Wednesday, April 14, 2010

random post, cupcakes again to make y'all jealous

I feel like I haven't posted in awhile..mostly b/c I have nothing to post about? I'm not really a beauty person so I don't have makeup products to talk about hahaha. Oh, and I'm getting an actual camera in a week so I want to take some nice pictures instead of my crappy bberry pics :( I will be doing a picture post soon on my bday (4/7) and a few things I got, like DOLLY WINK and Betsey Johnson!

Soooo, this post is just a couple collages that I did recently, and some more incredible cupcakes my sister made. Walgreens had promos for a week ~ one day 8x10s were free, and on another day collages were 80% off! So, I used handy dandy photobucket to put them together. Do you guys use photobucket? It's soooo awesome, has the coolest features, and is free! Not to mention free online storage. I'm so slow to the internet game.. I didn't know about these types of sites until like 3 months ago hahaha. I just learned about touch screen cameras like last week!

The 1st collage is me and honey-poo, and 2nd collage is family. My sister is my bestest friend in the world! We like all the same things. She will have a baking blog up soon featuring her decorative cakes, cupcakes, and other yummy stuff (she makes her own chicken pot pie and bread!) The cute lil poodle is hers (my niece), and she is spoiled rotten like you wouldn't believe. One day I'm going to make a real hot dog out of her ^_~

If you are interested in economic and finance commentary, do check out my bf's website ~ Very informative, and easy to read

And now for the cupcakes:

Easter cupcakes (move over Sprinkles. You ain't got NOTHING on this!!!!!). The chick even has a lil tuft of hair! ~

Tip~ If you wanna know how to get your coworkers (or basically anyone) to love you, get a sister like mine to bake the best cupcakes in the world to share with everyone ^_^ Tiffany blue decos. The cream cheesiest cream cheese frosting EVER, just the way I like it. Oh, and moist, practically melts in your mouth chocolate cake. Jealous yet?


  1. Wahhh! All the cupcakes are super cute! I really like your college of you and your boy :) You're super perfect together.

  2. ooh those cupcakes are just too lovely to eat! and the photos are really sweet and pretty! I use photobucket!! and ou are so right about the features, it is SWEEET!

  3. OMG those cupcakes are reall cute and perfect! like made by a professional pastry cook! *_*
    really beautiful :3

  4. Alas! I didn't buy the belt D: Oh well haha there are plenty more to come by ... maybe :3

  5. YUUUUUMMMM! They're too cute to eat!
    Everyone uses Flickr but I stick to Photobucket. They're coooool.

  6. Unnie!!! I sent you a little something yesterday, let me know once you get it k? hehe :D & hopefully you like it (its not much, but still hehe)

    And.............AWWWW!!!!! Glad you got to spend some time with the honey-poo! lol soo cute, you two! & I love the family collage as well. Me and my little sis are 6 yrs apart but she's one of my bestest friends next to my mom & my BF.

    Ooooooh! also, how ironic, I also got something that's Betsey Johnson. WHOO HOO! Guess its a sistah thang? lol! ;) Anyways, love the cupcakes as usual, your sis is super talented *DROOOOLS* send some over! lol! too bad you can sent food via mail, how i wish tho. (bet it's expensive) lol!

    Anyways, I missed you so much! Hope you're bday went well.

    Take care unnie, God bless



  7. omfg you weren't lying when you tweeted that your sister makes the best cupcakes!

  8. That sucks that you were allergic to piercings. Was it the metal or were you just allergic in general? =/ I know that my ear ate through the gold on the studs my ears were pierced with. I think I changed it to 24k gold right away.

    The collages look wonderful!! You and your bf look so cute together. I really think you look beautiful when you smile. You should smile more with teeth. =P I'm pretty sure you didn't take a million shots to get those few photos.
    The second collage won't load. {*BOO} It's been trying to load for the last 30 minutes or so. I don't know what is up with my internet connection today. It blows. {*sigh}

    Happy belated birthday by the way!!! One week late. Sorry. Hope you had a blast though! Pictures pictures pictures! Your blackberry takes pretty good pictures.

    The cupcakes look amazing. I remember seeing the chick cupcake on twitter. You sister had some crazy baking skills. I love the blue ribbon in the last photo. Oh it sounds sOooOO yummy.

    <3 Serena.

  9. OMG~!! SOPHIA!!

    You didn't say anything about 4/7 being your birthday!! >_< Happy Belated, Beautiful! :) hehe hope you had a fantastic day spending it however you spent it...POST! lol xD

    omfg...i am SOOOOO JEALOUS!! are you freaking kidding me?! haha your sister is hella talented!! those are the CUTEST and TASTIEST looking cupcakes I have ever seen! omg red velvet *major droolage* lol they're almost too pretty to eat! I want those Easter cupcakes NOW!! NOOOOWWWWWW~!! hahaha >:D

    Does your sis own a bakery or some kind of dessert business? bc skills that crazy deserved to be on display! lol...I would stalk that her lil dessert shop/bakery every wknd if she does have one!!

    Aww, you and your bf look cute! I like your family collage, too! xD you look really tall, tall are you? haha I'm such a shorty :( not something I'm proud of ehhh x_X

    I'm glad you enjoyed my sushi pics!! lol >:P I will let you know if/when I ever find one nearby! haha fosho!

