Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Olive oil as makeup remover

Years ago my mom mentioned to me that olive oil was a great makeup remover, and when I tried it and realized how well it worked I used it ever since. What I love best is that it's natural, and doesn't have all these chemicals - you know, the ones you can't pronounce? When companies advertise that their makeup remover takes off even the strongest mascara, etc, doesn't that worry you? In order to be so potent, they must put in a ton of chemicals, or a few harsh ones that get the job done.

Oil is NOT your enemy! In fact, olive oil is noncomedogenic, which means it won't clog your pores. It's been used for thousands of years on the face, body, and hair. And since your eyes are so delicate, wouldn't you want to treat them nicely and use natural stuff?

I usually dip a q-tip into the olive oil and swipe across my eyes. It will not come off in one swipe - it will take several passes. Or, if you wear a lot of makeup and want to cover a larger surface area, use a large cotton ball and soak in the olive oil. Finish up by washing your entire face how you normally would.

Oh! Almost forgot to mention the best part - it's CHEAP. I just use the Costco olive oil, LOL. Most likely you have olive oil in your house, so give it a try one day. If you decide to use as a makeup remover, be sure to keep it in a tightly sealed bottle in a cool and dry place.

Here's my ginormous Costco sized bottle, and the tiny jar I keep in the bathroom:


  1. omgsh! i totally use olive oil as well (: my mom always warned me about chemicals and such so she always recommends anything that is natural, i never dyed my hair or did anything to it because she was always very strict about it hehe and i use the same exact olive oil! it really is the best!

  2. Awesome news! I have the exact same costco jar bottle in my kitchen! :D

  3. noticed your Tom's toothpaste in the background- love the stuff!

  4. @ Beyond Me- OMG you do?? I totally thought I was the only one! I should be more careful w/my hair... I've done so much crap to it I'm scared it will never be healthy again!

    @Denysia - Costco is the best :) Give it a try one day as a makeup remover!

    @Ashley - haha I guess you can see I didn't bother to un-clutter the background before taking the pic. I just switched to Tom's - it's part of my "going natural" process. I first tried their gentle toothpaste, but I felt like it was not cleansing at all. The one I have now has more chemicals, but I like my teeth to feel squeeky clean!

  5. I'm using olive oil as makeup remover too :D

  6. thanks for the comment :D
    I use olive oil as a tanning lotion
    but that's a whole different story.
    Mainly olive oil is not for my type of skin
    acne prone
    i know that Michelle Phan on youtube made some video using olive oil

  7. I LOVE OLIVE OIL! I use it as a scrub sometimes with white sugar, or as make-up remover :), and sometimes to moisterize my face then slightly wash again with soft soap to leave my skin soft and healthy. You can even use it for your hands and nails as well!!!

  8. @lady bubble - tanning lotion eh? I'll have to remember that, except I don't tan I just buuurn :(

    @audrey- wow looks like there's a lot of use who use olive oil! I'll have to try it on my nails. Maybe it'll help prevent my hangnails.

  9. Yup! it works better than any make up remover I've tried! It takes off everything so easy I love it (: Yeah, my mom freaks out about everything she's all about the organic and healthy things hehe I guess I'm becoming one as well lol

  10. i'm sooo going to start doing this. thanks for the great tip!!


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