Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a spontaneous evening, and a forever 21 mini haul

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010.
The only plan we had for the evening was Vietnamese dinner in Chinatown, at our favorite restaurant. I got the usual vermicelli noodle salad with lemongrass beef, and the bf got vegetarian chow fun ( I insisted.. I like to make whoever I'm with order something I like so that I can enjoy 2 dishes). After dinner, I walked up a couple storefronts to get some produce. We saw dragonfruit for the first time, and kindly turned the shop lady down as she persistently tried to make us buy it. Then, up the block we went, when some jewelry in the window display caught my eye. Well, of course I had to step in and see! Turns out, the gorgeous necklace was made with citrine and was a whopping $500.... not an amount I can easily part with on a whim (heck, who am I kidding... I can't spend $50 on a whim!). But, there was some pearl necklaces that caught my eye. I tried several on, and they were $250, plus 30% off as a 4th of July sale. I kindly turned the lady down, until she finally said, "Okay okay, since you're the last customer, I give you 50% off. That's $125!" But I held my ground, and although I felt guilty for having taken up her time (you ladies know what I mean right? They spend 15 minutes talking to you and helping you try stuff on, so you
have to buy something right?). 3 more times she tried to push it on me, when finally, my bf walked over and said, "How about $100 cash"? She thought about it, then agreed :) But not before muttering (loud enough for me to hear crystal clear) "no profit!". HAHAHA. I think it's kind of crass to say such things out loud in front of a customer, but my bf and I concluded that it's all part of the game and they say that to make the customer feel like they got a great deal. Trust me ~ we weren't robbing the people. In fact, I consulted one of my wholesale jewelry books when I got home to check the price of fresh water pearls. Anyways back to the necklace. I was elated! My first pearl necklace :) The necklace has crystal rondelles too, and when I put it on I instantly felt chic. Have you seen the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic", where she puts on the expensive green scarf and says something like it makes her hair look nicer? Well, when I put the pearl necklace on I felt nicer, and, well, to be quite honest, I thought it made me look expensive ^_~ Bwahahaha.

*I will be doing a DIY pearl necklace tutorial soon, but using Swarovski crystal pearls, and not the real thing.

Kindly ignore the drool spots. It happens, mmkay? teehee

And, the evening didn't end there! As we walked home, we passed my faavorite French restaurant, Ducroix. I walked right by, but the bf pulled me to a stop, and suggested we get wine and dessert.
OKAY! So in we go, and we were warmly greeted by the 2 owners, who are also the chefs. There were 2 desserts ~ creme brulee and some chocolate concoction. As we perused the wine list, the chef said, "We can make you some crepes if you like." Schweeet! How awesome is that, that they can just whip up some crepes for us in the pan! So, of course we went with that, and he made us 3 crepes ~ one with nutella, one with sugar, and one with a buttery lemon sauce. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the wine! I got a glas of Malbec, but the bf prefers the sweet wines, so he asked if they had any dessert wines. They did not, but, the chef had a personal bottle of a Kendall Jackson late harvest chardonnay that he offered to us. It was a very nice dessert wine indeed! I'm a huge fan of late harvest (grapes become more like raisins, and tres sweet). Trust me guys, service like this is rare in San Francisco. Can I just say that this evening was divine? I was on Cloud 9.

And, what better way to end the night than to come home to a package from Forever 21!! Hahaha, is that sad? Out of 4 items, 2 were hits and 2 were misses. Not a bad batting average eh? For such a junky store, I'll take 50/50!

Hit #1: I saw this on look4less blog, and the expensive version is from J. Crew for ~$80?
The F21 version is soft, comfy, lightweight, fits nicely without being too loose or too tight.
Will pair with skinny pants, or tuck into skirt.
size small
Hit #2:
Same tee as #1 above, but in blue
Miss #1: Looked small online, so I figured it would be nice and loose on me, which I love! I love baggy clothes! Alas, it was TIGHT. Like suck in your tummy all night kind of tight. UGH.
Heritage line
size small

Well, hmm.. I guess it's not
that bad...
Yea, it's kinda cute.... maybe I'll keep it....

gasp! who is that scandalous hoe bag wearing the skin tight dress! No no no!! Give her a jacket for goodness sake!
You see, I am practically assless my ass is so tiny. Well, not in this dress. Perhaps this is better suited for a skinny chick :\ Alas, there goes my hopes of having a cute and casual lil summer dress.

