, they have a new connector ring up the next day D: wahhh haha so obsessed :3

    Ya ... short eyelashes suck but I don't like falsies b/c they're too long and feel weird. People with naturally long eyelashes (like my boyfriend LOL) are so lucky!

  17. it sounds fun! But unfortunately I dont live there T^T

  18. ^Aww I wish all you guys who live elsewhere could make it too!!

    As of now, we're aiming for a 5/15 meetup!

  19. This sounds like fun, I would totally love to meet up!! Dates in June/July would work best for me!


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