Thursday, January 28, 2010


So as I said before, I LOVE to read, which is why I follow so many blogs - gives me tons and tons of reading material ^_^

Anyways, this one I follow is called "Ask a Korean!" (, and this post title made me LOL:

HELLA true!! Though it's not just Koreans, I think this person asked because they visited the country, and perhaps it was their first time to Asia.

This guy gets and answers so many funny questions, like, "Why do Koreans hate cilantro", or, "Why do all Asians look alike".


  1. LOL people are so funny sometimes. My friend once asked me "why are asians so short" and i said "it's like you asking me why are white people more fat" like what kind of questions are these?! And asians only look alike because we all have same colored hair and small nose!

  2. oh and I love Angels and Airwaves too! Do you know that the lead singer guy is the same guy from Blink 182?! :D

  3. HAHAHA!! True that!

    Oh for some reason I thought he was the same guy from Deathcab... didn't know he was the Blink singer too!

  4. lol. This is a funny post. People love to compartmentalize and generalize so it's easier to store in our

    Thanks for stopping by my blog lady! I'm excited about my NYX stuff, I ended up getting some lashes and some foundation. I'm looking forward to it.

    Take care, K

  5. Hello! I just followed your blog it's very lovely, and lol this post is really funny, one thing fer sure, once you go asian, you'll never go caucasian, JK!! I just heard that somewhere so pardon me hihi, you have a nice day! :3

  6. This is funny :D I was once asked by my caucasian friend, 'why do all asian look alike?' and I replied, 'why do all caucasian look alike?' And we stare at each other' face...wondering...LOL

    Thanks for visiting me blog Kechiko. And all ur comments.

    Take care k xx

  7. lol sugar.. it's funny picturing you guys just kinda staring at each other :D

    At my work, it's like 90% white guys, and in the beginning I thought 4 different guys were all 1 person. Took me a looong time to tell them apart!

  8. I think asians like cute things in general.. LOL! :)

    I'm really loving the length of the korean lashes :D They're not long like the american ones I use! ^_^ I just wish I lived closer to the place where I get the shisems :(

  9. @Saving Capulet - LOL! actually I've heard that saying before, but they weren't talking about Asians.... I think it's "once you go black you'll never go back"?! LMAO.


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