    So, like, I was thinking since there are a lot of blogger girls in SF...maybe we can do a fabulous meet-up before I graduate? What do you think >:D

    <3 caroline

  10. CUPCAKES!<3
    The collages came out very nicely^___^ I always wanted to make one but, I have no patience~ sigh~
    Your family looks a ton of fun and your sweetheart and you make a very good-looking couple<3


    Miss. P

  11. the collages are cute!!!
    and so are the cupcakes!! I kind of want to go make some of my own now haahaha

    P.S. I'll be sending your package either this weekend or next..I've been SO BUSY with school and work..I'm so sorry! :[

  12. omg. your sister is friggin awesome. This is a time i wish i had a sister. A sister that BAKES GOOD CUPCAKES is even BETTER. you are soooo LUCKY. those look soooooooooooooo pretty. OMG. i wouldn't even want to eat it. i think i'd just sit there and admire it. Omg. i'm still amazed as how she made that. If she ever makes a blog, could you please share her link. I'd love to read it. Would she teach girls like me who can't bake to save her life? LOL!

    I never knew about touchscreen cameras until a few weeks ago as well. i was looking at a camera and asking my bf. what's wrong with this camera it doesn't even have buttons. then he's just like, touch the screen, and i was amazed. I guess i've been living in the den and my current camera must be ancient now. haha

    i chcked out your bf's website. i love economics and finance. I dont have the time to read it now, but will check out when i get the chance!

    and lastly, thanks for vising my page and following. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about your new lens. Which ones did you order?

  13. can you please ask your sister for the recipe to the cupcakes and all the steps to everything with tips? THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZING <33 !

  14. cute and yummy cupcakes. happy bday girl. haven't seen you lately =)

  15. Aaaah you and your bf are SOOOOO cute together!!!! :) What a hot couple! :D He seems very knowledgeable and well informed about everything finance/stock related. I wish I knew more about that stuff so I can make better/informed decisions about my future investments. *sigh* I'll be more proactive once my loans have been paid and I have more money to play with. ;_;

    Your sister is AMAZING...I can SEE how moist those cupcakes look!!! *drools* It's great that you get along so well... :) I think I would get along with her as we all seem to love the same things ;)

    Can't wait to see all the pretty pics with your new camera -- Looking forward to seeing how DOLLY WINK and the new Betsey Johnson jewelry looks on you :D

  16. ^ Caroline ~ my sister does not have a shop... actually she is a DIETITIAN! Haha so ironic huh? And, now that you point it out I do look like quite a giant next to everyone.. I'm 5'1", but my sister is like 4'11" so I tower over her (my mom is barely 4'10"!) And YES to blogger meetup!!! I think there are about 7-8 of us in the bay area!!!

    ^ xbbkay ~ I totally forgot which contacts I ordered... but one that I do remember ordering is the Geo Nudy lens in blue. I am in love with the way the Nudy series looks (quite a few youtube videos showing it)

    ^ Sara ~ I will ask her about the recipe!

  17. Happy belated birthday! I love the collages you did and the cupcakes are super cute :)

  18. awww those cupcakes are sooo cute! and I do like the little hair on the chickie too. happy belated birthday!

  19. Unnie!!! hehe!
    Sorry, but I have to delete that comment you put on my blog hope you dont mind. I need to take it off so I dont get confused later when I do for the giveaway lol!

    Anyways, I'll respond to your comment here. hehe!

    AHHHH~ I hella remember you were one of my first followers on blogger too. :D you and Kym. It's crazy how time went by & now we have alot of followers following & reading our blogs. Also, kym's business had sky rocketed as well & she's expanding like no other. I'm so happy to see that, especially with people who I've known for awhile or as I consider my really good close friends in the blogger world.

    Anyways, hope that circle lens giveaway becomes a success & well, I wish that for my blog in general and of course yours too. HEHE!

    Btw, did the card come yet?
    let me know :D

    love you, unnie.


  20. Those cupcakes look too cute to eat! But damn you for making them sound so yummy! :'D

    May I also say how ADORABLE you and your boyfriend are together! <3 Your album reminds me of the picture-collage I made for my boyfriend on our 4 month anniversary! I love creative things like that, they're so sweet. :)

  21. The cupcakes are soooooooooo cute! Seriously, I think they are too pretty to eat!

    I can't wait to see photos of DOLLY WINK! They seem to be very popular and hard to get.

  22. great pictures! aw you and your bf are so cute! omg your sister is soooo talented! can she ship me some cupcakes over here? :P

  23. LOL, what are the chances I would post a comment right below my own sisters? Weird... wish my sis could make cupcakes like those! If you send Liana some you better send some my way too , lol :)

    Happy belated bday! <3

  24. omg those cupcakes look soo yummy! you're lucky you have a sister that can bake! better yet you're lucky you have a sister!! lol im stuck with 2 brothers and they can't bake! hahah

    also, happy belated birthday!! i hope you had a super fun & exciting time ;)!!!

  25. I think I'll try that Revlon Foundation! I almost bought some last time I was at Utla, but opted for some mineral foundation instead. It's always a safe choice for me.

    And those cupcakes look DELICIOUS!!


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