Who knew that tie dye could be skankified?
Miss #2: Well, the pendulum must swing the other way right? As if to make up for the dress, this shirt was super wide and baggy. Def a preggers woman shirt. I could hide some triplets in here! Orrr, this could be my new buffet shirt ^_~
size small/P


  1. The pearl necklace is so gorgeous! :)

  2. Love your finds. It is so easy to turn a trip to Forever 21 into a "haul"...such great bargins to be had in that store :)

  3. Great outfit! Whoa check out that shapely booty! OMG I love the pearls and those RUFFLE SHIRTS I gotta have! They can be dressy or casual! I am off to go online shopping. LOL!

  4. Hahaha, the commentary for the misses was fun to read~
    There are some asian malls near me and allllll the salesladies are like that. In fact, sometimes their clothes have defects on them, so I always ask for a discount (they weren't thaaat cheap anyway!) even if I have to hear the lady groan and moan about her sad business <_< Sheesh.

    The pearl necklace is so pretty :)

    Miss#1 is soooo tight whoa... Miss#2 looks actually okay, because you can cinch in the waist right?

  5. i love your sense of fashion ! <3
    this sounds lesbian but you have a great bum !

  6. April ~ g'luck and I'm pretty sure the ruffle tees will fit u nicely!

    Shiro-san ~ funny story! The last shirt does have a tie, but there's just too much mat'l to slim it down.

    Mily Sin ~ aww hehe I love your style too! And actually, judging from your pics I think the tie dye dress would look fab on u :)

  7. Haha typical Asian sales ladies, but the pearls are so pretty! Hope the BF got them for you ;)

    That first dress looks *too* good on you... You have an amazing body and if you think you have no butt then mine is probably in the negative lol.

  8. haha sophia u r hilarious! the hoe bag dress...i'm surprised it is so tight

    the pearl necklace is very pretty...good job chris! lol

  9. PetiteXXS ~ yes he did :) LOL about the butt. Even my mom tells me I have no butt and that's why I can't find pants that fit (so she sews them for me)

    Ping ~ I was so surprised too! Esp these days when everything is too large.

  10. woow, your evening sounds so lovely. i'm a big fan of pearls :) they're so classy!

    anyways, love the f21 items. your posts are always fun to read :) that dress is SUPER TIGHT! i feel uncomfortable in those, cuz yeah, i'd have to be like sucking in my stomach the whooole time! but that shirt isn't too bad, you can always belt it and it'll be fine.

  11. That dress is HOOOOOOOT! Hehe.

  12. yeah whew! that's the risk of spending a few dollars at elf hahaha. it's good to try out new things i guess :) some drugstore stuff ends up being crap and it costs 5x the amount.

    When you talk about Chinatown I can imagine all the little shops! I'm so glad I went to SF :D Unfortunately I didn't know you that well back then or I so would have visited ! Gahhh.

    That pearl necklace is SO nice! You look like such a lady :)

    The white ruffle shirt is so cute! What a great find :) Awww I really like the dress though! It's really chic. Yeah, bodycons are all the rage x_x If that is tight on you, we'd probably all burst at the seams hahahaa. Girl, you got way more ass than half of us and at least it stands up properly. Hahahha I do not want any part of my jelly showing -____- Keep everything but the preggers shirt. They have Forever21 Maternity for that now, can you believe it?

  13. what a great necklace, i'm so happy for you! i've never been a huge fan of pearls, but lately they've been growing on me, especially when they're paired with diamonds or rhinestones. sounds like you and your bf had a great date night, how fun! i hope me and my bf can have one soon :P haha, i like your 'skanky' dress, it looks good on you! and you may have a tiny ass but at least it sticks out, mine's as flat as a wall :P

  14. The pearl necklace is so pretty! I do remember from that movie :D haha

    The Nutella crepes look yummy!! :) Pretty awesome in SF :D haha

    I think you found some pretty awesome things @ Forever 21. Not too bad considering that you ordered online :)

  15. I love the pearls!!!
    the tie dye dress is pretty! U look smoking hot in it tehehe =D

  16. I actually like all your F21 finds! That dress is SO tight tho...if it's that tight on will anyone else fit into it??

