Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BB Dakota by Jack dresses from PLNDR.com

Elle at http://fastfoodandfastfashion.blogspot.com/ posts deals and sale alerts quite often on her blog. That's how I found out about discount site www.plndr.com (no "invite" needed).

I ended up ordering 3 dresses, all by the brand "BB Dakota by Jack", in size XS. I own 2 BB Dakota jackets that I absolutely adore, so I hoped for the best from these dresses. I am weary of online shopping though, so I tried to look at the dresses from all angles on the model. What sold me on these dresses:
~adjustable straps
~colorful print
~$8 each (including tax and S&H)
~Also get $15 credit for next purchase.

If they fit terribly, my plan was to tuck them into skirts! LOL. I'm queen of salvaging stuff and making the best of it. Even stale food.

Looove the color scheme and flower print. Fits nicely, and I like that from the side view the dress lays against my body instead of poofing out. Like pockets too.
I adjusted the straps to make it as high as possible w/o looking weird. Armpits still VERY low. Material feels very rough and cheap. If this didn't have the floral print, I'd pay $5 at most for it.

Dress #2:
Again, I was mainly attracted to the red+baby blue color and the print. It is very sheer with lining only in the front, so this MUST be worn with long cardi unless you want to show the world what your butt looks like (hey I won't judge you if you do!). Feels very cheap when you touch it. Would pay $3 at most for this if I saw in store..
You'll see soon how billowy this dress is...

Dress #3 (same as #2 but blue color):
Ok this pic is really ugly and embarrassing, but wanted to show how much it billows. This dress will definitely be worn tucked into a skirt. Also, the straps were adjusted as far as possible (the adjusting strap was brought all the way to the front so that it touches the front of the dress) and the pits are still crazy low.

This is how I'll salvage the dress:

Based on these 3 dresses, I'd say the brand is pretty crap and not worth full price (I think they're like $50-60 full price!). I do like the prints and colors, so I'm still glad I ordered. I don't anything as fun as the first dress in my wardrobe, nor do I own any red clothing, so I'm happy to have these additions. Besides, not worth it to take time to ship back and get a credit.


  1. These fit SO FREAKIN' LARGE on you. I mentioned the incredibly large arm holes I spotted in the dresses that I ordered but it's especially obvious on you since I have got like twenty pounds on you. Good thing you are good at salvaging dresses, if I had these kind of problems with my dresses they'd just sit in my closet unworn until the day they get donated. I actually think the print on the second dress looks really interesting in the picture so I hope it's not a total loss.

  2. Boy..I can't believe they are extra small but most brands happen to be that way. I like the first dress on you, wish the neckline and armholes are not so low. You are so creative as how to fix and make them look better :)

  3. haha sophia! the brand is crap...u're funny!! i really like the patterns and colors though. i'm sure your mom can alter it for you and make it work.

  4. They don't flatter you at all. :( Hopefully, you can get them altered or just wear them with a skinny belt. xx Chauie

  5. You did such a good job at salvaging! I was just thinking that since there's so much fabric... your Mom can probably make cute new dresses out of them... but then again, if fabric quality is that bad, then it's not worth the time & effort. Thanks for sharing... I will probably stay away from this brand from what I've seen so far.

  6. Hey guys.. I just realized I think that is my 1 and only salvaging trick for clothes hahaha!

    ^Elle~ I'm definitely going to wear these and find other ways to make them work! The last 2 dresses can be beach coverups too! I do love the prints so at the very least I can use them as mat'l to make something else :)

    Nelah ~ thanks hehe, I think I used up 100% of my creativity. It's something I really wish I had more of!

    Ping~yes I'm def gonna show the mat'l to my mom to see if she can alter/create something.

    Chau~ I know :( I'll ask my mommy to help me :)

    PetiteXXS~I thought the same as well! No waste! LOL. They are 100% polyester.. not sure if that's good/bad in terms of taking apart and sewing.

  7. Soophia, I think the first dress is prettiest, not only b/c of the floral print but also b/c it's the most form-fitting. The amazing thing though.. is that I can't even tell how billowy the last dress is when you tuck it in! Sometimes we're blessed to be petite :) hehe.. glad you didn't pay any more than $8 for each one though.

