Thursday, January 28, 2010

7 MAC shadows for $20? Anyone?



  1. Those are really pretty colors!!
    I'm a MAC fanatic and I would by them, but I'm on a VERY strict budget right now..unfortunately T_T

  2. hey my lovely sophie!
    omggg i wanna buy them all!!! haha! but i'm like grace up there too, i'm pretty broke since the economy is bad but anyways i really want ELECTRIC & SWISH!! that'll be like $6 right?

    i want those two ;)

  3. BTW, forgot to add.... I LOVEEEEE ELF <3 esp, the $1 blending brush! i think it's better than MAC's hehe!

    no wonder we get along so well, we have so much in common <3 btw, i emailed you back after hella years jkjk lmao

  4. I agree with Nikki! Their blending brush is great (: & I never ever tried mac make up hehe...i want to but honestly it is just way too much! the only expensive thing i've bought was the urbandecay alice in wonderland palate just because i didnt wanna spend $18 dollars on each eye shadow thats way too expensive!

  5. Hmmm...all 7 for kinda wanting to try it out hehe gosh im tempted!

  6. Hey Sophia!
    btw, sorry I typed "sophie" on the previous comment. Idk if you dont like being called that so yeah.. hehe!

    anyways, I'm forsure that I WANNA GET BOTH OF THE MAC SINGLE SHADOWS in [ELECTRIC & SWISH] please reserve those for me <3 thanks love

  7. HI ladieeees! Aww yea the economy sucks these days, and I totally understand with watching the spending and all...duude I am a huge cheapskate if you ever meet me ahah.

    Grace - send me your email to, we'll work something out if you're ok with taking the Shadowy Lady :)

    And Nikki - they're YOURS! And can you take the green one too? for free? I doubt anyone will want that shadow alone... I already have your info stuffs.. I'll email you!

    Beyond Me - eek I wish I had more leftover for you! But the UD palette sounds nice - I think I read about it on like 5 different blogs? Everyone really likes the UD shadows.

  8. Geez luiz I write long ass posts! It took me like a day and a half to scroll down to the comment section! lol. sorry guys!

  9. OMG! sophia~ you're the freaking best! haha :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU <3 anyways, is it ok if i pay via concealed cash? email me your info & i'll send a nice card just so ppl dont steal the money haha

  10. NOOOO
    If someone cancels contact me

  11. Hey Lady Bubble - I'll dig around if I have anymore MAC. Do you use any Bare Escentuals shadows? I think I have a few that go unused.. I'll just charge shipping. Right now, I just want to clear clutter...

    I do have to say that "Satin Taupe" is a great everyday one by MAC but that's about it..

  12. OH NO... I'm too late!!! >.<
    Are going to have another sale in the near future Kechiko..???

  13. Hey Angel - lol I don't own enough stuff to do more sales.. but right now I do have like 5-6 Bare Escentuals eyeshadows if you're interested..


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