    Even though you think the button up shirt dress is huge, I think it would look cute on you with a waist belt and some wedges! Sucky thing about F21 is you can never get your money back..just store credit which will end up in more purchases. Btw did the bf go with you to F21...if so props to him, lol! I know the one in downtown SF is huuuge, my bf would be nauseous just looking at it.

  17. cute blog! and i love that last dress, the tie-dyed look is gorgeous!

  18. Pretty pearl necklace!! =)

    That crepe dessert looks so yummy!! Was this place in SF? What's the place call?

  19. wow... I can't beleive that the lady dare to just say "no profit' just like that... I bet she was lying just to make you feel guilty! But those are really beautiful pearls!!

    Love the clothes you bought! And you soooo totally don't like skantified in the tie dye! You look hot ;)

  20. Unnie, I love the pics! Looking gorgeous as usual :) Glad you liked the dress cause it looks really flattering on you. Us, skinnies need some extra umph! Anyways, that dress most def gave thee booty some umph!! deeeeyuum! Hehehe! ^_~ Anyways, lovin your haul pics. Also, foooood! Yummm!

    Ooooh~ I love ruffles too! Talk about texturizing ;)

    Anyways, happy TGIF


  21. btw Tagged u in a blog award!

  22. Looove the haul! so funny when you said you had to go the other way -- I feel the same!

    would love to see the tutorial for the necklace, can't believe you made it

  23. Your bootly looks so bubbleisciously (made up the word) HOT!!!! :) I love how you write, it always cracks me up!

    I'm glad to hear the BOYFRIEND is in town and you are getting some quality time together again!!!! I love your pearl necklace story, you're right - every girl has to have AT LEAST one! ;) Glad you nabbed a deal!

  24. Those pearls are very cute, they go very well with your outfits!

  25. Wow wow thanks guys for such sweet words!

    ^PAG ~ I ordered online b/c they had free ship with min $40 (instead of the usual $75)! And, I also HATE that you can't get your money back... I hate exchange only!!

    ^Sassy ~ the French restaurant is called "Restaurant Ducroix", in the SF financial district. 4.5 stars on yelp! Here's link:

    ^Carla ~ thank you :))

    ^Ashley ~ hehe I thought you might be a fan of the pearls!

  26. Wow this pearl necklace is the most gorgeous that I've ever seen! I love those "ring" that separates the pearls. I love your clue & white stripes chemise! :D

  27. OMFG "buffet shirt" HAHAHAHAHAH i wear yoga pants when eating all you can eat/buffet.. I tell my friends "yeah i'll meet you at the restaurant, I've got to change into my eating clothes" now you have "eating clothes" too!
    and let's go back for dragonfruit!! CMONNNNNNNN

  28. I love the ruffle shirt and pearls!!! I saw that one at the store but got overwhelmed and left..LOL

    The pearls....ahhh...I am a sucker for pearls!!!

  29. oowee nice booty hehe! love the pearls

  30. Sophia! Great finds :D. I love that first dress!! it doesn't even look like you have to suck anything in :P

    The last one, just put on a belt. Man, I most likely wouldn't fit in the small :P

  31. I really like your 2 dresses at F21. They fit you pretty well. Congrats on your pearl purchase :)
    I am giving away a beautiful necklace at

  32. Omg you look hot in that tie dye body hugging dress! Love the shoes too! SEXY! And the boyfriend dress is so cute! =)

  33. I have that ruffly shirt in the J.Crew version and I got it for $29. It's one of my favorite tops cuz you can wear it casually with shorts or I even get away with tucking it into a pencil skirt for work! They put them all on sale a few weeks after I bought mine and they were about $15ish and I wanted to buy one in ever color!

    The pearls are soooo pretty. Definitely a weakness of mine.

  34. mich ~ you got a great deal on the J. Crew one! They make such nice and high quality clothing!

    I now want a black pearl necklace :)


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