  8. The cream cardigan is great.. looks really nice paired with the dresses. Wow, the dresses are huge on you :( I still think the prints are really pretty and the first blue dress is really nice on you. The pockets are the detail :) $8 is REALLY freaking awesome for them though!

  9. I think you look amazing in everything honestly! You are just simply GORGEOUS! :)

  10. I like dress 1's fit. Dress 2 is okay by itself but pretty nice with the long card. #3 is my favorite, but only when you tucked into a pencil skirt. Very creative move btw!

  11. Sophia, I agree with you. I ordered total of 4 skirts from them a couple of weeks ago. Although they all fit, I am not too impressed with the quality. They were super cheap (even cheaper than F21). Therefore, I'll keep them all to wear on the weekends. I would never pay full price for this brand. I love how to tucked the dress into pencil skirt.

  12. i think you look great, even though they are a little big, they work when tucked in or with a cardigan...hottie! :P

  13. Oh, you are a tiny woman! LOL to the comment on salvaging stale food. Favorite. <3
    Those dresses would look so much better if they actually fit ya. I really like how you tucked and hid the droopy armholes with the cardigan. It looks quite nice actually!

  14. ^Karen! Yea I'm happy with how the 1st dress fits :) It was a pleasant surprise!

    Jen~ I just got the cardigan from Express and I love it! I do love all the colors too!

    April~ aww sweetie THANK YOU! :D

    Girlie Blog~ I love the blue/grey combo as well!

    PLG~ exactly!! when you touch them, you can feel the poor quality fabric. It's the color and print that makes them worthwhile!

    Liana ~thanks! I'm glad I can tuck them in, I hate buying stuff that can't be worn >_<

    Banhannas~ I've eaten moldy food before too.. without knowing it though hahaha. I tend to buy lots of things with droopy armholes.. I guess b/c tanks aren't allowed at work so I always wear a cardi anyways.

  15. I think it all look nice on you...I'm not sure about the fabrics though but you definitely styled it nicely...

  16. ooh i love the dressies, shipment fees are pain in the butt when buying things online >.< but I do love those clothes on you! I never tried patterns or florals before :> I might look fat :I

  17. I really love the first dress. It looks really pretty but sad that it's really cheaply made... But I guess the price isn't that bad :)

  18. I love the first dress so much! The pattern is so pretty. The other two outfits are adorable too :)

  19. Thanks for doing a post on the BB Dakota brand. I've been curious about this brand but after this post I don't think I'll be buying anything from them!

    Nice job salvaging, btw. You actually made the dress wearable! :)



  20. ^adin~thanks. Yes, the fabrics aren't the best when you feel them in person. It's hard to capture that in photos!

    Nicole~ booo to shipping fees! And omg you would NOT look fat!! Silly goose!

    Dolce Bunny~ I love the first too! My 2nd floral print piece of clothing :))

    Saranghaeyo~ Hehe I think the first is everyone's fav. I'm slow to the floral trend, but I'm def glad I caught on!

    Kileen~ I wasn't sure if anyone even knew about this brand, but thought I'd put it out there and glad it was of use to you! If anything, it has reinforced that it's best to try on in a store for brands I'm unfamiliar with. Thanks for commenting! :)

  21. I really love the first dress and last outfit on you!!! I love your outfit posts!!! :)

  22. i really love the first and third dresses on you! blue's a great colour :) i like how you "salvaged" it haha

  23. hi S! lovely dresses :) got to know your blog from Karen, i think you have great fashion sense esp. for OL looks! following you now! :)

  24. Hi coffretgorge! Thank you for stopping by! I <3 Karen :) Just saw her tonight hehe. Thank you! But, what is an OL look?

    ReallyPetite~ awww thanks! That means a lot, coming from such a fashionable lady :)

    Angie~I love the bright blue as well! It really pops, and is the type of blue that complements all skin tones :)

  25. The first dress looks absolutely beautiful on you even if it's a little ill-fitting under the arms. Blue is definitely your color!
    I picked up a skirt last week and I agree that the brand is not worth the full price, but it's a pretty good deal with the discounts.


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