Tuesday, September 14, 2010

free alterations (b.k.a. my mom the tailor)

I wore a trench today that my mom recently altered, so decided to snap some pics.

Story: When I graduated univ and got a "real" job, I got it in my head that I needed trenches for the fall to wear over my biz casual outfits. I thought they were so sophisticated and grown up. So I purchased 2 from Bebe in the smallest size available (XS), simply because at the time I thought it was the best place to purchase that sort of thing for a fresh-out-of-college girl. I wanted something young but classic. And, I think they were like BOGO or BOGO1/2 off. Mind you ~ I knew NOTHING about the "fashion" rules like length, size of the lapel (heck, I still don't know what it's s'posed to be!), yadi yadi yada.

More recently I've begun to notice the "fit" problems.. like the lapel is too big, length too long, width too wide, etc. etc. etc. These problems are magnified when I wear flats. I am, however, too lazy to fix many of those things. What I did fix though (rather, my mom fixed), was the length on the lighter colored trench. She took off maybe 3-4 inches? Unaltered, I feel like Columbo. Do any of you guys remember that detective show? My parents watched it when I was a kid, and it was this old grizzly detective dude (Peter Falk) who wore big trenches. Hahaha. Needless to say,
I don't want to look like him. My mom suggested I leave the black trench unaltered. Because of the dark color, some of the fit problems aren't as noticeable. Maybe I'll hem an inch or so when my mom has time. We'll see.

Unaltered trench

This here, my friends, is the "OH SHIT I JUST WOKE UP AND IT'S 7:49 I HAVE TO LEAVE IN 10 MINUTES CRAP CRAP CRAP" OOTD. Or, the "I want my outfit to match my black heart" OOTD heehee :D J/k. I'm really a happy person. Most of the time. Well, some of the time. Well, when I'm not around people I'm usually happy :D

H&M dress (doesn't wrinkle! but must wear a slip inside)


  1. haha! my mom know how to sew but she is lazy...see where i get it from. she gets annoyed when i ask her to or she takes forever. haha!

    i had the same idea as you about trenches, i actually have a couple from BR sitting in my closet and hate the way they fit. :(

    oh i like your sweater dress...i was just checking this out at f21. it's kinda similar right?

  2. Daaaaaamn! I wish I had a fricken H&M in Hawaii. =[
    I always see nice stuff but can never have it. LOL. I think those trench coats look cute on you!

  3. ^Ping~ yea I think we both realize now more and more that these impulse buys or buying when it doesn't fit quite right is not such a good idea. Ah well, live and learn! The dresses are similar! But the H&M is loose fit and hangs on the body rather than hugging it.

    Serenie! Don't complain girl, you guys can buy tuna poke and stuff at COSTCO. All we have are lame hot dogs >_< Hawaii has a bajillion things that I wish we had!!

  4. that H&M sure does compliment well with your body!
    & your mom! wow! the altered one looks so much better on you! this makes me miss my mom how she used to alter pants for me since i'm so short, i can't really wear any regular long pants. hahahaha. >_<! but yes! the trench looks good on you! :D
    - Coco

  5. I had the same idea about trenches when I started working where I am now.. That was nearly 3 years ago and I still don't own one. I suck. Oh well. See you thursday! Wear a trench coat with a lacy bra under, kthanxbai. YES I AM A PERV

  6. What are those shoes? I LOVE them! They make your legs look so sleek (not like they weren't to begin with) with black tights. I *just* broke out the black tights this week (and still didn't see anyone else in Boston with them on) because it was too frigid in the mornings. Now begins the months when I don't have to shave legs in the mornings! TMI...lol

    So sweet of your mom to alter for you. You mustve saved a fortune. I also really like the H&M dress. You should post things when they are current so I can get them too...or is that current? If so, which line is it from and how much?

  7. I wish I had a parent who knew how to sew/alter...I think my mom knows how to sew buttons back on but that's probably about it.

    The altered trench looks terrific on you! I think it would be the perfect spring trench.

  8. I think the trench(es) looks pretty good on you! And you have the two colors that I want a trench in :) Alas without a mom who can alter, I'll have to continue my search for one that fits (or save up for a Burb and get free alterations!). And love the dress on you... I have a similar sweater dress in charcoal grey that I bought last year... yay almost time to bust it out again! :)

  9. aw you look great in trenchcoats! haha you don't look anything like peter falk....my mom used to watch columbo too! lol, old people watch the funniest stuff.. damn you look pretty good for getting ready in zero time flat, i had to do that today and i looked like shit! :P

  10. Haha...I'm always running late anyway so I forget or don't have time to get an OOTD pic most days too!


  11. ^Coco~ aww yes mom's are the best in that they can fix pretty much everything! Do you wear cropped pants as regular pants? :p

    Susy HAHAHAHA. Ahhh I need to try and hang out with you as much as possible before you leave us for lalaland!

    Jean~ I've actually never gone to a tailor.. so I don't know how much I saved! LOL. The shoes are Nine West.. and I actually don't wear them to work, but I wear them for OOTD pics b/c they're easy to slip on hehehe. And the dress is H&M last fall.. I bought in orange as well :)

    Elle ~ yes I think perfect for spring too! However, in SF, we kind of have one season, so people here wear all sorts of things at all time of the year haha. We're a funky city :o

    PXXS~ wait so does that mean you don't have a trench at all? I say you go for the Burb one!

