Monday, January 25, 2010

Another day another dollar...

Soooo... here is the outfit I wore to work today that resulted in my "rant" today (Don't worry - I wore a sweater in the office! Had to take it off to show the dress in the pic). YAY for $20 dress from gojane! I loove it 'cause it's wrinkle free, fits nicely, comes with a belt, and still has that "professional" look :) Sometimes you just can't afford to wear Banana Republic everyday, ya know?


  1. i think it looks lovely =]

  2. dang look at that pretty lady over there :) hehe! no wonder your female coworkers always talk ish when you wear a dress. hehe! girl, you are gorgeous ^.^

    anyways, thanks for the comments! i love them! it makes me smile like this --> ^_____^

    and thanks for the compliments you gave regarding the clothes i make. Actually i have this idea...If you want i can make stuff like that for you but you see i make those tops using old t-shirts/ tanktops so if you're willing you can send me a couple of shirts (we can talk about what kind later) and i'll sew them for you for free lol! I guess its a way for me to practice to ya know?

    well, let me know what you think hehe! :p

    ps. btw, i saw that your from SF! i have family there that i visit from time to time and i only live 1.5 hrs from there


  3. btw, i added your banner to my blog :) you're on the 1st. hehe! i love how youre doing this for a good cause <33

  4. I commented back &&& btw, you can email me, so we can talk about this little project better :]

    my email is


  5. Kechiko... You look gorgeous on that outfit! :)

    you know what we both live in the same area and I'm taking accounting major.. LOL..

    It's feel so nice to meet someone that have things in common in blog site like this! :D

  6. @Angel - oooh accounting too huh? Get out while you can! lol. Do you go to USF?

  7. LOL.. I've been thinking about that too! but I'm literally stuck with accounting. I'm on my senior year already. >.<
    I'm attending Cal State East Bay at Hayward. Did you go to USF?
    How is it feel like working in accounting field? The world begin to feel so real to me after I started senior year. =p

  8. Classy and the outfit + the hair!


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