    Liana~ thanks! Heh in my mind I totally saw myself as Peter Falk.. minus his scruffy voice! How cool that you know the show too!

    Pearls ~ I do the OOTD pic when I come home :) I would love to see some of yours when you get a chance to take 'em!

  12. you're so lucky to have a Mom that knows how to alter clothes... I wish my Mom would do that for me... it's very hard for petite girls to find clothes that fit... a tailoy Mom would be very handy.. =)

  13. I love those trench coats on you btw... she did a great job! oh yeah, lovin the coach bag as well...

  14. I think the trenches both altered and unaltered look great on you! Then again I'm a bit of a newbie in fit. Love the cowl necked H&M dress, you look like a sophisticate!

  15. ^Annette~ I feel very fortunate and grateful that my mom can do these things :) I know how hard it is to find clothes that fit well at most stores!

    Hanna~Thanks! I still am very uneducated on fit myself and buy ill fitting clothes 90% of the time... I just force them to work haha.

  16. lol! Detective colombo! Yes! The coat does remind me but you're the much sexier version! haha!

    Responce: No way! That's where I'm from!!! Fukuoka right? Hakata Ramen is the best in the world!! LOL

  17. I love Bebe. Those trenches look great on you (especially the one got altered). My Mom does alterations for me too but it'll take her forever. Well, at least it's free so I can't complaint :)

  18. those trenches are so amazing! yeah well i bought my first trench a few weeks ago and it doesn't fit perfect okay? so what if i'm a nubbbb xD hahahaa jk.

    i realized that when i went to ann taylor for the first time and they were talking about all these things wrong with how a blazer that seemed to fit me perfectly sat on my body.

    your mom is great with her sewing machine :)

  19. ~DolceBunny ~ Yup! I only visited regions in Honshu.. next time I so badly wanna go Fukuoka. I heard the girls are the most beautiful and speak very prettily!

    Thanks Nicole :)

    PLG ~ Have you seen the Bebe fall collection? It's gorgeous I think you'd like it!

    Angie ~ lol! I probably would've felt the same as you and not noticed the fit problems with the blazer!

  20. The trench coats look awesome on you! And I love that H&M dress with that tan belt. Tres chic! You look great. <333 *hugs* And yes, wear some sexy lingerie underneath when we meet. haha

  21. Comment above by Chau, lol --not some random creeper!

  22. I want a mom like yours :) Better yet, I want to have your mom's knowledge ;) The black trench does indeed already look slimmer without alterations.

    Cute outfit of the day. I love mixing blacks and browns also!

  23. Chau~ thanks sweetie! Glad it wasn't a creepy stranger saying "wear sexy lingerie" hahahaha!!

    Cee ~ omg I'm a HUGE fan of mixing brown and black! Thanks for stopping by :)

  24. Your mom did a nice job at altering your light trench. I was actually thinking about getting one recently but it isn't that cold over here. =/ Have you thought of doing a trench post?! Show off your collection of jackets and what not? I LOVE your outfits and your style.

    I think you don't really need to alter the black one because it isn't as noticeable. I can only image how the tan one looked unaltered. =/ {*yikes}

    I need to get work clothing tips from you. I've been slacking on dressing nice to work. I think it's because my work doesn't have a strict clothing policy. I've actually been wearing jeans a lot. =X
    I really like your work outfits. You make it look so effortless. Actually I like all your outfits...

    <3s Serena.

  25. loving the trenchcoat and the dress, I have a nice camel trenchcoat myself, and weeheeeww it's the new hot color this autumn/winter!


  26. omg! U r so slim!!! U look really good in that trench!

  27. I love both trenches on you!!! I wish I could find a nice fitted trench!!!! And as simple as the last dress with belt is- LOVE IT!

    How do you keep in such great shape?? You have such a great figure!

  28. I think trenches are rather sophisticated too, but I can see the difference length has.. for the altered one your legs look miles long! The darker one seems more suited for cold weather? :P

    p.s. I went back to variety shop and picked up 2 NYX l/s today.. couldn't resist after you showed them to me!

  29. when is it necessary to wear dress slips? would it prevent the embarrasing bunching-up effect of dresses on your butt when you sit too long? LOL Thanks!

  30. Eeek for some reason blogger decided to stop sending me email notifications on comments...

    ^Serena - no I hadn't thought of doing a jacket/coat post.. I don't have many :( I envy casual work places that allow jeans! We can only wear on Friday! I almost applied for a job at a tech company just so I could wear sweatsuits to work HAHA!

    Toothfairy~ I LOVE camel colored clothing!!! I'd love to see your trench!

    dblchin~ thanks! I think trenches are pretty universally flattering :)

    RP~ It is hard to find a nice fitting trench! I've realized I don't have time/patience to spend looking for "perfect" and will settle for "wearable".
    I'm actually not in very good shape (walking uphill puts me out of breath), but I do walk everywhere and try not to eat too much!

    Karen~ I wanna see which lippies!! And yes, I'll use the darker for winter/rain :)

    Anonymous~ For me personally, I use slips under sheer dresses, or under skirts made of thin material to smooth them out. I don't know if it will help with bunching.. that might be inevitable with any clothes from sitting in it...


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